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News Reporter application

Discussion in 'News Reporter Applications' started by LxrdNagato, Mar 26, 2020.

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    [OOC Section]

    IGN (In Game Name): LxrdNagato

    Previous bans: I was banned twice for avoid rp.

    Describe your activity on the server: My ar time is 38 Days I'm very active on the server I play a lot of hours on it and I will be very active cause I got a lot of free time cause of the virus.

    Do you have Discord?: Yeah its l✘rdnagat❖#4827

    List your current and past applications: My past applications are Police application and a news reporter application and a Spanish application.

    What is your motivation for applying?: My motivation as a news reporter is to inform the people of Karakura and I think this job fits me well and i really like it and its a chance for me to try something new something fun I never did.


    Tell us about your character, how do they look, what makes them unique? What are they like on and off the job? Outlook on their co-workers? Plans for the future?: My plans for the future are to have a healthy good family to be a father to 3 kids and marry a woman he likes. He wants to be a wealthy news reporter and succeed with this job.His outlook on his co-workers is that they are like his family and a team that needs to work hard and together. What makes him unique is the vibe he brings with him he's always ready for a challenge he always helps people and he's a nice and calm guy. He would be a dark skinned male with a fit build he is 6'7 He would have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair he would wear a suit most of the time and he would have a smell of roses coming from him.

    He was born with his twin brother in a Spanish family he is half Spanish half African American. at the age of 10 he moved to Japan Karakura with his mother and his twin cause they could not keep living in America cause of his father's illegal issues and his mother got a job offered there, after his mothers' death he was adopted by a Russian guy. later the 2 young boys went to Karakura where they were raised by Murice(The Russian guy who adopted them). The two boys Always listen to Murice, with NO questions asked. There are also easily intimidated by any Russians. They would come over as tough boys but when you get to know them they would seem very gentle and soft. Their communism background would have taught them to Always wear rich looking clothes. As he reaches the age of 19 He would study law with his brother.

    Full Name: Bryson Gallo


    Gender: Male

    Religious Denomination: N/A

    Nationality: My character would appear to be an African American half Spanish.

    Current Location:
    Karakura, Japan

    Phone Number:

    Native Languages:
    Japanese, English
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