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Eun-hee Fawcett "レひ刀ム" - Biography

Discussion in 'Character Biography' started by Ayamae Yutome, Jun 14, 2019 at 3:11 AM.

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    ɪs ᴛʜɪs ᴀ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ ᴏʀ ʀᴇᴀʟɪᴛʏ?
    [Eun-hee Fawcett "レひ刀ム"]

    [[​IMG] ]

    Basic Information

    First Name: Eun-hee
    Pronounced: Yun-he
    Name Meaning:"Graceful and Pleasure"
    Middle Name: "Luna"
    Name Meaning: Moon
    Surname: Fawcett - Adopted into
    Pronounced: Faucet
    Birth Surname: Hinamori's
    Pronounced: Hin-uh-more-e
    Preferred Name:

    "Lolita" (Kage Riot)
    "Carried Doll" (???)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18 years

    Height: 5'2 - 157 cm

    Weight: 120 lbs - 54 kg

    Build: Pear-Bodyshape
    Skin Color:
    Pale - flushed
    Eye Color:
    Deep Hazel - Chocolate Coloured
    Hair Style:
    Down, Long, Wavy,
    Hair Color:
    Casual - Cute - Skirts (A lot) - Baggy sweaters

    Mood swings - Light

    Date of Birth: September 28th 2000 (Currently)

    Place of Birth: South Korea, Busan

    Nationality: Japanese

    Race: Russian - Korean

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)

    Religious Beliefs: Athiest
    Athiesm is the lack of belief of any high-powers (IE: God, Jesus)
    Why is Eun-hee a non-believer?
    She's had a fucked up life and believes that since it's been so 'bad' that God must not be real.
    If God was all so kind and real - why would he make some people die young and some live if he's all so equal?
    Political Beliefs: Democratic Liberal

    General Appearance

    (See photo for ref)
    Eun-hee stands at a firm 5'2 with a very pale body that has just the right amount of curves ad weight on her bones - all natural. However with the curse of a pear-bodyshape, she has a smaller top half then for a bottom half - still reasonably 'thicc'. She has what could only be described as 'Pianist fingers' and never wears fake nails - nor does she paint them, preferring to stay natural. Even with her makeup. Eunny has slanted almond-shaped asian eyes, a soft button shaped nose, and a rounded diamond of a face, she has a soft jawline and puffy pouty lips. Eunny has deep brown eyebrows and dark chocolate-hazel eyes. These eyes seem to watch you with curiosity. The faintest scent of strawberries from a balm perhaps radiates from her lips. Eun-hee also has long blonde hair that falls to her hips that is wavy and soft - easy to comb your hands through.
    Rosa's foot size is 6"
    Eunny also considerably has softly blushed cheeks - that seem to always be warm and soft to the touch, just like the rest of her pale flushed skin.
    "While as a child I was taught to be proper."
    Eun-hee is often described as very 'calm' and has the purest intentions at heart, truly wanting what's best for others and having others feelings in mind. Eunny is the kind of girl that would sit with someone on hours explaining them how to get around Karakura, or to defend someone if they were being the victim of bullying - a brave heart. Some see her calm exterior as a 'Kuudere' because she doesn't really radiate a whole lot of emotions - unless she is in high anxiety mode, or having one of her mood swings.

    What are her mood swings?
    One moment Eun-hee could be happy and then be crying quietly - these mood swings are often far inbetween - often associated with her being a empath and her mood will change on her surroundings and how people are feeling - if people around her are feeling negative emotions her own feelings will also gravitate towards negativity.
    Hidden Depression
    Eunny DOES have depression - however she deals with it alone and it is a burden she carries on her shoulders alone - not wanting to be a burden and make others lives harder because she is dealing with a bad day.
    Eunny is a very polite woman - she's not the one that is going to intrude on personal matters and try and get that 'juicy' gossip. She's also well-mannered and sometimes people think that makes her 'stuck up' or 'snobbish' she was just raised that having manners is a good quality.
    Character Voice:

    School Bag
    Strawberry bubble gum
    Several notebooks - Phone - Teddy bear in Bag

    Mostly she wears one of the following
    * Skirts - Short (Skrrt Skrrt)
    * Sweaters (Baggy and cropped)
    * Thigh-high Stockings (Some are even bunny ones!)
    * Shirts (Anime and just regular colored shirts)
    * Boots (These range from black - white - light brown)
    * Flats ( Black - White )
    * Dresses (Preferably more 'cute' style)
    * High waisted skirts (Hiding scar)
    Writing - Writing in her Journal
    Drawing - City life
    Socializing - Making friends (When she has time)

    Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities:
    Anxiety (Separation and Typical)
    What is separation anxiety? How does it happen?
    For Eunny at least it can happen when friends walk out of her life - it can cause her to go into full panic mode and has even caused her to hyperventilate and have a intense fear of being alone in that moment.
    For her it is not just parents.
    Typical Separation anxiety is the fear of being separated from there parents (Sometimes being founded from being abandoned)
    Depression (Medium)
    Depression is a deep sadness
    feelings of severe despondency and dejection.
    Often associated with 'Doubt, Anxiety of one self'
    "self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression"
    Eunny has a knife-wound scar on her hip - it's a small 3" scar that is lighter then the rest of her skin.
    This scar is rarely shown (Due to high waisted clothing)

    (Fear of Drowning)
    (Fear of Heights)
    (Fear of Spiders)
    Eunny is a writer/journalist.
    Eunny has medical-knowledge (Taught)
    Eun-hee is bilingual. (Korean/Russian often used as a translator for her friends)

    Always seen holding a book bag
    Never ties her hair up.
    Only wears lip balm and the possible chance of eyeliner.


