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Cupa Z. Persson (Really raw W.I.P)

Discussion in 'Character Biography' started by Explosive Epithet, Jan 8, 2020.

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    [ In game name: Cupa_Persson ]

    Just as a reminder: I've wanted to make a character that resembled and extended traits and stories of other persons (and references to people like Notch and his life's experiences, and furtherly with some MINECRAFT examples that aren't too explicit but worth mentioning; aesthetically but with a strong sense of immersion for both pseudo-protagonic player and a party of members). This character is Cupa the Creeper from Mobtalker, more likely in a parallel type of existence, having a vague sense of growing epiphany of her "previous experiences", but it's more of a pseudo-anomaly pensative part, instead of an actual deja vĂș.​

    Personally recommended music to get an insight of the character's state of mind:

    "Open argument"





    First name:

    Zhang Persson

    Preferred Name:



    Sexual Orientation:

    Date of birth:
    30th of August, 2.001.

    Place of birth:
    Sweden, Stockholm.


    -Mainly swedish.
    -Secondly chinese (specifically from Taiwan).

    Current location:
    Capital city of Karakura, Japan. She retains a legal citizenship after completing her official registration paperwork at an embassy center. Fiancees and school transition are charged by Cupa's father (living in a different location out of Japan) and her responsible.

    Character's voice:

    (Play it at 0:28, so you can listen to the voice; Jennifer Hale making the role of Dr. Astrid Greenwood. I know this wouldn't be fitting to Cupa's voice acting and her Scandinavian ethnicity at all, but the pronounciation and modulation are precisely enough for now; as it integrates a mature and tough tone of voice for a person of her age and type).
    (Might change this, if I get to find another voice actor that I feel comfortable with).


    Age:18 (Eighteen). She's conformed enough with her aging status, mentally capable for accomplishing with tasks that'd require of a certain degree of maturity in pensative dilemmas, and decisions that are often related to her state of mind (and moral attributes).

    She heights 165 Centimeters, being the equivalent of 5'4''.

    She weight around 131-133 (61-62 KG) lbs. Correlating this with her BMI (Body Mass Index), Cupa would be stated around 21.9 (Normal weight, between the average and normal layers).

    Her physical status' good enough to withstand fitting body and blunt weapon impacts, as she shares the aspects of a semi-athletic person and fluent strength development in her muscle filaments (overall limbs and the rest of her torso; within its perimeter). So far, this is the result of Cupa being capable to wear heavy attire (like RIOT police equipment with no issues the most), and carry specific elements such as invalid people or certain (pickable from any safe edges or center) objects.

    (This is Rammkiller/AT-2's alterego picture; known as the official designer and co-dev of the Mobtalker mod. Anyways, the character is explicitly like this:)


    Cupa has a determined and caring side for the most, appealing like a capable girl with decent physical standards to help herself and others. Either way, she's not a formidable body builder or clan member with a classificative role around the city, but a common citizen who can appear capable to defy somebody in exchange of something that's relevant to her; representing contextual intimidation and obstinacy to help something or somebody under menace. People might find braveness on how she performs offensive maneuvers, tending to be respected by her layer of strength, and common sense when she applies it. So far, her appearance and fashion boosts this to a better end.

    On other hand, she resembles a modern look that's not exactly to be too anime stereotypical (still keeping the defunct metallic skin shading, tough colors and a strong pallet on her attire, as many of the players on this server), keeping a slightly mature and adultish aesthetic to fit in workplaces and establishment reunions (such as academic pinpointing and official bounds with people like doctors or familiar relationships). In conclusion, she's a timorously looking inhabitant at times, who won't always hesitate to not defend herself verbally from any debates, or seeking to sock somebody out of their missery.

    Skin color:
    She's caucasian, in courtesy of her swedish ethnicity (father figure, genetically).

    Eye color:
    Clean, amber tone. With the reflection of the irise's light, people will get to see a golden color coming from the translucent layer.

    Hair style:
    Cupa's hair has bright shades of orange and yellow, without causing any constrasts with her short hair; alongside the tied, medium hair stripes on both sides of its front.

    Hair color:
    Ginger (a bright orange with a vague, yellowish glistening. Caused by any natural or artificial light sources' contact. There are slight undertones of red, beneath the tenuous layer).

    Cupa's wardrobe is open to each seasons of the year, without minding of how recent or antiquated her attire and looks might be. Beginning from Spring, she'll always wear green colored attire, normal jearns, stockings and almost any pair of shoes that resemble delicated shoes or sneakers. During colder seasons, she sports parkas, sweaters, boots and other fitting equipment.. etc.

