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KimiWasa- Absent

Discussion in 'Performing Arts' started by KimiWasa, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. KimiWasa

    KimiWasa United States Level 21

    Jun 14, 2018
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    5:59 AM
    IGN: KimiWasa

    Period of Absence: August 14th - End of September or early October (Unpredictable)

    Reason of Absence: I will be absent from now until the 26th of August because my laptop has had some technical issues making it unable to play on. The screen is black and pieces are missing, making me unable to play for the rest of my summer. I will be absent from the 26th until an unknown time because I will be moving back to my hometown where I do not have an available laptop or computer to play on.

    Why are you making this thread?: I am making this thread because I would like to keep my position as a "Performing Arts" teacher. This position means a lot to me and I still want to be able to have it. I am aware that things can change in a month or two time period, but I would like to keep my position. Since I will not be active, I have asked @Atakka if I could keep my position but resign temporarily, and he said that this would be alright, which is why I am filling this out. I will still try to be involved with the server as much as possible.

    @Ehko @Srav @Im6
    NOTICE! Please do not remove my name from the teacher roster. I would prefer to keep my class count. Thank you!
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