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BloodyEater's College Professor Application

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by DragonBloodEater, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. DragonBloodEater

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    Sep 5, 2016
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    OOC Info

    Overall time played (/ar check): 65 days, 8 hours and 15 miutes
    Previous Applications: Lunchtime Monitor Application, Link: (Accept)
    Officer Manager: There was no application needed Reason, Because of an promotion and I ask if I could be Officer Manager and person who give it to me Said, (Accept)
    Any Bans/Kicks: I never been Ban or Warn on the server. I have been kick from the server for being Afk to much.
    Time Zone: MT or Mountain Time zone.
    Discord: DragonBloodEater#1369

    IC Information

    Character Name:
    Nolan S. Gray
    Characters Date of Birth: April 2nd, 1998
    Gender: Male
    Character Description: You Would see a British male standing at 6 foot, weighing in at 150ibs. He would have pure black hair along with a bit of dyed-grey hair.
    Years Spent in College: 1 year and half
    Year of Graduation: June 24, 2016
    College Achievements: None.
    Age-when graduated: 18 years old

    Backstory [300 words at LEAST]

    Marital Status:
    I'm not married, Just single guy that works at the school as an Office Manager for the principal. And not looking for any love right now. Just need better job, that can pay more then. What I am earning right now with my small salary that I get every month.

    Children if any: [Igns and Char Names]
    I don't have any kids or Children of my own.

    I don't have any majors, Unless being Office manager for the school for pass months is one. I never been like Police officer or been Teacher for the school. So, Teaching a class is something I never had done before. But, I would love opportunity to teach college students. Seeing I can deal with less people then dealing with like 24 people at once. As for my schedule I mostly workout. or I am reading books or catching up on some old text books like English, Math, History or Etc, Other stuff.

    I was arrested Back went, I was still student my reason for being arrested was. Because I had alcohol on me, when I was 17 years old. I was holding on to it for a friend at the time. And I was just in wrong place at the wrong time. and from there I was arrested for having illegal substance, which was beer and ever since that day I haven't done anything else. I was bailed out by good friend and from that day I haven't been arrested since then.

    Subject you prefer to teach:
    I would like opportunity to teach, English, Math, History, anything that goes with building Computers or developing a hard drive and Gym/Physical Fitness. These are what I am good to teach. But I don't mind learning something knew. If you want me to teach something else. I'm not afraid to learn new things.

    IC Letter

    Dear, Luke Herrington,
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  2. Fobi

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    Nov 23, 2017
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    - Your application is lovely, however, you must DM Im6 your college professor application as stated in the announcement and in the format thread.

    Good luck with your application!
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