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Korean Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by Shizai, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Shizai

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    May 25, 2019
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    IGN: Shizai
    Language your character knows: Korean
    How does your character know this language? Inside the town of Karakura, Japan lived a newly introduced citizen who just relocated from an undisclosed location elsewhere in Japan; This new member was a slightly introverted, laid back, and seemingly intelligent young adult by the name of Ren Takahashi who eventually became to be enrolled inside of the college therein Karakura. This would begin the start of his unabating journey that lead on at a leisurely pace of his motivation to learn a different language and finally become bilingual as most members of society living inside Karakura were. Not even a few weeks of living there in Karakura he noticed that it was not only a melting pot of languages but a mix of many different races as well all in one spot. Ren Takahashi attending the public college which reversed into a high school soon begun to notice that not having a second language was making him fall behind academically and socially, as so many other college and high school students already advanced past him in that area. He felt behind and as if he needed to learn a second language to progress. He became quite curious and begun to ask and discuss the topic with several different peers about the topic He ultimately decided that unlocking that new language would step his game up and he would begin to advance forward in everyday normal life as it would give him the ability to knock down the language barrier to a majority of the population. Not soon after Ren was longing to become bilingual he eventually came across and befriended a mysterious man who happened to speak another language which was Korean this person also happened to be a male peer at the college alongside Ren Takahashi, after some prodding to the male by Ren about teaching him his language he began on the process of learning the language with this unnamed man at the college. He started to go into the college more frequently as much as he could every morning just so that he could sit down with the man in the very back of the library to study the language with him, he chose this spot as he found it was an almost unused spot and the quietest. As time progressed his Korean started to become more and more pronounced as he finally began to wrap his head around the language; Sometime therein he found an appreciation for the language, getting closer to this man that Ren shared his time and quite a few classes with started to become good friends, the good man was nice enough to take time out of his busy days at the college to teach him an entirely new language and he appreciated it. Halfway through their friendship Ren and this man became close eventually it came to his knowledge that the man himself was a full-on Korean, Ren hadn't been surprised but hadn't guessed that was the case Ren truly thought that they all looked alike as he never really could spot the differences between the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese populations appearances. The unnamed man and Ren even started to meet up outside of the school at his apartment or the other man's apartment as the two became truly close. Ren and the man started to trade Korean literature back and forth, ordered Korean snack foods to eat that would arrive in small but tightly packed packages, sport Korean pop friendship earrings as they both rocked matching ones in the opposite ear, and even listened and enjoyed Kpop music together frequently as they spoke Korean to each other whenever they got the free chance. Around an entire year later Ren finally advanced in his training in the language and became entirely fluent enough in writing and speaking the language as he was now able to speak and write it extremely well, albeit there were still a few flaws in his speech as he a tendency to speak choppy but proper, he could converse and hold his own with any full-on Korean person. In the span of the year that this all took place Ren Takahashi became friends with a Korean male, gained respect for Korean culture, and more or less mastered the full language. He truly went the distance and it gave a well-deserved reward in the end as he gained a lot of knowledge about Korea including its language from his friend. Ren also learned to respect others as each and every person had something unique and individual to them going on. Ren started to look at the population because of his friend, he walked out of their relationship as friends a more mature and better young man.
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    -Perfect application, DM an Admin+ to receive your language, slatt#6666
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