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☆Rafael Armenta☆

Discussion in 'Character Biography' started by rou.rou18, Mar 27, 2020.

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    ☆Rafael M. Armenta☆
    (JK it's LoFi LMAO)

    Basic Information

    First Name: Rafael
    Surname: Armenta

    Preferred Name: Rafa, Miguel

    Aliases: Rafa

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 200lbs

    Build: Muscular, but with the lean type of muscles

    Skin Color: Tan, like a caramel color

    Eye Color: Olive green

    Hair Style: Combed at least...

    Hair Color: Chestnut brown

    Fashion: Usually wears a button up and khakis.

    Abnormalities: Rafa has a missing pinkie finger.

    Date of Birth: July 25th

    Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain

    Nationality: Spanish

    Race: (there's wayyy too much debate on this topic, so for saving my own skin it will remain blank-)

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Religious Beliefs: none

    Political Beliefs: none

    General Appearance
    Appearance: Rafael is a kind looking fellow standing at a strong 6'3" with a lean muscle build. He has soft, chestnut brown hair and kind olive green eyes. Rafa has smooth, tan skin the color of caramel and has a falcon tattooed on his back. He usually wears his Creed 'Green Irish Tweed' cologne and has the slight hint of a smell of aloe.

    Personality: Rafa is a really calm and helpful guy, if you ask something of him he will do it free of charge. He is more of the romantic type, and will try his hardest to swoon whoever he deems interesting. Rafa is also a very passionate guy, and absolutely loves the game of soccer, he would probably put the sport over his own needs if possible. Rafael is very hard to make angry, as he usually let's things roll right off his back. If you do happen to make him mad, he'll most likely walk away.

    Diseases/Illness: none

    Character Voice: Rafael has quite the deep voice, with mellow undertones and a hint of kindness to it. He is generally not a very loud person.

    •An umbrella
    •A book to read

    Clothes: Rafael usually wears a button up shirt and a polo, since he prefers to look classy.

    •Drinking competitions

    Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: none

    •Good Hand eye coordination
    •He is actually a very good fighter, but prefers not to

    Querks: Rafael tends to get shifty eyed when approached by attractive people, as he is very self conscious.

    Family: All in Spain