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Sato Matsumoto - Red Sector Oyabun

Discussion in 'Character Biography' started by InhaleMyBanter, Oct 30, 2019.

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    First Name: Sato

    Surname: Yokoyama - Yakuza Branch Name: Matsumoto

    Preferred Name: Oyabun, Sato

    Aliases: 'さまよう目' - 'Wandering Eye'

    Gender: Male

    Age: 43

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 148

    Build: Strong Build, Upper torso is large, Straight Posture.

    Skin Color: White, Slightly pale.

    Eye Color: Right Eye: Grey, Left Eye: Pale White

    Hair Style: His hair would split in the middle, It would droop down, covering most of his eyes.

    Hair Color: His hair colour would be a dark grey close to being fully black

    Fashion: Sato would usually wear his blazer and no shirt. He would also have his holsters on him at all times, sometimes they may hold a weapon or any other item that can be used to protect himself

    Abnormalities: He has very weak and fair skin on the left side of his body. His sight with his left eye is not entirely bad but it indeed is damaged.

    Date of Birth: December 13th, 1976

    Place of Birth: East Asia, [REDACTED]

    Nationality: Asia

    Race: Asian

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Religious Beliefs: Buddism

    Political Beliefs: Communist

    General Appearance

    Appearance: Sato is a tall very well built man. He wears a blazer and a shirt underneath. He wears suit pants along with suit shoes. His belt would have the face of a tiger. His left hand would be cover entirely with bandages
    He sometimes would wear his blazer as just a cape, he personally believes this makes him look cool although many times it flies off.

    Personality: Sato is a calm and collected man, he rarely burst out in rage, although he would never like to be provoked. Sato suffers from extreme anger issues, but with practice and time working with many mentors of the Yakuza clan, he has found many ways to control his anger. Sato gets quiet many times when it comes to official businesses, he has too, because of the deal isn't going well he would be triggered to smash a bottle on someone's head. He never really sees eye to eye with people who do not take their job seriously, this is proven as to when he once found his team drinking with the locals late at night on an operation he- [REDACTED] -they were soon sent to the hospital and were treated in the hospital for over 5 months. He never really makes friends, with his history he found that friends cause issues in his line of business. He personally believes he can see people's souls or their 'aura', this, in reality, is just one of the side effects with his poor vision on his left eye, he sometimes will see small smudges and believe that they are the souls of people around him.

    Diseases/Illness: He has a wild infection that is currently being treated for his eye.

    Character Voice:

    Sato carries an old pocket watch with him wherever he goes. It was a reminder from one of the higher Yakuza members that his duty and obligation is on a timer and must be met. By his side, he always has his grandfather's bamboo sword that was used when he was young to train.

    Clothes: Fancy Black Blazer, Fancy Suit Pants, Fancy Suit Shoes, White Shirt

    Hobbies: Sato does not have many hobbies. He likes doing small woodwork but really he finds it as an excuse to cut things and sharpen any knives he has, but because of this, he has become exceptionally good carving.

    Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Sato has a serious problem with smoking, he uses smoking to calm himself down. As previously mentioned he has an infection in his eye that caused it to go white and for his vision to be slightly blurred.

    Skills: Sato is skilled in coordination when it comes to stealth operations. Although he is skilled in hand to hand combat he many times can mess up due to his vision being so blurred, this has caused him to in many times step back and allow the younger people to take over in the combat while he thinks about the next move. He was brought up by his grandfather and was taught how to defend himself using nothing but a bamboo stick.

    Querks: Sato sometimes twitches and cracks his neck and knuckles. He also spits on the ground quite a lot.

    Family: Yakuza - Matsumoto Family Clan



    Sato Yokoyama was born in December 1976. He was born in East Asia, [REDACTED]. He was brought up with a lot of siblings, his mother and father were foster parents for many children, Sato was one of the few who were blood-related. A lot of the family were happy and would go on many vacations. Sato was one of the friendliest of the bunch, always helping his little sisters and little brothers. Sato did not know that his father worked for the [REDACTED] and was on many operations, one including [REDACTED].
    Sato was with his mother one morning along with his brothers and sisters, playing in the yard and playing in the kitchen, Sato was looking at his mother and his two siblings by the kitchen cleaning and making dinner, the next thing Sato remembers is men in workers clothes and hard helmets throwing off chunks of cement and debris, he looked around and there was just smoke, people running and the faint sound of sirens in the background, he looked back at where his mother and siblings where and he could see that they were covered by the debris and were not moving.
    Shortly after Satos father came to visit him in the hospital, he told Sato he would be going to his grandfather's for a long time and that his father would come to visit him when he can, that was the last time Sato saw his father.

    Sato had spent almost a year with his grandfather, he would be very quiet and silence is what made it worse. His grandfather had shown Sato the art of Samurai fighting. His grandfather connected to the Matsumoto Family Clan. Around this time Sato had met Kenichi, Kenichi was young, Sato and Kenichi were now claimed to be brothers.
    Kenichi was born into the Matsumoto Clan Family, while Sato, on the other hand, was more of an outcast, although he was blood-related he was never BORN into the family at a younger age. While Kenichi was off training with his higher-ups, Sato was with his grandfather, training day in and day out, Sato had now found a passion, but the Yakuza saw his anger and rage as a weapon.
    Years pass and Sato & Kenichi were now known as the Matsumoto Brothers. While Kenichi was always the smarts Sato was the strongest, they used both of them to their advantage, while Kenichi would do business Sato would always clean up the mess and sort out any mishaps during any deals.

    Kenichi and Sato were put onto a deal, all they had to do was go into another clans territory and decide the conditions both groups must follow. Something goes wrong with the deal, Kenichi had at this point shot someone in the head, Sato must have followed along with this as more and more of the other clan's members were alerted, the clan grew more in numbers but by the end of the night, the entire estate of Chinatown was deserted. The shootout turned into a massacre, but what the brothers didn't know is that this clan was much bigger than they thought, the Matsumoto Family were not put into a large debt and because of this, the brothers were sent to Karakura to make money to pay back for this mistake.
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