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Dec 17, 2018 at 6:00 PM
Jul 31, 2016
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March 12
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The Pond
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Ducks United Kingdom

Level 188, from The Pond

Staff Member Owner

Ducks was last seen:
Dec 17, 2018 at 6:00 PM
    1. CaptainRetard
      Hey there Ducks, im an old member, but i was banned cause my friends got on my account and erp'd on it, and my friend says that erp is now allowed in a specific chat, so i was wondering if you could lift my ban in any way, if you get around to it, my account name is Yapple2, thank you
      1. oIMasonIo
        You don't get unbanned by posting here. Make a ban appeal.
        Dec 15, 2018 at 9:11 PM
    2. Serena_XYZ
      Hey, I have a problem with my allowance thing and I really need money. Check it out if you get the chance
    3. StealthyHydra1
      Hi Duck, i was wondering if you could take a look at my application it is in Off topic Thanks you. :]
    4. Mars
    5. GalaxyEmperor
      how do i apply for one of the shops also can you please give me link to resource pack it ant working for me on server
    6. Alexrainbowgirl
    7. NekoChibiKawaii
      Hi! Ive got a problem since the 1.13. developed. The problem is that everytime I try to download the texture pack the game crashes, i alredy tryed fixing that with the Resource Pack issues but nothing did work. I really want to join the server with the texture pack :C help me fixing this.
    8. kjtrollman
    9. Flaros
      Should each submission for a suggestion be submitted independently? Like.. Say someone has three suggestions for the forum, should those be all three separate posts? Or all neatly packaged?
      1. Vince~
        The rules are saying:
        2. Do not apply for multiple items in one application.
        10. Do not apply for multiple players in one application.
        11. Do not apply for multiple languages in one application.
        Sep 11, 2018
        Flaros likes this.
    10. SecretSynthesis
      Yes Ducks I know that you do not usually check this, and when you do you do not reply, but, are you changing Happy Pills to a Hospital, if you do, can we talk about it in PMS at Discord?
    11. SunnySideDown
      Hello! For some reason I get kicked for spamming when I don't say anything. Let's say I'm on the server and typing wanting to tell the mods if they are on but I get kicked for spamming. This is a problem now please help. I can't use /ooc or speak. I log on and it kicks me out please help.
      1. ImMaya
        oof dont use 1.13 on the server, use 1.12.2, on 1.13 it does that for a reason we dont know of.
        Sep 4, 2018
    12. xX_cleopatra_Xx
      Duck duck duck duck duck gooose
    13. DxpeJBB
      hello ducks,I've been banned now for 1 and a half year,and it wasn't my fault anyway.My friend changed my skin when I was showering.Please unban me the Server was and ist the best,This Server was the only reason why played minecraft.
      1. aesthxtic_luna
        Aug 15, 2018
    14. Arrow681
      i paid for R.K.+ but i still havent got it
    15. ImmaCloe
      That moment, you realize ducks has been a member on forums since your birthday date :>
    16. Louis
      Hi ducks i have sent you a friend request on discord as i would like to discuss something. Please may you accept. My username is Shankin. (I'm gonna change it xD)
    17. aesthxtic_luna
      Can you restart the server? I can't connect :(
    18. aesthxtic_luna
      Hi Ducks. When I try to connect to the server, it won't let me. It will say loading terrain but after a little while, it would say Disconnected. I don't know if this is because of the command but it most likely is. Please fix this :(
      1. Serena_XYZ
        Happens to me all the time. Not sure what to do about it.
        Dec 8, 2018
    19. Well_Maybe
      Hey there Ducks, I've played the server for a while, but my old account for the website had an odd password, and I forgot it. My email put all the password verification notifications, automatically as junk and deleted them. I made a new account with my new Mojang account name, is this okay?
    20. DivineGhxst
      My birthday is incorrect I am actually 14 years of age.
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    March 12
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    The Pond
    SchoolRP Owner
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