    Green is supposed to be her primal color for her attire, trying to not make it constrast so much with her physical appearance and status. However, she's a convinient clothing retail girl who appreciates commonly effeminated styles the most. Not the kinky or appealing styles at all.


    Serious problems/flaws/addictions/disorders/disabilities:​

    -For some reason that's been always unknown, Cupa has a frighten over cats. She, personally, deems them as yielders of bad luck and 'little monsters'.
    -She might not be able to control most of her anger and temperament, this resulting into a clash against any odds for her. In the counterpart, she may handle an amount of negative energy (anger and frenziness) into an extent of her voluntary strength.
    -In conjunction to her strained dreams, she tends to feel a bit uncoordinated and submissive to negative feelings sporadically. However, this will only affect her at self productive activities, being a fraction of the clogging issues that may hop at her, any time.​

    Ethical codes:
    Cupa's always open to help or serve anybody, in exchange of a good in common, or gaining respect and loyalty (depending of who and with what, to be exact). If somebody's needing aid, she will try to help them from any odds, recovery or accomplishing with something of a certain magnitude (depending of the time, location and self-disposition; morally and logically wise, so she either doesn't tarnish things up by accident). As some may see, she seems to share perseverance, a modest prudence, sense of justice and fidelity over the course of her (persona's) performance and actions.

    She understands that a concept like vengeance is a nuisance that may bring disorders to her life's stability and the ones who are related to the target (as the target itself and their return to a retained living), but part of her primal nature would reflect a violent character that seeks violence and overriding control against foes who submit her into an aggressive, and harming scenario. Cupa is not a pacifist at most of the time, sometimes making her draw elements into a quarrel with a proper, but rough strength to get over with the latter of situations. By any results; she can't control her temperament when the line's been crossed, revealing a part of her brawl and verbal or physical violence skills (from any random scale, depending on how she would explode).

    Emotions and persona:
    By being rather volatile at the time of becoming mad, she relies on optimism and maturity to think about things; as well to withstand them without part of her fragmented humanity intertwining in certain moral scenarios (harming decisions, killing endeavors..), channeling part of her anger for self and emotion control. From the very start, people will find her technically as apparently like a good and very decent lady, already being able to gain people's trust by part of her prudence and persistently well personality; depending of how introverted or extroverted they are, alongside any personal business of theirs. Cupa is also a bit charming in the aspect of being a clever talker during any dialogues, speeches and dilemmas centered on something in common: the ends of an argument and its repercussions.

    Her past experiences haven't marked anything of relevance within her current state of mind, besides some growing epiphany about vague memories that recall a different lifespan, being disruptively accurate and pervasive. "How many loved ones have been decimated at the past, far away from this 'home'?". Being unknown, they may be just excruciating coincidences by the anomalous aura of Karakura's spiritual 'consensuality' and densified population karma. This tends to make Cupa feel a bit off on mood, but conscious of people's outer humanity and visions that would concede her new subjective traits over the time (vigour, maturity, hatred and other alludable ones that would strengthen or weaken her psyche).

    "The Void" (An example of a personality-wise vision, portraying her point of view of death and consciousness):

    "Andr, I feel like it's been coming up again. Plummeted from other coincidences, since these last weeks have been emerging thoughts, notes.. I can see Sweden's streets empty, Mood mall's convinience stores' lights flickering, streaking alongside the streetlights and semaphores during the night. But then.. Why, a path of virgin land, sterile of technology and faces. Now, I can see smoke, torn clothes scattered across the fields. Small arcs, carns with each rag of a color, for a respective integrant of a group."

    "Graves lay there. I stand upon a row of an unespecified number of oak crosses, holding a light blue shovel, as if it was composed of a precious crystal. I lodge it beneath a tree trunk's hollow space, sat over it as I watched how it was turning dusk over the horizon. You, 'Ayumi', 'Yaebi', 'Mindy' and 'Vanessa'..and others, were the only ones accompanying me in this solitude. Just until it was night, I took the shovel with me, straightening my trayectory into a home, right ahead of a sheer area from that graveyard, accessing it in a humble manner to finish that day." *She'd seem genuinely resentful and slightly anxious of this discovery, being a possible vision that relates an old fragment of a long, old story. The other 'gal' kept listening with no disruptions.*

    "Soo.. I guess I've witnessed the passing of a modern era, the growth of Hell and the cleaningness of a world's rejuvenation? And about them... I don't know what has happened, they were just resting. And it'd be relevant enough to also mention that I've divised a computer in a room when I was inside of the house, since dreams 'n such. It was inside of a hollow spaced closet, with an old aura and small toy gadgets surrounding it. It seemed to be like an early 90's prototype, floppy disk based model alike with a controlboard; more likesome than a regular keyboard. I was taking a further inspection at it, and conviniently it signed activity by turning on by itself, revealing a dusty shading over the screen. As the binary code started loading up the rest of the graphical and code data. I could only get to listen to something from that computer's technically audible outlets: a cheerful and feminine voice greeting itself as 'A.I' ."

