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School-Nurse Application

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by MatthyGaming, Nov 9, 2019.

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    [OOC section]
    In Game Name:

    School Employee Role you are Applying For: School-Nurse

    How often do you log onto the server?: I try my very best to log on every day since I also go to school I don't have a lot of time in the week but I make up for that by playing many hours at the weekend. Let's say I log on for about 1-2 hours at least every day, and at the weekend I log on for about 6-7 hours with breaks.

    Do you have discord?: Yes (Allower#7051)

    Do you have a microphone? Yes, I do have a microphone.

    Have you ever been banned, If yes when and why?: Yes, I have been banned before and learned my lessons. I know this is not all the bans but those are the only Important ones,

    The first incident that caused my ban was because of ERP. I was temporarily banned after that. I was new to roleplaying and did not know that my actions counted as ERP and therefore I was banned, but I won’t blame it on no one else but me. I take full responsibility of me being banned and now I have improved and will assure that I won't ERP again.

    The second ban was happened because of me FailRP and metagaming. There was some misunderstanding that leads to me doing what I did but in the end, it was all my fault and I learned from my mistakes. This caused me to be perm banned.

    The last ban This was about 7 to 12 months ago, I got really childish and got bored with the server. I randomly started talking bad about everyone and everything I regret those actions. I am not planning to get banned anywhere soon or ever again.

    Can you ensure that you will often come on: Yes, as I mentioned before.

    Do you recognize that you can be ICly fired?: Yes.

    In as much detail as possible, describe the role of your chosen school employee: A school-nurse is crucial to a school. It's for when kids get sick at school, they don't immediately have to go home but they can see the School-Nurse first. A School-Nurse can treat minor cuts and injuries but he can also give out medication for if you're sick. Without School-Nurse kids could just say they're sick and go home and that's not what we want. Also if a student gets injured on his way to school the school nurse can also help. The school-nurse just helps with the Health problems of students as best as he/she can.

    Do you have any past experience in this type of roleplay?: Yes, I have been School-Nurse before. I also have worked many jobs as School-Employee and even have been ICT-Teacher.

    What experience, in general, do you have in roleplay?: I have roleplayed as many jobs, including School-Chef, College-Professor, Teacher, School-Nurse. I have roleplayed as a regular student, also as a College student. You could say I have a lot of experience in roleplay.

    Are you familiar with what your job does? If so, describe it: Yes, I have to roleplay with the students. They just come into the nurses' office and tell me what is wrong. I either give them medication or treat their minor injuries. As I said I have been Head-Nurse before.


    During a workshift a student starts cursing at you for being pathetic, how do you react?: I wouldn't think twice and immediately give him detention, the kid is old enough to know that he shouldn't disrespect adults especially not teachers and employees. I would give him detention.

    You are doing a hazadrous job requested by the School Principal, how do you react?: I would ask him if I should do this and that it might be dangerous. That he might want to think about it because someone could get hurt. If it could get me or others hurt I would politely deny.

    Another school employee is doing something very dangerous on the job or acting out of order, how do you react?: I would walk up to them and question what and why are they doing it. I would first of all talk with him/her off the school grounds so no one could get hurt. I would tell the principal and let him handle the employee further,

    [IC section]
    Applicant Name:
    Haruki Kobayashi
    Chosen Job: School-Nurse

    Motivation for Joining KHS: As a teenager, I went to this school and always saw the School-Nurse do his job. I always wanted to become a nurse but didn't know where. Then the idea of being a school nurse at the school where I studied hit me and now I am applying
    Age (Minimum age is 25): 27

    Why should you be accepted over the other applicants?:
    I have been to this school, I know where most things are and I have experience. I also can handle kids very well
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  2. Loooper

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    - Your application could have been better. You could have included more information. Sadly you won't be making the cut today. Nonetheless, we appreciate you applying.