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DPD Custom Script Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by Jesso, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Jesso

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    Aug 6, 2018
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    IGN: megaowo
    What is requested?: Dependent Personality Disorder

    Why do you want it? I believe that this will help benefit my roleplay as it shows that my character lacks independent things as well as this also has multiple effects which my character does tend to struggle upon such as friendships to relationships. Is mentally somewhat unstable, and has some hesitation along with her actions such as picking what to wear or to say. This usually keeps her mind going and thinking having to always look back and re-check sometimes passing by the same location time to time, as if she saw something.
    What good is it for RP? I believe that this is good for RP as it shows that she can't make up her mind. It shows that she is quite beneficial to her friends as she also tends to lack responsibilities for adult and acts like such a goofy person trying her best to even just fit in. I believe this fits well with my character as that she was also grown up with a pet chicken that was found out when she was playing a good roundof tennis. Though none the less, this is sometimes the reason why she is naive.
    Character Backstory: Jomei Pham. She was a gentle female that was born with an orderly overprotective parents that looked and watched over her throughout the day. That kept a close eye as if they were being helicopter parents. Pham at all didn't have a bad connection with her parents, it was quite one of the ones where she wouldn't spend any time away. Though growing up Pham wanted her own privacy. She wanted to be able to not being looked over around the clock. Perhaps some escape. This became a bad habit, she started doing things behind her parents back, being weary of her presence, always looking back and forth, sometimes even going around the corner 10 times in order to make sure. Taking extra sections of her day, to make sure someone isn't suspicious of her or that she shouldn't be suspicious of them. This being a daily and yet a tiring task, her anxiety grew along with this disorder. She began to soon have unhealthy friendships, being strangely always close with them to strangely being near them, not being able to branch out of go out to find new friends. Her parents saw her weird behavior but never seemed to check upon it, as by then, they had enough trust from her, though Pham's trust for her parents began to lack upon every time she did something behind their back. Her friends never really understood her behavior of why they'd usually walk in circles or why she'd always look at the same spot 3 times before moving onto somewhere else, though Pham was happy. And, it was all that mattered to them, her happiness.
    Pham was seem to be kept a happy gal as she was away from her parents, always being tucked away in her own little world. By age 17, her parents soon realized she was spending less and less time with them, hesitating to try to force her back into her life, they had an upcoming doctor appointment the same month. They decided to wait for that doctor appointment check up to then speak to the doctor about any strange behavior with their daughter. And as it did happen, they soon got the results. Jomei Pham Diagnosed With: Dependent Personality Disorder. Knowing Pham, they decided to not speak to her about it.. just wait for a bit of time as she had her memories with friends to still make in Karakura.
  2. Aania

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    Feb 24, 2018
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    Your application is well made, with good grammar and enough detail in it.
    You may now roleplay with Dependent Personality Disorder on your character Jomei Pham.
    If you're found to be using this as a way to give you advantages or roleplay unrealistically, you will be warned by a staff member.