    "Andr, what could it've been?" *She gave her a gaze of curiosity, keeping a deadened sadness beneath her sill of humor; alongside the anxiety of these strong coincidences and idiosyncratic abstractions.*

    Religious beliefs:
    Cupa has always relied on the idea that there's been always a large cosmical entity in the edge of the Cosmos; even being centered as a true abstraction that lives amongst the universes in unison. Despite being fond of the idea that everything could be a coded cage, she never admired the religions on Earth. It'd be a bother to think about conspiranoic gods' tissues in each region of the Milky Way, or centering herself before cynical corporative figures that iterate historical, humanoid figures.

    -"A world consists on its main aethereal, moral and terreal elements. Seeking for a larger truth will only bring the grid of mind and stability into a throttled pace of evolution; and then a possible depression that will bring the core of artificial and natural activity to a recesion, and thus its end. Of course, I can't tell how we can destabilize the pyllons of Earth and the 'Nether' , or neither that if industry will reach the stars to convert most of our energy into extra-alien originated coffee sugar for the Milky Way MVPs. Everything'll depend on the surge of belief, and how it can blatter the rigidness of mortal and finite matter in this possible Multiverse. After all, this is a coincidential 'democracy'." -. This is a quote from Cupa to someone of relevance, herself trying to understand better, and yet, remaining alert as an atheist from any of these enclosed doctrines that are explicitly affiliated with larger corporative morphing across the globe.

    Even the ones with independent thinking for creating their own cults to serve a purpose, or a hideout to seek a lost sense of reminders from the past, are there to be called as the same. A faith may rely on luck and determination, and hope is the only sign of closure from somebody's karma or their idiosyncratic sense of qualia; and how they are driven to a certain point by unravelling experiences.

    Political beliefs:
    None to describe in special. However, she has a persisting hatred against the many politicians who accrue wealth, as they could deliver it to their population to cause annual upgrades in many states of the world. Besides geological and biological havoc, the stock exchange's mutually passing over a hardcore situation but for some private sectors; and especially loads of outer-citizen organizations. She could glimpse and pressume this detail from the Herrington family, but personally would not try to get bothered by thinking on any of its integrants' power all over Karakura, and the region as it happens with any other clans. Of course, this is a part of the moral and ego balance, but there have been already an imagery of scenarios within political disasters that play a subversive version of these hazardous shenanigans, drastically changing people's minds and weakening their sense of humanity (besides arrogancy and nihilism, just lots of Gen Z and millenials yearning for indirect ego and other idiosyncratic ways to portrary arbitrary and dennotative ideas to the rest of their landscape/state).




    Metabolism: Cupa has gotten through a series of common, chronic diseases over the long turn (colds, small infections..). At this age, her body is adapted against many airborne and biochemical hazards, managing to hold back within a resiliant vitality.

    Type of blood: A+


    -A green backpack.
    -A smartphone.
    -And if it's possible: own a certain amount of Yen once I get this character's (along with her major guardian) economy and property truly set.

    This'll keep varying during each day, week, month, semester..season. However, I will be looking forward to add a skin wardrobe in this section of the sheet, to accompany it with official clothing samples.

    -A bit of personal, physical training by: lifting weight, using dumbells and sprinting across the city.
    -Staying at home with her guardian, discussing and sharing habits.
    -At specific and inspirational times, getting to share a deeper writing idea to others or just for the sake of writing.
    -She seems to be intentionally interest at coding with flexible languages to develop sites or conceptual games, but never got the chance to dive at-length with the process of understanding a language's basis and characteristics. It may take her time to adapt into a full course, but this'll depend on her view and consistence. She became a bit inspired by her father's talent.

    -Temperalmental: It'd only be a matter of time until she unleashes a ripple of negative energy, into a shockwave of anger and significant strength increase. Characters may as well be able to attack Cupa, but they are running themselves into a deeper risk of deliberately retributing their own attacks by an exasperated force of hers. This would not just interfer with her brute strength, but overcome a bit with her stamina and sprinting (athletic field boundaries).
    -Capable common sense: she understands the acknowledgement of certain actions, and how to perform them within proper care and efficiency. This is a field of her logic and morals, summarizing the balance between her intellect, dexterity and ethics. This will help her to tinker with her landscape's objects and avaibility, finding more RP success outlets from a (mostly) physical dilemma.



