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Luther Marmont's Application forum

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Iroh-FN-60, Mar 26, 2020.

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    OOC Information

    IGN: Azure2Dragon

    Discord Tag: Azure2Dragon#2608

    Current Grade: 12

    Previous Applications: none

    Any Bans/Kicks: none

    What is your motivation for applying for College?: The only reason I wish to become a college student is to further my rp experience at this server and go from my irl half year that I spent as grade 12 and move to a higher class.

    How should a College Student behave during class?: Well over all a college student should speak when spoken to. nothing more and nothing less with the respect to the prof.

    How should a College Student speak to School Staff?: With respect and diligence as they are a higher authority.

    You see another College Student being immature and possibly harming school property, What do you do?: Request for him to stop and shape up and if he does not comply go to staff and other authorities.

    Do you understand you can be kicked from College and placed back down to Grade-12 for acting immature and disruptive?: Yes, I understand and respect this fully.

    IC Information

    Character Name: Luther Marmont

    Characters Date of Birth: Feb, 21st, 2002

    Gender: Male

    Character Description: Luther Marmont is an 18 year old male, with a height of 6'3", and weighs 181 lbs. He's a very cunning guy with a morbid sense of humor, practiced Ch'ang Quan and Shao Lín Quan techniques, has a deep soothing voice and smells of Old Spice.

    Year of Graduation: Should have been 2019 but he missed the grad ceremony

    High-school Achievements: (Awards, Tokens Received. etc.) No awards given as he enjoys to stay under the radar and out of others view if he can.

    Age Graduated: 18

    [300 Words]
    Luther was born in Toronto, Ontario and lived with his younger sister, father, and mother. As he grew up he showed his parents that he had a knack for education involving healthcare, science, and history. He showed them that he loved ancient history along with medieval and 20th century history and followed his affection for history by showing off his knowledge of old viruses and illnesses. He happily made his way through his younger years of school and was able to see businesses and education facilities where he might choose to work which intrigued him at the time. These facilities were located in the heart of Toronto, the outskirts, and near the Vaughn mills area and one by one he went to these facilities inspecting the equipment and staying intrigued with the layout of the structures and building. As he grew older he found himself diving deeper and deeper into his education until he secluded himself from everyone but his family. On one fateful day his father and mother were in a car accident and his father was killed in the process causing him to realize he needed to make some friends to communicate with. He felt sorry for his father's death but never cried not felt a large sadness about the whole ordeal. His mother developed issues with being alone and his sister was scared mentally. Years later his mother reluctantly allowed him to take up his education in a foreign country and decided to let him go to one of the best schools in the area which he still attends now. Half way through the year of grade twelve his mother got worried and missed her son so she and his younger sister moved to Japan to live with him. He has now finished his years of school but never went to the ceremony so he had to retake the year over again and is reaching the end of it.

    IC Letter:
    (Address the letter to the 'Dean') (The letter must be 150 words) (The letter must be from the perspective of YOUR character) (Use a standered letter format)

    Hello Dean this is Luther from the Grade twelve graduates. You don't know me and I doubt you ever will but that's beside the point of my letter. I was hoping I would be able to have the wonderful opportunity to develop my skills even further in your institute that you hold so dearly. I'm well on my way to figuring out what I wish to do in the future and I feel that my travels from my homeland to your land and school as been a wondrous one. It's been hard to really...situate myself into the High school you know all about but I truly think I've benefited from the pure experiences and enjoyment and seeing the renovations to the school and homes around it so the community in general has been a blast. ehem..anyways I just want you to be able to put a face to the name so that hopefully I can be accepted into institute so I can further my education and not stay stuck in a never ending loop. Anyways have a wonderful time.

    -Luther Marmont
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    Application was difficult to read, make sure to bold the questions and leave the answers unbolded.

    Karakura Academics:
    SchoolRP Discord:

    And please @WiffyBanter in the Karakura Academics Discord #general channel to receive your DISCORD role,
    If you do not receive a reply from me within 24 hours please DM me.

    After that go into the SchoolRP Discord to request for your College rank in the #role-or-rank-request channel. Provide them this application as a form of proof.
    If a staff member does not reply to you, wait, but if you fail to receive your role in 3 days please contact me on Discord.