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Lunchtime Monitor Application - Kuro

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Kuro Krono, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Kuro Krono

    Kuro Krono Germany Level 0

    Sep 22, 2019
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    [OOC section]
    In Game Name:

    School Employee Role you are Applying For:
    Lunchtime Monitor

    How often do you log onto the server?:
    Whenever i'm not busy I usually join SRP, I log in pretty often as my current time in the server is 11 days, 23 hours and 25 minutes.

    Do you have discord?
    Yes I do, Kuro#6490

    Do you have a microphone?
    Yes I do

    Have you ever been banned, If yes when and why?:
    For as long as i've played I haven't been banned nor warned so far.

    Can you ensure that you will often come on:
    I will try to join as often as possible if studies aren't in the way, but during the weekends I can assure i'll come on as long as i'm not in holidays.

    Do you recognise that you can be ICly fired?:
    Of course, being fired is a possibility and it's logical to think of it. One can't just mess around without the expectation of being fired.

    In as much detail as possible, describe the role of your chosen school employee: The Lunchtime Monitor's job is to wander around the lunchroom making sure student's aren't getting in trouble due to conflicts like fights and other stuff. They must make sure students are behaving and they keep the lunchroom clean. If another staff member is in need of help they should go and help them.

    Do you have any past experience in this type of roleplay?:
    I have never done this type of RP, but I would like to give it a try.

    What experience, in general, do you have in roleplay?:
    I've had a lot of past RP experience, i've been RPing since around 2016 in different MC and Discord servers.

    Are you familiar with what your job does? If so, describe it:
    The Lunchtime monitor observes students around the school and makes sure no one is doing something out of the usual or causing conflicts, they also keep the lunchroom in order.


    During a workshift a student starts cursing at you for being pathetic, how do you react?:
    Tell the student to calm down and explain why'd they start cursing, then tell them to not repeat that again.

    You are doing a hazadrous job requested by the School Principal, how do you react?:
    I'd ask the Principal whether if the job is obligatory, if it were i'd make sure to do the job, if it weren't obligatory i'd ask if there are no other school staff that could do the job.

    Another school employee is doing something very dangerous on the job or acting out of order, how do you react?:
    I'd ask why they are doing it and remind the dangers it has to their position in the job. If it were for any specific reason i'd try to help them return to their usual ways of being

    [IC section]
    Applicant Name:
    Kuro Koy
    Chosen Job: Lunchtime Monitor

    Motivation for Joining KHS:
    My motivation for joining KHS is the fact of wanting to move on from student to contributer, I would also like to help the school in overall manners as i've experienced people being overall rude.
    Age (Minimum age is 25): 25

    Why should you be accepted over the other applicants?: I will try to be as professional as I can during the job and bring as much as I can to the school. I'll make sure to be as active as possible and contribute in as many things I can.
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  2. Loooper

    Loooper Ireland Level 23 Administrator

    Apr 27, 2019
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    - Good application, it could have been better in some places but I'll give you a chance. DM me on discord once you see this.

    Discord - Loooper#8259