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Shop 5 Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by aesthxtic_luna, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Jul 12, 2018
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    AnxietyLuna | My discord is Luna.#8876

    Previous applications:
    4 Language Apps: 2 Denied, 2 Accepted. ( French & German )
    2 Teacher Apps: 1 Denied, 1 Accepted
    1 School Employee: Invalid
    2 Shop Apps: Both Denied
    1 Custom Script: Pending.

    Previous warns/kicks/bans:
    Warns: Emotes in IC Chat
    Kicks: Only Kicked for AFK
    Bans: N/A

    Shop wanted: Shop 5, name is Unknown. I plan on calling it Blossoms 1985, a shop/restaurant.

    Why do you want to own a shop?:
    The first reason I want to own a shop is because of BusinessRP is quite a difficult thing to handle. I would try my best to try and deal with every problem that comes across. You can deal with angry customers or anything of the sort. You also have to know to get strict and learn how to pull up the fight if someone starts to criticize your hard work. Someone can also complain on low stock or the shop never opening. I plan on trying my best to cooperate with others to solve problems (low stock, angry customers, etc.). I understand how hard it is to own a shop with all of these problems due to me being the past co-owner of 11/7 on SRP. A ton of people were complaining about the shop not opening and not being stocked.

    The second reason why I want to have a shop is something new in town would help the community being able to have more access to more items than the items you can get in the Family Store. As in, more food & more items ( Plushies, Phones, etc. ). There could be different sorts of roleplay situations at the store that people could bring. I would love for new players to be able to try out for a new job that they want (Cashier, Waiter/Waitress, etc.). I also do want to keep myself occupied while I’m on SRP. Some people aren’t able to access items when it comes to the Family Store, I want people to be able to get more items since some stores are quite inactive & don’t open. Some stores do open, they just don’t have an advert due to the Shop Owners not being online.

    The third reason is that I have had the opportunity to help more than one shop owner on the server, whether that is being Cashier, Waitress, Security, or even Co-Owner/Manager. I loved working as many things & helping Shop Owners keep their shop active. I thought it was time to take the next step and try to own my own shop. If I do become the owner of a shop I will try to be as lively as possible. I will try and open every day when I’m available. I will make sure that I hire workers that are active enough. I won’t tolerate anyone yelling at Customers, Workers, or myself at all.

    What do you plan to do with the shop?:
    I plan to change the name and the colors to give it more of a unique touch. I will be able to open during summer break due to me currently being on it. After school, I will try my best to open everyday.

    Monday: All Drinks are 50% off & Karaoke Night!
    Wednesday: Japanese Night
    Friday: EVENT NIGHT!
    Sunday: Everything is 50% off & Karaoke Night!

    On Monday, anyone is allowed to pick their own song, as long as it isn’t inappropriate (I mean we have kids on this server), and sing along to it. The song can’t have too many ‘cuss’ words and there will be rules set to how many songs you are able to sing & how much ‘cuss’ words they can have. We will have a DJ on the server to play the songs that are requested. The DJ will play the song that is requested, instrumental or not. No one is requested to sing, they can just listen to people sing. People will be allowed to convince the person, they want to sing, by a vote. Same thing on Sundays, but everything is 50%, not just drinks.

    ✦ On Wednesday, people are allowed to wear Japanese like clothes in the store, Staff can be required to wear the clothes, they don’t have to if their character doesn’t have the outfit. ICly, the outfit will be shipped to the owner of the store and given to the employee. All Japanese like food will be 25% off, even if they don’t wear the clothes to match the night.

    ✦ On Friday, there will be any event that anyone suggests, all staff will be part of the event in someway. There will be events like, “Who killed the owner?” which will involve fake blood so the owner won’t actually dead, or I will use a different character. There will also be an event like story time, which will involve doing a call on discord. Staff of the restaurant, mainly me, if I get accepted, will be reading the fanfics & stories. People are allowed to write their own fanfics (For Example: SRP Member x SRP Member or etc).

    I do plan on changing the interior a bit, making sure that everyone is comfortable while they are chatting or eating with friends/family. I will PM the staff to see if they can manage to help redecorate. I will change the name to “Blossoms 1985,” I do want it to have a vintage look on the inside. “Blossoms 1985” will have a vintage look to it, people will be able to enjoy the past. I do want to put Cherry Trees on the outside of the store to represent Blossoms. 1985 in the title will represent the vintage look on the inside of the store & the outside. I also do plan putting most of my money towards stock for the shop.

    How will your shop be unique?:
    ✦ My first reason why my shop will be quite unique due to the events, like above. I will give permission to people who wants to celebrate anything, like parties, weddings, etc. Staff, who work at the shop, will participate in all of the celebrations & events. Staff Members will be required to work while a party is going on unless they have a reason.

    ✦ My second reason why my shop will be unique is due to people being able to donate money, if they please. People can donate to the owner if they want to help the shop with restock. We will be able to stock faster if people do donate which leads to more openings.

    ✦ My third reason why my shop will be unique is I will have a shop where non-food items will be sold. Food will be sold in the main part of the store. The store will be ran by certain people, which will be mentioned in the employee section. This will take some weight off of my shoulders when it comes to it.

    》Staff Members will be paid depending on the job that they have. Every Member is paid ‘per shift’. If they aren’t paid one shift, they will be paid the next time the shop is open. Managers are required to pay the workers.

    Security ~ 5,000¥
    Waitress/Waiters: 2,000¥
    Cashiers: 1,000¥

    How many employees are you planning to have?:
    Security Members of Blossoms 1985 will watch around the shop. There will be a Head Manager for Security to watch over them. I will have 1 - 2 members walking the around the shop. I will have 1 standing by the door and the kitchen. As well as a couple in the small shop.

    ✦ Cashiers are the workers in the shop, they sell the non-food items. I will plan on have 2 workers in there. They will pay me back the same as Waiters/Waitresses.

    Waiters & Waitresses will wait by the front of the shop to seat people down. They will give the customers their menus when seated & will wait 1 - 3 minutes for people to pick their orders. They will serve the customers their food/drinks. I will have them pay 25% - 50% of the money that they got to me or the manager working. There will be 3 - 4 workers.

    ✦ Event Managers will help with the events or if anyone needs to host an event at the store. They will be paid 10,000 for helping with the event. They will be able to work as a waitress/waiter if they want to do any extra work for the shop. There will be 2 people who organize the events but if they do help the waitresses/waiters, they will pay the same as waitresses/waiters.

    ✦ Managers are people who will be able to open when I’m offline. They will be able to watch over the workers while they work, as well as watching the small store. They are also able to keep track of stock while I’m offline. This will take weight off of my shoulder since I have a life outside of SRP. There will also be a Co-Owner to help with everything & they do act like an Owner. They will pay me 25% - 50% of the money they earn, as well as the money they get from Waiters/Waitresses & Cashiers.

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    Denied. It was a tough one between the apps for Shop 5 but I found some flaws in what you were doing with the shop and a lot of reasoning behind it all.

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