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DJello`s mentor apply

Discussion in 'School Employee Applications' started by IJelle_, May 17, 2019.

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    In Game Name: Djello

    School Employee Role you are Applying For: School Mentor
    How often do you log onto the server?: this has bin changed the last fiew days becous of my finals.

    Monday: 1-2 hours

    Tuesday: 1-2 hours

    Wednesday: 1-2 hours

    Thursday: 1-2 hours

    Friday: 1-2 hours

    Saturday: 1-3 hours

    Sunday: 1-3 hours

    (Hours could change, because of my schedule)

    Do you have discord? Yes. Jello#6584
    Do you have a microphone? Yes.

    Have you ever been banned, If yes when and why?: Yes, cosmetic abuse, but it was a long time ago and I learned my mistake.

    Can you ensure that you will often come on: Yes.

    Do you recognise that you can be ICly fired?: Yes.

    In as much detail as possible, describe the role of your chosen school employee:
    Learning mentors provide support and guidance to help school pupils who are experiencing difficulties in learning due to social, emotional or behavioural problems.

    Do you have any past experience in this type of roleplay?:I do as school employe office manager.

    What experience, in general, do you have in roleplay?: I roleplay every day on the schoolrp server and have played on several other roleplay servers in the past.

    Are you familiar with what your job does? If so, describe it: YesThe mentor’s overall role is to promote the growth and development of the beginning teacher to improve student learning. When new teachers are hired, they are given a full program and are expected to impact student learning immediately without the benefit of any period of apprenticeship. New teachers essentially have to learn how to teach while on the job. Mentors are critical supports in guiding new teachers to enhance their planning, instruction, and content knowledge. Mentors help orient new teachers to the school community and to teaching in general. Mentors also serve as collegial and emotional supports for this challenging phase of a teacher’s career. On a practical level, mentors are required to document the new teacher’s mentoring experience. arrangements), Liaise with facility management vendors, including cleaning, catering and security services, Plan in-house or off-site activities, like parties, celebrations and conferences


    During a work shift a student starts cursing at you for being pathetic, how do you react?: I’d tell him/her to stop and remind him, that I’m still a worker at school and I still report to the vice principal and principal. If after my warning he/she still wouldn’t stop, I would send him to detention. Even after I would and he/she kept doing it, I would ask for the

    You are doing a hazardous job requested by the School Principal, how do you react?: I’d ask him first, if the job is required for the school. If it was do dangerous for my wellbeing I would tell the principal, if another worker could do it, if the job was to dangerous for any workers wellbeing I would tell the principal, that the job cannot be done by the workers.

    Another school employee is doing something very dangerous on the job or acting out of order, how do you react?: I would ask him for his instructions and if it makes sense I would watch him so he wouldn’t hurt himself and give him help if needed. If in any way I think or it looks like he is lying I would stop him and send him away and report what he did to principal.

    [IC section]
    Applicant Name:
    Faid Sakius
    Chosen Job: School Mentor

    Motivation for Joining YHS: I was a student on the school and I always wanted to help the school out with organising and planning. I saw the need of student support on the school while I was working here as school office manager

    Age: 26

    Why should you be accepted over the other applicants?: I work very hard and always love to help in any way I can.
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