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Ban Appeal. Read it, please.

Discussion in 'Denied Appeals' started by LOLamIright, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. LOLamIright

    LOLamIright Germany Level 0

    Jul 11, 2019
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    11:56 AM
    IGN: 3optic
    Admin Who Banned You: @Aania
    Server [SchoolRP]:
    Server Minecraft SchoolRP ->

    What were you banned for?: I was banned for "Glitching"

    Why should you be unbanned?: I'm politely asking to be unbanned before waiting till my ban from my favourite server on mc will expire.
    It says I was banned for ''Glitching'' but I'm not sure what exacly I did wrong now.
    Either I was ''glitching'' because of my wlan or maybe it's the other thought. It was about 5am I guess (in game) and the gates of the school weren't opened yet. Well, I spawned inside of school because it then probably was the spot I was at when I went offline. I walked to the gate (which wasn't open yes) and three people asked me if I could carry them, so they'd get inside and wouldn't have to wait till 7:30am (in game).
    I was stupid and let all three of them get inside (I carried them) and right after that action of mine I got banned for 7 whole days.
    Because I did not know what you ment by ''glitching'' I informed myself more about everything that includes your server and I took my time to read through all the rules.
    (Btw one or two weeks ago I got banned for the first time for ''emotions ic chat'' and I never knew what that meant xd. Now I know ALL of the rules and I'll use the chat commands in the future, I promise xD)
    I want to appologize again for not informing myself and reading all of the rules right at the beginning, but when I'll get unbanned soon I won't break any of your rules again.
    Thank you for taking your time reading this! :)

    Ban duration?: July 18, 2019, 1:42pm

    Time of Occurrence: 2019-07-11

    Evidence of your innocence: None.

    Any additional members involved: Yes, the three people who asked me to carry them so they could get inside school before it actually opened. One's name is something with Axel but it's only his character name anyways. I sadly do not remember the names of the other players, I'm sorry.
  2. Greehn

    Greehn Canada Level 63 Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 2, 2018
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    5:56 AM

    -post it in ban appeals.

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