    -Markus A. Persson: Cupa's father, currently living in the sheer areas of Beverly Hills, California. They do rarely talk, as Markus didn't expect himself to be the dad of a stern girl, and even less by becoming an isolated example to other people after selling his largest assert for the gaming industry: REDACTED (and no, I ain't making autoreferences of MINECRAFT in MINECRAFT. I will think about a concrete game idea, though). In the case of his billionaire wealth and the way he would protect his 'official' daughter's fiancees, they may get to talk and eventually set a reunion point to meet themselves for more life and economic fundaments.

    However, Cupa herself doesn't try to take advantage from his actions, accepting a modest transaction to at least pay her services and household. She keeps a living with her current guardian in Karakura, living off what they can legally make from their work; as her guardian's laboratory research doctor role with a decent remuneration.

    STATUS: Alive.

    -Cona R. Zhang: Cupa's mother. Her precedents recall to Taiwan, a republican island east of China. Cona met Markus around 2.000, as she slowly transitioned from Taipei with her brother to Stockholm for software and telecommunication engineering work. During finals of February in 2.002, Cona had a positive report on pregnancy, giving birth to Cupa in 30th of August.

    In the present, Cona is divorced from Markus. She broke up with him after having a marital dispute and life boundaries' conversation; since it is a bit fond from Notch to have a will of being independent and controversial in the aspect of retaining inner family stability. After her disappearance in December of 2.002, Markus tried to dedicate time on getting to know her daughter better, thus sharing part of her rights to Cona's brother.

    STATUS: Missing.

    -Zack R. Zhang: Cupa's uncle. He became reponsible for Cupa's care over the years, raising and training her in certain fields of life in Stockholm. Later on, Zack had to return to Taiwan for visiting his mother, in the verge of death by her accruing cancer's collateral effects. Zack decided to temporarily leave Cupa with a friend of hers, retaining an official citizenship in the state of Karakura, Japan.

    He had to take this visit to Taiwan, and latter funeral, in a personal manner. By primarly starting off, he transferred Cupa to Karakura in October 17th of 2.019, then he went alone. Cupa stayed with her guardian, Andr, for a week, then a month.. and previously understood that Zack was also a goner. Some rumours told that he may have been in a passenger airliner flight to Karakura, but the airplane's turbines started malfunctioning by an erratic issue with the power grid and wiring system, crash landing into the waters of the Oriental China Sea.

    Due to this scenario, Cupa's been forced to adapt herself into a prolongued living with Andr, getting to know Karakura better throughout the months. The fate of Zack and the other passengers remains unknown.

    STATUS: Deceased.

    -Ellin Zetterstrand: she's not related to Cupa, but to Markus as her 2.011's (and divorced until 15 of August, in 2.012) ex-spouse. Cupa got to meet her a bit, discussing and complimenting about themselves. They are far to be a family, but the acquaintence between both of them has deemed it as a separated family branch of hers.

    STATUS: Alive.

    -Minna Almina Zelda Zetterstrand: Markus' second daughter. Cupa got to knew her during Markus' 35 birthday party, having treated her like if she was her own sister (technically being her ex-sister). During old family reminiscent situations, she tends to remember her as a relevant integrant that sparks up her mood.

    STATUS: Alive.

    -Grandparent Persson (?): Cupa's grandfather. She doesn't know anything about him at all, but that he isolated himself from his family, leaving Sweden by his bad influence during Markus' adolescense.

    STATUS: Alive, Reclused.

    -Uncle Persson (???): Markus made very vague mentions about having had a brother, but Cupa was left unsure if he was being sarcastic only to reflect some satirical life stories, or an indle banter figure. However, he would be dead to this day, if it's true.

    STATUS: Deceased.

    Reminiscent book of information:


    Current knowledge and indexed states:
    -Karakura's important landmarks and suburbs.
    -Sense of coordination.
    -Adapted to this new and sudden life.


    (Still trying to think about this better)​
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    I am astounded by how well put together this is, good lord.
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    i think this is one of the longest and actually pretty decently written biographies that managed to keep my attention, congratulations and i hope i see you around because i honestly want to see how this character acts in person

    its labeled as WIP and im both excited and trembling in fear
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    this is way too high quality for the thing it's based on, i'm kind of amazed. good shit, excellent writing.
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