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UrMum8Me's (Boris) Janitor application

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Boaris, May 17, 2019.

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    [OOC section]
    In Game Name:

    School Employee Role you are Applying For:
    The school employee I’m applying for is janitor

    How often do you log onto the server?:
    Pretty often, most days you will find me playing SchoolRP and rarely I’ll be with friends.

    Do you have discord?
    Yes, Here it is: Boris#6154

    Do you have a microphone?
    Yes but I don’t use it often and the quality is terrible

    Have you ever been banned, If yes when and why?:
    I have been banned once however I can’t remember the date but I do remember what it was for, Banned for 1 hour for lying to staff. I will learn from these mistake and I won’t do it again.

    Can you ensure that you will often come on:
    I can ensure you that I will be online very often, if I’m not I would tell you if I’m going to be offline and give you a date for when I come back online.

    Do you recognise that you can be ICly fired?:
    I do understand that I can be ICly fired

    In as much detail as possible, describe the role of your chosen school employee:
    Janitor is well known for his/her cleaning but they can often do other things such as: helping at events, Monitering, mowing the grass, get rid of pests, if there is snow they would shovel it off paths. A janitor keeps the school a safe and clean environment for the students a school without a janitor would be an unsafe trash can of a school. When needed a janitor will fix minor things such as a broken light bulb or a busted pipe. Another important role of a janitor is to keep doors closed or locked so that nobody unwanted can get inside.

    Do you have any past experience in this type of roleplay?:
    I don’t have any experience in this type of roleplay but I have experience in other roles such as a security guard though it may not be relevant.

    What experience, in general, do you have in roleplay?:
    Most of my experience with roleplay was from a kid or from SchoolRP, I started playing in 2016 or 2017 and I have been loving it since. My first job was a security guard at the automobile shop then I was head security at Owashi. I’ve recently started playing MetroRP and another School roleplay server and though new servers I have enjoyed them. I’d say that I have a lot of experience on SchoolRP with working roles.

    Are you familiar with what your job does? If so, describe it:
    Of course, the job I will do is for cleaning the school keeping it in tip-top shape for students and teachers for an excellent learning environment. I can also help out students who have behaved badly or if a student is lost I can guide them to their preferred area.


    During a work shift a student starts cursing at you for being pathetic, how do you react?:
    Kindly, I would ask them to stop cursing or acting that way and also tell them how acting in that way can ruin their life or future. I would also try to help the student out by finding out what is annoying them and hopefully get them the help they would. If they were to continue acting up I would take them to a school administrator, explain the events that have recently occurred and they can decide the punishment to the student. If I were to see the student again I would ask how they were and if anything bad has recently happened. If anything bad had happened I would help them out and hopefully sort it out.

    You are doing a hazardous job requested by the School Principal, how do you react?:
    If I’m doing a hazardous job requested by the principle I would make sure the area in which I’m doing is safe then I would make sure to set a perimeter so that students can’t get in harm’s way. I will also follow the school safety precautions at all times. If the job I’m meant to do is way too dangerous I would kindly sort it out with the principle, one way I would do this is by asking him the 5 W’s ( Who, What, When, Where and Why). If the job is too dangerous for one person I would ask for help from other janitors or employees that have experience with the job needed. If the job were to violate safety rules I would kindly deny the offer in order to keep students, teachers and school property safe.

    Another school employee is doing something very dangerous on the job or acting out of order, how do you react?:
    If I were to see a school employee doing something dangerous or acting up, I would make sure that they are following safety precautions in order to keep everyone and the school property out of harm’s way. If what they are doing violates safety precautions I would immediately have to ask them to stop what they’re doing so that no one or nothing gets harmed or damaged. If I saw a school employee acting up, I would talk to them and ask why are they doing this and remind them that they are at school and must follow the rules. If they keep acting up I would report it to a school administrator and explain what they did as well as show evidence if needed.

    [IC section]
    Applicant Name:
    Tom Fawcett
    Chosen Job:

    Motivation for Joining YHS:
    My motivation for joining YHS is to keep the school a safe, inviting, organized and healthy environment for the students, teachers, visitors of the school and the community. I believe that if students grow up and learn in a safe, clean environment their future may be brighter and potentially lead a successful college career and may even be the future leaders of Karakura. I love this school, you love this school so why not hire me to make it better.


    Why should you be accepted over the other applicants?:
    I believe I should be hired over other people because I want to make the school excel and have a safe organized environment for the students, teachers and visitors of the school. As said above I want to help make the students have bright futures that can help us all in Karakura. I can make the school look even better then it did before by cleaning, fixing a pipe, fixing a light bulb, shovelling snow and many more helpful jobs around the school. You won’t regret accepting me. I love the school, You love the school so why not hire me.
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    Denied, role taken.