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ban appeal (ERP)

Discussion in 'Accepted Requests' started by Lizzz, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. Lizzz

    Lizzz Georgia Level 0

    Jul 22, 2019
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    10:31 AM
    Your In Game Name: _lizzzzzzarddd_
    Admin Who Banned You: @DragonBloodEater
    Server [Discord/SchoolRP]: SchoolRP
    What were you banned for?: ERP
    Why should you be unbanned?: i was playing normally when this dude approached me. he grabbed me and i just went with the roleplay , we then proceeded to f2b but this was my first time and i didn't know anything. few minutes after we finished i got banned. I've been playing on this server for a few months and really enjoyed it! so i hope i'll at least get my ban days reduced? i take full responsibility for my actions and promise not to do anything like this ever.
    Ban duration?: 29 days
    Occurrence: october 2, 2019
    dence of your innocence: None
    Any additional members involved: None
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  2. DragonBloodEater

    DragonBloodEater Canada Level 9 Administrator

    Sep 5, 2016
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    3:31 AM
    My Reasons for accepting this, I was there watching everything, But there was some problems with what you did.
    1: You could have voided what you said, But instead you just kept it like that. and when on with the rp. To me that shows me that you intended to keep going with that "ERP" played in the Roleplay. Which is not allowed on the server.
    2: Even if you are player that came back to the server just for like day or week. It Doesn't mean you just go do whatever. If you don't remember the rules I would have done /Rules and look over the rules again to understand what I am doing.
    My Main reason for accepting this Appeal is that. You owned up on what you did. Most players would not do that so.

    You're Ban will be cut in half from a 30 days ban to 15 days ban. Seeing you still did "ERP" in roleplay you need look over the rules again. Making another Appeal will not make the ban any shorter then it already is.
    Any other Appeal made by you will be
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