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Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Im6, Feb 8, 2020.

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    ANNOUNCEMENT [08/02/20] ~ Im6

    What happened to Prison Roleplay?
    We are afraid to announce that PrisonRP has been shut down. This server served as a trial for us to see what players liked and didn’t like. We realised that the server was messy and that having players enclosed in a small area got repetitive and boring. The server may be brought back for special events in some point of time.

    What’s the future of the Roleplay Hub?
    Not to worry, you may of noticed an NPC at the hub with the title ‘Creative’, this will be the next step to ensuring that Roleplay Hub continues to be as successful as it already is.

    What is Roleplay Hub Creative?
    Creative will be an obviously creative plot server tailored for role play.
    It will allow you to design and effectively create your own role play server, create your own roles and build a place for people to role play in. With slots of up to 100+ PEOPLE allowed to be apart of one roleplay at one given time.

    Themes & Ideas that attract a lot of attention are even given the chance to become OFFICIAL servers, which you as the creator then have control over!

    Why do you think that Roleplay Hub Creative is going to be a success?
    We think that Roleplay Hub Creative is going to be a success for the following reasons:

    • It allows you to create your own role play, so you will create anything

    • It NEVER gets boring, as you'll have a near enough unlimited amount of things to create & experience & most importantly show off to the rest of the community!

    • There are many creative servers that exist today that have Roleplayers on but are not designed in the best way for roleplay. This will welcome in an entirely new community & allow for us to grow as a whole, alongside providing them with the platform they need to enjoy themselves and express their ideas!

    When do you think Creative will be released?
    Roleplay Hub Creative should be released in between February-March 2020, this project should be very quick to complete as the idea is for the players to create their own.

    What about my Donator Rank/Perk on PrisonRP?
    Don't worry! You'll be compensated with a donator rank or even a special prefix alongside that on our creative server which will be something of exactly the same value, ensuring nothing went to waste on your behalf.

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