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Nurse Application

Discussion in 'Hospital Applications' started by InsaneKissane, Feb 14, 2020.

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    What is your Minecraft Username?:
    How old are you?:
    Do you have any previous or ongoing bans?:
    I have no bans I have had warning in the past on my other characters but no bans.
    What country are you from?:
    Do you have Discord?:
    Yes it is JKiss2704#1477
    How long have you played the server for?:
    To my knowledge I have played on SRP for around a year now.
    List your current and past applications:
    Have non to list as this is my first application for this sever.
    What is your motivation for applying?:
    My motivation is the excitement of not knowing what scene will take place and that goes for this role as I don't know if someone will walk in with a minor cough or a broken leg, it is the excitement of not knowing what comes next. I also love to help people and this motivates me because every time I help someone out even in a minimal way the thanks I get always fills me with so much joy and I that's why I love the hospital staff as there always so positive and kind people and they also motivate me to be a better person.
    What do you know about medical practice?:
    I know some thing about medical practise but that's why I would not be going for a doctors role and only a nurse as my knowledge on the medical field is minimal. But I do have some knowledge on how to properly bandage up someone or stich them up as I have seen this done to myself and others before.
    What are the basic colour codes in a medical emergency and hospital?:
    There are three main colour codes these being code blue, code red and code black. these all have different meaning and are shown in certain scenarios for example in a code blue situation this usually means a medical emergency such as some one is going down hill fast and could be going into a life or death scenario. while a code red is usually there to signify a fire or smoke. And finally a code black usually means there is a threat to the hospital staff for example a bomb or threat like a man with a gun or other weapons.
    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
    Yes I understand this as myself I'm not usually inactive for large amounts f time the only time I am its usually because of school or family related reason which isn't often.
    Are you aware each position has a minimum age limit? (N: 23, D: 25, S: 28)*
    *(Key: N = Nurse, D = Doctor, S = Surgeon)

    I was not aware of this but I hope you could make me the age I need to be due to me being in grade 12 but if that's not possible then I hope you could give me the guidance on how I can become for my role 23 and be able to acquire this job in SRP.
    In-Character (IC) Section:

    How is your character during and off the job?

    My character during work is a very supportive and serious guy this is due to him having a high work ethic and this make him want to excel and got above and beyond in his job as he is always looking for that promotion and pay rise, he is also very calm when on work hours due to him knowing this job is his key to gaining success in the working world. Off work my character is very self kept he only socialises with people he know or he has befriended but always try's to approach and be-friend though who are by there lonesome. He can be a heavy drinker at times but he will always drink responsibly and never drink on a work night as he wishes to be a supportive and helpful member of the team. He can usually be found in a bar by his lonesome and is quite quiet but is well mannered and wouldn't go out of his way to offend nor insult someone.
    What do they look like?
    Jim is a white male with dark brown hair, a full brown bear, dull light grey eyes, he looks around 20 odd and always has a serious look on his face. He usually wears a light beige trench coat with the collar turned up, he has a grey smart shirt on underneath always accompanied by a green tie which isn't full pulled and nor is his shirt, He finally wears dark blue jeans and try's to show a smart casual approach to his style. You can also usually find him with a cigar in hand or mouth and will always be having a smoke when ever possible.
    Do they have any mental or physical illnesses?
    No Jim doesn't have any physical illnesses but does have some problem with alcoholism and if he could would be drinking in a pub every day of his life but sadly he doesn't get that luxury, so if you class alcoholism as a mental illness then yes he does.
    What makes your character unique?
    What makes him unique is how he will stand up for anyone and everyone who needs it for example if he thinks a kid who he doesn't even know is getting bullied then he will confront and talk to the bullies and stand up for the kid just because he believes that no one should be put down for any reasons and if you have a problem with someone then talk it out don't be physical.
    (Remove the title 'backstory' before typing it)
    Jim was born and raised in Ireland for the majority of his life and was raised by his mother mainly due to his father being continually in an out of jail and then finally leaving when he was young. He was for many year with his mother until she was killed in robbery gone wrong when he was 10 years old and Jim had to witness this he has never truly recovered but choses to not dwell on this as it brought him to much pain to bare to think about and decide to try and push himself to do better as his mom would have wanted. He then was given custardy to his uncle Joseph and then would go on to be continually focusing on his school work to make his mom proud of him. when he wasn't focused on school work he became fascinated by criminal investigation and has gone onto continue this side hobby and has even had some success in theses cases. When he had finally graduated from Belfast in Ireland he decided he wanted a fresh star and moved out from his uncle and came to Karakura but still would go and visit his uncle continually and when there would be speaking in Irish so his friends back home including his uncle could understand him. When he arrived in Karakura he would continue his study but no majorly but on the side and would go onto look into his cases and that's takes us to today were he is now stable still semi homeless but would care and would have friends who would provided him a place to stay.

    SECTION 1: Personal Details
    Full Name:
    Jimmy Kelly's
    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Mr J.Kelly's
    Given Name(s): Jimmy Kelly's
    Preferred Name: Jim Kelly's
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Religious Denomination: Catholic Church
    Marital Status: Single
    Nationality: Irish
    Current Location: Karakura

    SECTION 2: Academic Details
    Years of Residency:
    1 year
    Working Experience: None
    Academic Degree: Minors Degree
    Year of Graduation: Graduated with theses majors and minor in Belfast Ireland.
    Major(s): Clinical science, Medical technology
    Minor(s): Phycology, sociology, mathematics
    Native Languages: English
    Other Languages: Irish
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