    Love interest:
    None. - Actively looking for her other half.
    Martial Status : Single - Searching for her other half

    Adoptive Family:
    The Fawcett Family.
    (Will add later)

    Birth family:
    The Hinamori's and Dong-chou's
    Yoonsoon Dong-chou + Yulia Dong-chou || Alice Hinamori + Rin Hinamori
    (Grandparents line)
    Yoon-sea Hinamori (Mother) + Alek Hinamori (Father)
    Eun-hee "Luna" Hinamori (Fawcett)

    - Backstory -
    Eunny was born into the place we call 'life', in Busan, South Korea to Yoon-sea and Alek Hinamori. As she grew into the age of 5 she lost her mother due to ailment after falling sick in the winter of 2005. Causing her father to go into a drunken depression and leading to neglect of Eunny, she soon learned how to cook for herself and clean herself until her father came out of his stupor and started working again and taking care of his baby girl. Doing the best he can to try and be the best single-dad he can be. Leaving lots of good memories of wading in the river behind there house - and going to the meadow that was just down the road and making flower crowns together. However - all that is good cannot last, as he soon got fired from his job and he turned to drinking - however this time he got angrier and angrier at Eun-hee, yelling at her - however he never laid a hand on her, the verbal words placed a form of insecurity and desire to be accepted and loved inside of her at the small age of 8 years old. Only when her birthday arrived did her father realize the mistakes he was making again and took his daughter out for a night of fun for her birthday - he had found a new job working as a Journalist where he would help his now 9 year old daughter write and make journals of her life.
    A page from her journal (Diary)
    Dear Diary, 01/02/09

    Daddies gone right now - he's started working again as a journalist and daddy doesn't get as mad anymore with me! Hooray! :) Daddy is the best daddy today he took me too the meadow again and we made flower crowns and visited mommy. It's been a good day today, he even played Princess and dragon today with me! We haven't played that in years! Daddy is the best! Daddy says he loves me no matter what! Daddy says that if I'm a good girl we'll go get ice cream tonight and go get pizza too! I'm so excited we hardly go out anymore because he's been so busy! It's okay though - he's been teaching me how to make a journal too! Daddy is the best! He didn't yell at me today - well he did.. but that was because I made a mistake! I accidentally knocked salt over onto the floor and broke, but he laughed a bit when he saw I was pouting at my cereal. So he got happy really quickly! He couldn't stay mad at me for very long it seemed, and he even helped me clean up the mess! I love my daddy. <This seems to be where she stopped writing and then picked up much later> Daddy got mad again at me... he says I need to stop being naughty words like 'A fuck up' and it made me really sad.. I think daddy is drunk again... I pushed my dresser in front of the door... I'm going to go to bed now and hope everything is better in the morning. - With Love EunEun

    It seems that even despite the happy moments, Eunny had a tough life with a alcoholic dad who was a angry-drunk but a loving father regardless. As the time came of age 11 - Eunny was kidnapped, while playing outside and her father fast asleep on the porch, a man that was donning a black mask picked Eun-hee up and kidnapped her, even despite her screams her father could not get her in time - now losing both of his babies (Her mother and now his daughter) - Eun-hee at this time was in the process of human trafficking where she was -almost- sold, however someone had leaked information to the police and had tracked the Auction House of young girls where Eun-hee was taken into custody and returned to her father Alek - now age 12 they had a heartfelt reunion where she was taken back into his arms - safe and sound. In the next few years her father had completely stopped drinking and took care of her. Leaving more happy memories then bad ones...

    However at age 16 - her father fell violently ill like her mother and in the cold winter after her sweet 16 he passed in his sleep peacefully. Leaving the 16 year old woman in the hands of a orphanage where she stayed in at til she was 18 - on the day she was going to be released, a family decided to add her to there ranks, always having been taught to be thankful and polite - Eunny accepted and joined..

    You see Akela Fawcett - and Eunny had been friends since childhood and had always been close, Akela being older then Eun-hee both had grown apart in distance but never in words, sending letters to each other as her father had taught her until Eun-hee had been brought to Karakura where they met paths again in the Orphanage.
    The person who had taken her in under her arms - was none other then Akela Fawcett, who had seen the desperate 18 year old about to be left in the streets. - to become homeless once more and took pity - soon inviting her to the family she was apart of one day.

    This family was the Fawcetts.
    Finally, EunEun may now have a home - this time for life.
    Happiness may be born - even when it feels like your darkest time, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Don't give up.

    Yes - Eun-Hee's original name WAS Rosa - I changed it to fit more in her cultural background (Korean) which is where she originated - she most likely would have a korean name and not a more English name.

    Yes - Eun-hee is considered the person who gives Love Advice - Pretty common knowledge.
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