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Feb 12, 2019 at 8:40 PM
Jul 31, 2016
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March 12
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The Pond
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Ducks United Kingdom

Level 188, from The Pond

Staff Member Owner

Ducks was last seen:
Feb 12, 2019 at 8:40 PM
    1. ConannJJones
      Would you be ale to help me? My age and grade are glitched as a grade 7's. Thanks!
      1. Crxative
        Ducks does not really check things here. I recommend you message him on Discord or contact him another way. Also, keep in mind that he's busy. Do not send consecutive messages and be patient, when it comes to answers!
        Feb 13, 2019 at 8:37 PM
        ConannJJones likes this.
      2. ConannJJones
        What's Duckings' discord, do you know?
        Feb 14, 2019 at 3:53 PM
    2. RubyPony
      are you able to change my forum name to MisoCat?
    3. ChiDaQueen
      The flesh hook killed me is there a way i can get my stuff back
    4. IImaybe_
      1. Nova
        The server has been having problems since the night before last night. Be patient.
        Jan 31, 2019
    5. TheCookieMD
      i am banned from Vyhto for bypassing a ban with an alt account:@srav
      can u help me
      my banned expired 5 days ago
      and before 20 minutes i was online
      but now i am banned
      can u unban me
      it says reason:Bypassing a Ban with an Alteranate account: @Srav
      plz do something
    6. Averyhotdog
      o and when do i go to a shop on the right time so i can buy stuff
      1. oIMasonIo
        You'll see people advertising their store in chat. Whenever you see that, you can go to the store 'n get some food.
        Jan 23, 2019
    7. Averyhotdog
      hey am new to this server how do i git a home and git my grade up
      1. oIMasonIo
        Well you "get" a house by claiming. You just stare at the door while typing the command /claimdoor, at least I think that's the command. And your rank automatically goes up the more you stay on the server. Once you've gotten to grade 12, you'll either need to apply for college, or apply for a different job that ages you. Ex: Delivery Man, Teacher, Police, etc.
        Jan 23, 2019
    8. HayleyS
      If their anyway for the Shops to be opened? I play the server a lot, and dont see it open. I love the Server just wish it had the stores open and actually roleplay xoxo
      1. Berttieee
        Shops don’t open much because the delivery system is currently broken.

        This means that the shops will have no stock to sell, therefore we must wait until it gets fixed before we can open our shops again.
        Jan 20, 2019
    9. Anna
      Some months ago a user said that he could buy me a phone for my money. So i gave my money to him and he never gave me the phone... Yeah it was stupid. But i hope that you could give me the money back :) It was around 8000 Sorry for being a dumbass
    10. jellyfish4321
      I read my writing from when i texted that and i think damn i am stupid XD
    11. MarshMello
      Did the server shutdown? it says cant connect to server.
    12. Zach Henderson
      Zach Henderson
      Hey man, I was wondering if I could become 18 on the server as I have been 17 since the very first map
      My ign is Haloxgamez, thank you for your time.
    13. Skrubehh
      Hello! I am having a problem where I am not able to use commands such as /claimdoor or /balance. Thank you for your time!
    14. CaptainRetard
      Hey there Ducks, im an old member, but i was banned cause my friends got on my account and erp'd on it, and my friend says that erp is now allowed in a specific chat, so i was wondering if you could lift my ban in any way, if you get around to it, my account name is Yapple2, thank you
      1. oIMasonIo
        You don't get unbanned by posting here. Make a ban appeal.
        Dec 15, 2018
      2. Totoro_Sam
        Jan 11, 2019
    15. StealthyHydra1
      Hi Duck, i was wondering if you could take a look at my application it is in Off topic Thanks you. :]
    16. Mars
    17. GalaxyEmperor
      how do i apply for one of the shops also can you please give me link to resource pack it ant working for me on server
    18. NekoChibiKawaii
      Hi! Ive got a problem since the 1.13. developed. The problem is that everytime I try to download the texture pack the game crashes, i alredy tryed fixing that with the Resource Pack issues but nothing did work. I really want to join the server with the texture pack :C help me fixing this.
    19. kjtrollman
    20. Flaros
      Should each submission for a suggestion be submitted independently? Like.. Say someone has three suggestions for the forum, should those be all three separate posts? Or all neatly packaged?
      1. Vince~
        The rules are saying:
        2. Do not apply for multiple items in one application.
        10. Do not apply for multiple players in one application.
        11. Do not apply for multiple languages in one application.
        Sep 11, 2018
        Serena_XYZ and Flaros like this.
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    March 12
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    The Pond
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