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Adermatoglyphia Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by Shizai, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Shizai

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    May 25, 2019
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    IGN: Shizai
    What is requested?: Adermatoglyphia (Being born without fingerprints entirely.)

    Why do you want it?
    I believe that this would help out in some cases in roleplay, In what cases you may be asking yourself? I believe that there are truly only three reasons that I would want it as it would help in the cases of not linking any crimes committed to my character, for example, any weapon, item, or thing that is touched by him and taken in for custody or searched would be scanned for fingerprints and his would not identify as he would have none ( I don't really GangRP... lol, but I am using it as a prime example of why it would be good to have or just in case that I touch something that I should not be touching.), The second reason as I see it as a potentially interesting topic to bring up and discuss with someone in roleplay for good conversation as it could lead to other related talks if it branches out, as well as it being something unique and individual to have for my character.
    What good is it for RP? I believe that the previous "Why do you want it?" Includes the reasoning of what good it will be for roleplay. If you want me to go further in-depth in this part and include more or separate it I will happily oblige.
    Character Backstory: A crying newly born, young, and slightly overweight infant weighing in around 11 pounds was born into the world at exactly around Nine P.M on a Sunday, December 24th of 2000. This day had also happened to fall on a holiday which would be known as the night before Christmas 'Christmas Eve' (The day before Christmas, Celebrated in Japan, albeit not recognized for its religious purpose) as the infant was handed to its exhausted and worn out looking Mother, after having his umbilical cord cut and receiving a firm spank on the ass which only had seemed to make him cry louder in what seemed to be frustration, anger, and feelings that were ignorant to a dangerous world. "I will name him Ren." the lady had said as she held him close, she had objected to him being washed before she could hold him so the gown and bedding around her was now a mess from his body soiling the sheets. Coming out of the womb had been no easy task for Ren, as he had a big head and- the hole was only so small, albeit could be stretched naturally by "pushing" for the infant to slide its way out into the world that was beautiful but just as beautiful as it was, also dangerous where unknown dangers lurked around every single corner. This was rush hour for the Doctors as they had all wanted to get home to their own family, and had forgotten to of course check closely and examine the palms of the infant, only really counting the ten fingers to make sure he had them; In this rush, they had not got to document that Ren had suffered from a rare genetic disorder "Adermatoglyphia" which had denied him the right to be born with fingerprints. Ren of course, as any and all infants born on their big day, had not remembered any of that day, he was now five years old in a white T-shirt and blue jean shorts as he wore some of the freshest sneakers known to man, an idea that his Dad had embellished on as he wanted to keep his sign dripped out in only the latest shoes. Ren was playing on a street corner near his house as he had held the ball close to his belly as if by magic it had slipped out of his hands into the street as he had chased to go grab it, a car swerving out of the way he had picked up his ball dumbfounded, frightened as he almost got hit by the car but continued to play with his ball as he had almost next to no idea how that car could have ended his life. If you take a closer look at this you wouldn't notice but that ball had no fingerprints on it due to his genetic disorder, how could anyone know unless they knew. Ren on his sixteenth birthday had only found just found out about his genetic disorder, He had passed his driver's written test and passed the driving part as well at a Japanese DMV. As he was getting his license the person behind the counter had asked Ren if he wanted to register his fingerprints to reduce identity fraud which he had said yes, the fingerprint scanner had not worked time after time, they had tried new things even getting out a new scanner, they could not for the life of them think what was wrong, instead of holding up the line they had decided to pass Ren through instead. As Ren smiled widely for his picture and was now on his way with his new license, it was only at the moment he was walking out the door looking at his license and wondering why the fingerprint scanner would not work was that he noticed it. All his life he had never looked at his hands or noticed it looking closer at his hands as he had just made it through the doors out of the DMV raising his hand so that some sunlight could bask on his hand did he notice that the tip of his fingers was smooth and unlike others, he had no fingerprint! And just now was he noticing it, he had gone home and questioned his mother about it to where they had googled the symptoms on WEB MD, finding out that this was the cause of a rare genetic disorder. He had finally found out that he had none, and the doctors never told his mother about it as Ren was a baby as he had confirmed this with her. He wondered if it was some sort of freak thing that happened overnight as he thought about it late that night, eventually just rolling over and ruling that out as it wasn't possible, and wasn't the case; Ren fell asleep not really thinking about it again, but just having the knowledge that this was a thing, maybe he would tell someone? Who would he tell? Maybe someone he befriends in his future.
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  2. slatt

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    -Very detailed application, thank you for applying.
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