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SugaIsSweet Police Application (Ban Appeal has been accepted)

Discussion in 'Police Applications' started by SnowTokyo, Jan 16, 2020.

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    Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section

    IGN (In-Game Name): SugaIsSweet, might change it later on but I am not quite sure.

    Previous bans:
    Giving out a server IP (Zane18)
    Bypassing an AFK kick (EmmaTheWolf18)
    Asking for money OOCly (SnowTokyo)
    Keep in mind the last one I was very sick and wasn't thinking straight.

    Describe your activity on the server:
    I am usually on all day long with friends and roleplaying in general, I always enjoyed it and I hope I can be apart of the KPD again after my family made me leave even though I didn't want to leave.

    Which timezone are you in?
    Eastern TImeZone in America

    Do you have Discord?
    Yes, it is SugaIsSweet#7448

    Do you have a microphone?
    Yes, but I don't use it often due to parents and my brother and overall school.

    List your current and past applications:
    Police Application (Accepted)
    Teacher Application (Denied)
    Spanish Application (Accepted)
    French Application (Accepted and I got it removed)
    Police Application x10 (Denied)
    Ban Appeal (Accepted)

    What is your motivation for applying?:
    I used to be an officer and I really miss it my parents made me stop CopRP and I really miss it, so I hope you will give me another chance and I feel like I can do much better, so here I am applying the best I can even though I might get denied, there's still a chance and I can do better then what I did last time and I feel like I can be better then what I did originally so here I am.

    Do you understand Japanese Laws and Basic Conduct?
    Yes, I understand.

    What are the Police ranks?
    Police Lieutenant
    Police Invasigator
    Police Invasigator Trainee

    What knowledge do you have of Police Work?
    Yes, I used to be an officer on SchoolRP and I really liked it but my parents forced me to resign and I wish to have another chance.

    Why is Police important to SchoolRP?
    Cause it is a City RP / SchoolRP server and its important to make sure nothing happens to the citizens of the town.

    Do you acknowledge that you're subject to being demoted if accepted at any given time?
    Yes, I do acknowledge
    Do you acknowledge that applying for this role, you are agreeing to be 100% dedicated to the Police Officer role?
    Yes, I acknowledge

    Do you acknowledge that if training is held whilst you are online, you are authorized to attend or you will be punished [Demoted]?

    Do you acknowledge that you’re subject to IC harassment, and you are NOT to take things OOCly when dealing with training & situations?


    In-Character (IC) Section


    Tell us about your character, how he looks, what makes him unique?
    He has blonde hair with blue eyes and is very polite and he always bows when greeting people that he knows that will not harm him or any of the people he knows, he always wishes for the best but if he dies he knows he is going down as a hero.

    What he's like on and off the job?
    He is very polite and bows when greeting people and is very calm around the other Police Officers but he acts very tough around prisoners and when enforcing the rules of the station and when protecting the other officers.

    Outlook on his co-workers? Plans for the future?
    He has a very positive outlook on his co-workers and he hopes someday to be ranked up to Captain but he is very patient when it comes to training.

    Haruto 'Haru' Zaki was born in Misawa, Japan on a small army base. He grew up with his brother, his mom, and his dad. When he was about 5 years old his parents sadly died in a plane crash along with his brother. He was moved into foster care in Tokyo, Japan. While in foster care he made a few friends, creating strong bonds with them. Him and a few of his friends soon transfered to Karakura Highschool, where they went to get a full school day of education. Sometimes while leaving school he would see Police Officers inforcing the law, which inspiried him in a great amount. He decided he would like to study law, in hopes of becoming a KPD officer. He worked extremely hard in his high school and college years, studying for all of his exams instead of going out with friends, and doing all of his projects on time. When he was 25 he finally graduated college, making all his friends proud of him. He there applied to train at the KPD, in which he got accepted. He was full of joy and ready to start his dream job

    So he is at age 28 working on the KPD and hopes someday he can be either Commissioner or Captain of the Police Force and so he is living his dream of being a Police Officer at the KPD. He hopes someday he be the best he can be on the KPD and really likes his job as a KPD officer.

    When he was 8 his grandparents passed away from a gunshot wound when they were attacked, which inspired him more to be an Police Officer, and now he does this for a living.

    SECTION 1: Personal Details

    Full Name:
    Haruto 'Haru' Zaki

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss):

    Given Name(s):
    Haruto Zaki

    Preferred Name:
    Officer Zaki



    Religious Denomination:

    Marital Status:


    Current Location:
    Karakura, Japan

    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Years of training:
    Two years

    Working Experience:
    One year

    Academic Degree:

    Year of Graduation:

    Criminal Justice

    Criminal Science

    Native Languages:

    Other Languages:
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