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Aristellar : Student Council Application

Discussion in 'School Council Application' started by Cloudie Evans, Apr 22, 2019.

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    Aug 20, 2018
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    Out-Of-Character Information
    What is your Minecraft username?: Aristellar is my current username.

    How old are you?: I'm currently 16 but will be 17 in May.

    Any previous warns/kicks/bans?: I have never been warned, kicked, or banned.

    What Country are you from?: U.S.A.

    Do you have Discord (if so, what is your Discord username?): Aristellar#6932

    Link(s) to any previous applications on the server?:

    Describe your activity on the server & on the forums?: I just recently returned to SRP after taking a break and dealing with some things, and I would like to become more active in the community again which is why I decided to apply.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?: I do acknowledge this and I will accept this if I am inactive which I don't plan to be.

    What is the Student Council?: The Student Council is a group of students that are elected by their fellow students to run the school governmental parts and organize certain school based activities. They are here to include everyone in various activities and help raise people up to achieve their dreams. No one is better than the other and teamwork is a large priority of the student council because you can't do everything alone, to tackle tougher projects, the more people you have, the more successful it will be in the long run.

    What happens in the School Council?: Many things occur in Student Council as it is a large part of any school. Members are able to bring new ideas, activities, and requests to the table for the Student Council to discuss and possibly make public to the rest of the Student Body. They work with the community around them by fundraising or just helping out with what needs to be done to improve the life of the people and the town itself. Students who participate in the Council are able to also learn some fundamental skills such as, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and civic and business literacy. There are many things that could be done to make the school a better place for everyone and the Student Council is a good way to start.

    Do you prefer to work alone or in a group?: I personally prefer to work in a group as I have done so before when working with the 11-7 or the Café. It is more fun to work alongside other people than to just work alone. Yes, I am able to take on solo projects as well, since I am good at that, but it would be much easier to accomplish more things in a larger group.

    Do you have any experience in Roleplaying?: I do have a lot of experience roleplaying as I have been roleplaying for over 4 years now. I have been on this server for almost a year, and I would like to become a more active role-player because I love expressing my writing through characters.

    Roleplay Scenario

    You are on the Student Council and the chairman submits an awful idea. What do you do?: She seems a bit out-front sometimes, but when it comes to an idea she dislikes, she would wait for them to finish before pulling up a discussion to say why the idea may not work out. Listing pros and cons would be good to do in this situation as well, which is what she would do, taking feedback from her fellow peers. If there are some good things about the idea, she would then try to merge some of the other members ideas with the idea that the chairman has to make it more reasonable.

    You submit an idea - everyone hates it. How do you deal with the situation?: This wouldn't bother Cloudie that much as she would brush it off. Ideas can be declined sometimes and you just have to move on, take any feedback as constructive criticism and make your work better for the next time. It wouldn't dampen her spirit as she would keep doing what she loves and try to come up with an idea that everyone would enjoy.

    There is a split decision on an idea. The Councilors begin to debate if the idea should be accepted. As time goes on the debate turns into an argument! How do you handle the situation?: Cloudie would of course attempt to calm the situation down as quickly as she could. She is very good at handling argumentative situations as she has had to do it multiple times in her past. The first thing she would do would have to be making sure that the area around is calm by either having those who were arguing to leave the room for a few moments to cool off or attempt to have them talk it out, one by one. During arguments the main issue is usually miscommunication which is why having people talking one at a time would be helpful to convey the message that was trying to be said. After letting them talk about why they think that their idea is 'better' she would then begin to start a discussion about how they could either merge the two or list the pros and cons of each to help people decide on what they want to do.

    In-Character Information
    Characters name: Tessa Evangeline Artemiva {I also go by Cloudie}

    Characters gender: Female

    Characters age: 18

    What Student Council position are you applying for?: I am applying for Councilor.

    Why do you want this position? : I believe that I am the perfect fit for Councilor due to my positive, can-do attitude. I love working with people and I will always help those who need it and bring new ideas to the table when I can. Stressful situations don't bother me either, I always make sure to stay calm and collective to make sure if a situation comes up, I can help those around me. I will always participate in activities and be one of the first to volunteer to do everything and anything.

    Any additional information you would like to add to your application?: {OOC} I cannot think of anything to add, except that if you have any additional questions or need any additional information please feel free to message me and thank you for looking over my application!

    Do you have any questions?: I do not have any questions.
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