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Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Ducks, Oct 27, 2017.

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  1. Ducks

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    Jul 31, 2016
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    SchoolRP Forum Rules
    1. Do not post any illegal content, threats of violence, NSFW content (18+ content), terrorist propaganda.
    2. No racism, flaming or discrimination towards others.
    3. Keep posts civilized, swearing is allowed, however do not abuse this privilege.
    4. No advertising or 'spam.' This includes
    • Other server IP Addresses.
    • Irrelevant links to places that have no contribution to the forums, or advertising of products.
    5. Do not post your, or others, personal contact information.
    6. Do not double-post, triple-post or quad-post (also known as chain-posting.) Edit your previous post in a thread instead.
    7. Do not abuse the rating function, (do not use it for the sole purpose of either getting revenge at a user due to a unrelated topic, or trying to flood their alert box.)
    8. Do not complain about a rating you have received to a user.
    9. Do not necropost (reply to a thread that is older than 1 month [unless it is still relevant.])
    10. Do not spam the forums.
    11. Primarily use English in the forums, and not any other language.
    12. Give threads relevant titles, and be sure to post the threads in the correct category.
    13. Only reply to threads if you have something relevant/meaningful to say, do not reply to threads with one-liners such as 'ok.'
    14. Do not create alternate accounts to bypass a forum ban.
    15. Do not post malicious content, links or software.
    16. Do not link administrative or private stuff related to the forum.
    17. Do not have a obscene/NSFW avatar or banner.​
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