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Noelle's Vet Application

Discussion in 'Hospital Applications' started by Georgiax, Dec 4, 2019 at 7:31 PM.

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    Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section:

    What is your Minecraft Username?: XxGeorgiaX

    How old are you?: Currently, I am 15.

    Do you have any previous or ongoing bans?: I don't.

    What country are you from?: The United Kingdom

    Do you have Discord?: Yes, it is Aliyah#0399

    How long have you played the server for?: 6 days and 9 hours.

    List your current and past applications: Shop Owner: Denied French: Awaiting College Professor: Denied I think.

    What is your motivation for applying?:
    My motivation is all the way at helping all sorts of animal feel safe in their surroundings and make them feel a little/much more comforted about the way they feel. I also would like to make them feel extreme satisfaction with the work that has been put in to help them. If they have fleas for example, you would calm the pet down and keep it from scratching it. Then, you would remove the fleas. There are different elements of being a vet, most of which I know of and they are quite simple, to me anyway; which is why I am motivated to put my knowledge to use.

    What do you know about medical practice?:
    I don't know a lot specifically about medical practise, but here is what I am currently in knowledge of:

    General Medical Practise- General Medical Practise is something that most people do in order to get supported, not getting discriminated by their features; not that they would anyway. It is described as its name "General". It's aim is to help every being in the hospital and take life-threatening risks in order to help someone feel a lot better and much more fascinated. To do the General Medical Practise, you must feel confident within the things that imply in/around the hospital business society. This type of practise is suggested, but can also come across as quite difficult to some individuals that do not have that much experience with pressure under certain tasks.
    What are the basic color codes in a medical emergency and hospital?:
    Yes, they are:

    Code red- Fire.
    Code black-Bomb threat.
    Code pink: Infant or child abduction
    Orange: Spillage that was hazardous.
    Silver: Dangerous shooter/active shooter.
    Violet: Dangerous individual(s).
    Yellow: A disaster.
    Brown: Severe weather.
    White: Evacuate.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
    I am aware. Which is why I am very active.

    Are you aware each position has a minimum age limit? (N: 23, D: 25, S: 28)*
    *(Key: N = Nurse, D = Doctor, S = Surgeon)

    Yes. Therefore, as a vet, I would be 29.

    In-Character (IC) Section:

    How is your character during and off the job?

    Elle is a very calm, genuine female both on and off of the job. She is caring to both her family, and enjoys hanging out with her friends. Her personality would shine out, and would take pride in everything she would do associated to tasks assigned. Usually, she would act the same both on and off the job, as yet again, she is a genuine female and does not change her attitude due to where she is and where she isn't; would also be a very professional woman.
    What do they look like?
    Noelle would have a small, slightly heart-shaped face. She would have long, straight brunette hair with smoky grey eyes which complimented her features. She'd be clean of any freckles or spots, and would have a strong hourglass figure. She'd have a very loving, warm smile that would spread across her face. In height, she'd be 5'7.
    Do they have any mental or physical illnesses?
    She has not had any past illnesses, neither current ones.

    What makes your character unique?
    Personally, I would imply that my character is unique because of her teenage years. When she was younger, she had a pet (dog). That pet got manipulated and constantly abused by other animals. She believes that the other animals AND her old one had felt stressed and not loved for; which is one thing she'd like to help with. Noelle believes that she would be able to help in the society of animal stress, and could help then with stress-relief. She has a very soft spot for every animal, which is why she chose to apply for this vet job. When an animal is placed upon the counter, she sets herself to doing her task and helping the poor, hurt or unsatisfied pet. It is known by Elle that before vets should even start, they should make sure that the animal is calm etc; not being this could lead to a very unhappy situation when the animal would feel panicked, this is not what Elle would want at all.

    Lastly, I believe that my character is very unique because she enjoys making a relationship and feeling trusted with animals. This is quite important to her because otherwise, most likely, the animal will also be unsatisfied. What I'm trying to say is that Elle would hate to have a very unhappy and uncomfortable owner/customer.

    SECTION 1: Personal Details
    Full Name:
    Noelle Ellison
    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Miss
    Given Name(s): Elle.
    Preferred Name: Noelle or Elle, I don't mind at all.
    Age: 29.
    Gender: Female.
    Religious Denomination: Christian.
    Marital Status: Not married/single.
    Nationality: France.
    Current Location: Karakura, Japan.

    SECTION 2: Academic Details
    Years of Residency:
    5 Years.
    Working Experience: Working on getting more; 75% there.
    Academic Degree: Master Degree.
    Year of Graduation: 2015
    Major(s): Animal Science, Biochemistry.
    Minor(s): Genetics, Microbiology, Maths, English.
    Native Languages: Japanese
    Other Languages: French
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