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Custom Items

Discussion in 'Community Based Guides' started by TechnicWolfie, Aug 13, 2019.

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    I don't see anyone else posting a guide on getting a well-thought-out custom item here, so I should snatch this quickly.

    And with luck I'll get another "Official" tag on a guide, my other one was deleted a while back :sad:

    Some good tunes while you listen in.

    Buying a Custom Item
    Buying a custom item is like cutting something off of you to get something better. The thing you're cutting off is your money, but you always have more of that.
    Custom items cost 20 USD (Around 17 euros and around 16 pounds. But I might not be correct on that.) This is the ORIGINAL price of custom items currently, I'm not counting the current sale (8/12/19) because that will run out soon.

    To actually BUY a custom item you need yo head over to the Shop and click Packages.

    Heres the order it will go in.
    Shop>Packages>Other. Just click on the buy button for Custom Item and fill in your info and all that.

    You don't HAVE to model the item. A modeler can do it for you. But if you want an item of your creation entirely, you can model it yourself. Suggestions are always welcome, meaning if you wanna suggest how it should look you can do that.

    Can I get stuff like tech for a custom item?
    Yes. If you're looking for more advanced technology I'm sure you'd need to apply for any extra perks you want your nifty device to have.
    I would say to try and stay away from the Cyberpunk Tech because that's gonna be hell to explain and deal with.

    Thinking it Out
    For a custom item, I suggest thinking it out first. Is it good enough for your standards? Are you gonna frequently show it off to the world as CommunismRP did with her baby? You can even make it public! As in making money from selling it to other people. Or having shop-owners sell it and you don't get any money. I don't know how it'll fully turn out. But if you want, you can make a Roleplay Document on it to show off your new toy! Give it a nice old biography and such.

    Things NOT to Do
    This is pretty easy to understand. Let's get down with it.
    • Don't make custom items if you won't use it whatsoever.
    • Don't think having a custom item means you're better than the people who don't have one. You aren't. Thinking that makes you an even worse person.
    • Don't spam Ducks asking if your item is ready yet. He'll get to you when it's done.

    That is currently all I have for a guide right now. Hope you enjoyed the guide.
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