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Physical Education: Information

Discussion in 'Physical Education' started by PacMug, Dec 18, 2017.

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    NOTICE: Before reading the time and dates for all the events, please use a timezone converter to recognize the time zones and dates. Preferably . Thank you for reading.

    Football Tryouts: Dates and Time
    • Monday: 4: 50 PM EST - 7:50 PM EST
    • Tuesday: 5: 50 - 8: 00 PM EST
    • Wednesday: N/A
    Cheerleading Tryouts: Dates and Time
    • Thursday: 5: 50 PM EST - 7: 30 PM EST
    • Friday: 5: 50 PM EST - 6: 00 PM EST
    Volleyball Tryouts: Dates and Time
    • Saturday: 11:55 AM EST - 2:15 PM EST
    • Sunday: 11: 30 AM EST - 2: 35 PM EST
    • Matches will be announced in OOC, and always around the Football field. Same thing goes for Volleyball, but held around the roof of the school, where the Volleyball field is located. You may attend for spectating, but please do not be involved in a match or game if you are not apart of that sports team.
    • Practice will immediately take place after tryouts, so don't miss out on that.
    • They usually last either one or two hours depending on the capacity of the people who decide to join practice.
    • Depending on the day of the week, is when we will have practice. For example, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday are Football only practice, and Thursday and Friday being Cheerleading practice, and Saturday and Sunday being the Volleyball only practice.
    • Apart from the tryouts matches and practice, there are now classes for Physical Education. Every 2nd Period, and 4th Period is where a class will be held. It is always merely located in the Gymnasium. Sometimes during a class, you will be asked to either swing on over to a certain area of the school. This includes: Track field, volleyball field, football field, basketball court, or the school's pool.
    Additional Information:
    • If for some reason that you can never make it through the times listed for try outs, or practice, message me on Discord via the SchoolRP Discord, or ask in-game OOC'ly. I will not do private classes or matches. That would be up for you to figure out your arrival to those specific events.
    • Football tryouts are on the football field around the entrance of the school. Volleyball tryouts are on the volleyball field, via the school roof. Cheerleading try outs are in the gymnasium, in which you'd go to the middle of the school, take a right and you should find the inside.
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