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Rules Rules & Responsibilities of a Nurse

Discussion in 'School Nurses' started by Ducks, Sep 18, 2016.

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    Roles and Responsibilities of a School Nurse
    In a school, school nurses are employed to take care of students, in many schools, school nurses aren't only limited to dealing with tummy aches, they can also do regular vaccines to help with today's viruses.

    1. Provide health assessment.

    Just like in many hospital's or clinics, when a doctor is checking up on a patient they do health assessments. When a student has fallen ill you must do a health assessment, monitoring their weight, allergies, age, vital signs. A school nurse should also take note of students allergies.

    2. Implement nursing health plan.

    Once you have written down the student's allergies, and vital signs and what have you, you must help @FilthyDuck decide on days do provide students with medicine or what have you to prevent serious illnesses's. Also, you must plan out what drugs and medicine would be good to help.

    3. Render health teachings.

    With permission of the school principal, @FilthyDuck, you should occasionally do lessons about staying hygienic, healthy and more. You can also mention why you should keep a healthy died.

    4. Promote control of communicable diseases.

    You must promote health care of diseases, maybe in Period 01 go into assemblies and talk to students about why and how to keep healthy. You should also discuss ways to prevent diseases, maybe make a rule against students coming into school after being sick one day.

    5. Assist any health-related activities.

    A school nurse is also tasked to assist activities that he or she conducts such as dental extraction, medical examinations, local government health monitoring, food safety inspection, deworming programs, feeding programs and many other health-related activities.

    6. Evaluate client’s progress towards attaining better health.

    A school nurse evaluates whether his or her health plans met the desired outcome by continuously monitoring and documenting client’s progress.
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