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Korean Language Application.

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by ~SeimeiShuuu~, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. ~SeimeiShuuu~

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    Feb 17, 2019
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    IGN: hobointheoven
    Languages your character knows: Korean- German (Already have German)
    How does your character know this language?: On February the 14th 2001 in Rothenberg, Germany. A fair skinned baby girl was born, with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. Her Mother named her Malori Mays Stavish. Of course taking on her fathers surname. Malori was born into a lovely family, along with a dog named 'Rudy'. She loved climbing trees and causing a mess in the small town. 'It takes a whole village to raise a child' is what people would tell Malori's mother. Malori grew up speaking 100% german. But later in life when Malori was just 8 years old, Malori's mother and father decided to move to Korea for a new start, a new beginning. Knowing it's a new place, with a completely different language, they had to take on that new chapter in life. By the age of 10 Malori could speak 100% fluent Korean. Using this to her advantage, Malori would show off her new language to her cousins when she went to visit them in Germany. She would always try to get away with these cocky moments. When Malori turned 14, Her, and her Mother and Father moved to Karakura japan, where they learned the Japanese language as well. Soon later, Malori's Father got fairly sick. His skin was pale- he looked like a ghost- with dead eyes and cracked lips. They did everything they could, so did the doctors. But Malori's father perished at the age of 42. This being a heart break in the big family, Malori's mother was the most heart broken. Late at night her Mother would binge on food, watching old videos of her and her perished husband back when they were just young kids. Dumb and in love. Ever since Malori experienced what heart break looks like, she refused to fall in love. Every time her birthday would come around on valentines day she would refuse to celebrate it. When Malori turned 17 years old her Mother found the new love in her life. He was tall, handsome, smart, intelligent, and much younger than Malori's Mother... They all wanted to move back to Germany, except for Malori. She didn't wanna be there if 'He' was gonna be coming along. She didn't want to see her Mother suffer another heart break if something happens to 'him'. So Malori's mother allowed Malori to stay back in Karakura japan. Now in 2019 Malori is living a wonderful life, with many friends and still causing so much trouble...
  2. Atakka

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    Nov 9, 2016
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    Your language will be given to you shortly

    - Good effort.

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