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Official [SchoolRP] Jobs and Responsibilities for a Head of Department

Discussion in 'Teacher Subjects' started by Ducks, Nov 2, 2016.

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    The main purpose of the role is to lead and manage the Subjects Department ensure that excellent standards are maintained and that the department continues to excel and progress


    Operational/ Strategic Planning

    1. To provide leadership and create enthusiasm for teaching among members of the department, to develop team work and balance the strengths of individuals, allocating responsibilities as appropriate. To make arrangements for departmental consultation and communication. To provide the Principal and Deputy with the notes of the department. (@TheDuckster)

    2. To create a department handbook, implent safety protocols and policies for the apartment

    3. Create exams that can be publicly shared between the apartment
    Post the guide, exams and other stuff online. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Leading and Managing Staff

    1.To assist in the recruitment of new staff and to be responsible for the induction of new staff. Test if they are good enough and review their skills

    2. To regularly monitor the work of department members, ensure that the marking scheme is done to the best of their abilitiy

    3. Establish what most teachers must do on a daily basis, and develop a learning plan

    Information and Data Management

    1. To produce an annual examinations analysis and department review.

    2. Use data effectively to identify students who are underachieving in the subject and create plans of action with target setting

    Teaching and Learning.

    1. To ensure technology and resources are used well in school.

    2. To ensure a high standing of teaching is kept in the department

    3. To make appropriate arrangements for classes when staff are absent, ensuring appropriate cover within the department,

    4. To promote teaching and learning styles

    Management of Resources

    1. Organize what the correct resources are needed for the school under what budget, and what they do for the school.

    Health and Safety

    1. To be familiar with the schools health and safety rules, and make sure that all lessons taught have been made safe for students.

    Any elements that need to be added, contact the principal, @TheDuckster
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