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Nina Kalinski Biography

Discussion in 'Character Biography' started by nsfwyeri, Nov 4, 2019.

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    [ Nina Kalinski ]

    Basic Information

    Preferred Name: Nina

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Height: 5’5”

    Weight: 106lbs

    Build: Very thin and slender body fit

    Skin Color: Light and fair

    Eye Color: Amber / Green

    Hair Style: Long, wavy

    Hair Color: Chocolate brown





    Date of Birth: February 14, 2001

    Place of Birth: Warsaw, Poland

    Nationality: Polish

    Race: White

    Sexual Orientation: Straight


    Nina is a very sweet and passionate person. Her love for others is very strong, overpowering her negative feelings. She speaks very posh, being that she grew up with her mother telling her that’s how a perfect girl should speak. Nina’s the definition of a real life princess. She’s perfect.


    Cellphone, Blue Umbrella, Red Purse



    Painting, Gymnastics


    Cheer, Art


    Nina Kalinski was born in Warsaw, Poland. She grew up with an uninspired, depressed twin sister, Amelia. A Loving mother, and one run away father.

    Nina was the family gem. The prettiest girl on the high school cheer team, first in her class, everyone’s favorite girl. While Amelia was locked in her room tucked under her bed sheets failing every class.

    Mrs. Kalinski adored glamorous Nina. After all, she was her star daughter. She gave all her attention to Nina and only Nina. Her mother would spoil her rotten. Amelia had to fend for herself, even at home. Nina loved her life, and her mother.

    Nina was on her way back from a karaoke party to celebrate her exams. She was all alone, vulnerable. It was dark and late at night. But “princess Nina” was too happy to notice that she was in a bad part of town so late at night.

    A sudden chill crawls up Nina’s spine as she’s looking at her phone

    She turns around quickly, suspicious that someone may be following her. But nobody is there… She must have been wrong. She takes a few small steps forward, still looking behind her when *WHACK* her phone is dropped to the concrete, screen shattered in pieces… the case fallen off. Her backpack ripped as it had gotten stuck on the fence behind her.

    Everything goes dark…

    3 years later…

    Nina’s running for her life. She’s all skin and bones. And in a… wedding dress?

    For the past three years, Nina’s been locked up underground, in a cell next to 6 other girls just like her. Where are they? She doesn’t know. She doesn’t even know where she is. She just knows she has to keep running or he will catch her. And kill her.

    After running for what seemed like forever, Nina had found a police station. She ran inside and told anyone she could about what was happening to these other girls who hadn’t escaped like she did. After everything was settled and the police were out looking for the kidnapper, Nina was able to call her family members.

    Nina picked up the phone and Dialed her home number. The phone started to ring, and when somebody picked up… It wasn’t a voice she recognized. She didn’t know who was in her house. Who had answered the phone instead of her mother, or her sister? It was a stranger. She asked who is this? The stranger replied, The owner of this house? But how could this be? Her mother owned the house.

    She immediately hung up and put the phone on the table. Walking over to one of the police officers in the office, she asked if her mother had moved recently. But that wasn’t the case…

    Nina’s Mother, her Drunk, Alcoholic mother had died in a car crash because she was recklessly drunk driving.

    Nina took a step back at the unsettling news, shocked that her mother was… gone. That she’d never see her again. The police had given Nina her sister’s contact info… She’s in Japan? Karakura, Japan. Why did she move so far away?

    I have to find her.
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