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Luca Milanesi ♥ Character Biography W.I.P

Discussion in 'Character Biography' started by Luvs, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Luca 'Rosalie' Milanesi
    Mattia [R.K][34][News-Reporter]

    World Peace Song





    "We should preserve world peace, not throw it away."

    Basic Information

    First Name:
    Luca ' Rosalie' Milanesi

    Preferred Name:

    Luca would very rarely go by the name 'Rosalie', Rosalie meaning "Rose" In French
    Luca obtained the name by a series of past events, and would only be referred as 'Rosalie'
    under certain and extreme circumstances.



    Age, Birthdate, and Birth Place:

    Luca would be a staggering 34 years old, being born in 1985. Luca was born in
    Turin, Italy, and after spending all of his childhood, and most of his adulthood, he decided to move to
    Karakura, Japan.

    Luca would be standing at a height of 6 foot 3 inches (6'3"). He obtained his abnormal height
    by the genetics of both of his parents. His mother standing at 5'11 and his father standing at 6'6.
    Both of his parents had a long history of Height genetics in their family, reasoning to why they were
    both so tall.


    Luca would be weighing at a total weight of 197lb. He'd be in great shape
    having a muscular outline, and noticeable. He would have bulging veins popping
    out of both of his arms to show masculinity

    Luca would often be seen with a black and grey suit, acting formal and professional. He would have big round glasses companied with a Gold-White bracelet or a gold watch. He would also have a cane at his side at all times. Luca would sometimes be seen with a bottle of vodka or a cigar inside of his mouth.




    Luca would have an indent on his left hand.
    The indent would show a "Dove" and would symbolize
    "World Peace"

    Luca would be born Italian, however, over years, he obtained knowledge
    of the French Language. He studied French during his freshman year of college and would
    use it from time to time.



    Sexual Orientation:

    Luca would be as straight as a stick.

    Religious Beliefs:

    Luca would believe in the "Lord" (GOD). He wouldn't be too
    extreme on the religion, however, he certainly does believe that there is one.

    General Appearance




    Luca would often be blunt, and stubborn, however, He is mostly calm and collected. He'd believe in world peace and helping out the environment. He'd see the world as his child. He'd take care of it, and guide others. Even in this time of hell. Despite Luca acting Kind and considerate, He'd have a more
    mischievous side to him as well. Luca would often see himself as royalty, or superior. He'd think that he would be in charge, however, his nicer side comes more in effect. Meaning Since he is a father of 4
    he'd have a loving and caring persona. Luca would also act professionally most of the time and would
    take upon the 1920s aspect

    - Despite Luca being healthy and very well managed, he obtained bone cancer. A disease in which deterioration, and/or destroys the bones over the years, or the older you get.
    Luca would have a very low level of this disease, therefore he wouldn't have any concerning complications.

    - Luca would have Bipolar Disorder, which causes Luca to change his mood.

    He'd have a low Bipolar rate, which would not affect Luca often.

    - Luca would have a slight drinking issue. He'd have this issue because of previous events
    that had happened when he was younger, and 6 years after his wife gave birth to his first child.

    Character Voice:

    (Lucas' voice would sound like this, however, he would have an Italian accent, not an Australian accent)


    - Luca would have a cane in his left hand, he'd be seen wearing round
    reading glasses and would wear a White-Gold bracelet, or a Gold watch.

    - Luca would have multiple items to his disposal and would use most of his items.
    Mostly his cane, cigar, watch/bracelet, lighter, glasses, and vodka.

    - Luca would be wearing a black and grey suit, accompanied by a hanker chief.
    He'd be wearing black dress shoes.


    Luca is an inspiring writer as well as a father.
    Luca has many duties as a parent and an employee of Karakura News. He normally spends his day
    writing and trying to become a huge inspirational writer, and advocate on world peace.


    Achille 'Giovane' Milanesi

    Age - 104

    Stella 'Rosalia' Milanesi
    Age - 102



    Andrea 'Carmela' Milanesi
    Age - 26

    Aiko Milanesi

    Age - 17


    Alejandro 'Milanesi' Concord

    Age - 19


    Sylas 'Milanesi' Concord

    Age - 19



    Late tonight or early tomorrow morning.
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    Nice OC
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