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Anthony Josten

Discussion in 'Character Biography' started by Antziraphale, Nov 7, 2019.

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    Anthony Josten


    Gender: Male--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Age: 14

    Height: 5’0---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Weight: 77lbs

    Build: Small and Skinny--------------------------------------------------------------------------Skin Color: Pale

    Eye Color: Hazel Contacts, Blue Eyes---------------------------------------Hair Style: Medium/Long messy

    Hair Color: Ginger----------------------------------------------------------Fashion: Whatever covers his scars

    Date of Birth: 11th of November-------------------------------------------Place of Birth: Port Talbot, Wales

    Nationality: Welsh---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Race: Caucasian

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual-----------------------------------------------------Religious Beliefs: Agnostic

    Political Beliefs: Left Wing-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    General Appearance

    Appearance: Anthony has always been extremely small and thin compared to his peers and he would almost fade into the background if it wasn't for his natural bright red hair. He tends to wear old raggedy and clothes and his arms haven't been seen uncovered, his clothes are mainly dictated by what cover his extensive torso and arm scars the best. He wears undereye makeup to cover-up his dark almost bruised baggy eyes due to lack of sleep. His eyes themselves are a chilly shade of blue, he wears hazel contacts to cover this as his real eyes remind him too much of his father.

    Personality and Flaws: Anthony is very perceptive. He picks up on situations quite quickly and can often tell when somethings up, he is mainly focused on survival and is used to having to understand when a situation is going to turn bad. He's not very trusting, particularly of older men as they remind him of his father. He tries to solve all his problems himself often to his downfall. He's secretive about himself and always wants to stay in control of the situation so that he can prevail. Though this doesn't make him shy just a compulsive liar, he puts on a persona when he's feeling particularly distrustful.

    Mental Illness: Anthony has severe PTSD that often induces insomnia, paranoia and desensitisation of violence/gore.

    Character Voice:
    Port Talbot Male Accent

    Duffle Bag: Anthony carries around spare sets of clothes, photos of his mum and notebooks.

    Anthony is looking into joining a club but outside of school he regularly runs to clear his head he has good stamina because of this.

    Skills: Blending in, basic first aid, knife combat, high stamina and survival skills.

    Quirks: Covered in freckles, very fidgety and arms are always covered. Could know if a situation is going to go bad but wouldn't realise if someone was flirting with him to save his life.

    Family: His mother Mary is deceased. His father Nathaniel lives in Wales. He has no siblings and isn't in touch with any of his extended family. He and his father aren't on speaking terms and Anthony would prefer if it stayed that way.

    Backstory [Abuse Warning]

    Anthony is the spitting image of his father, Nathaniel. Nathaniel is a psychopath, he's extremely rich and is a high ranking gang affiliate who is very influential in Wales. He often volunteers to torture anyone his higher-ups dislike. When raising Anthony he would carve into Anthony's torso and arms which could be easily hidden to the public, he experiment all sorts of new weapons on him ranging from a simple iron to a tactical knife previously heated on a fire. Nathaniel would keep all sorts of distasteful people, Lola would be one of them, she was ordered to train Anthony in knife combat with real knives, he'd often get hurt by her as she liked to push how much she could injure him for her amusement, this almost forced Anthony to get better. She'd also train him in killing animals moving up slowly from a squirrel to a dog but they never quite made it to people.

    At age 10 Anthony's mother, Mary, eventually snapped, she paid good money and sent Anthony away to Japan with a duffle bag and a few clothes and fake papers, she never told Nathaniel where Anthony is and she died a slow painful death with the knowledge that Anthony was safe.

    Life on the run for Anthony has been a stressful one, his previous knowledge of the world had been knowledge from his father, knowledge how to carve someone up a million ways and to not trust anyone. He hasn't been able to live a normal childhood and now tries his best to not stand out and control his temper, he created a persona of a somewhat dull boy, to be in the background but as he hit his teens he finds it's been harder to keep up. He lies religiously and has managed to lie himself into his first school. All he is hoping now is to survive day by day.
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