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Wyatt Webb's character bio

Discussion in 'Character Biography' started by Columbia, Jul 12, 2019.

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    [ Wyatt "Innocent" Webb ]


    Basic Information

    First Name: Wyatt
    Surname: Webb

    Preferred Name:
    Innocent (baptismal name, patron saint is St. Innocent of Alaska), Wyatt.

    Webly, "Waffles".


    (I'll put his age down here when I arrive at it in-game)


    177 lbs, or 80 kg.

    Lean, but not significantly.

    Skin Color:
    Slightly pale

    Eye Color:
    Soft brown

    Hair Style:
    Medium length hair, either pulled back slightly or pushed to the side.

    Hair Color:
    Dark brown/almost black

    Wyatt dresses mostly based on utility, and as such, he's often wearing different clothes according to weather, time of year, etc.. He usually wears darker, more subtle colors like grey, dark blues and browns, or slightly faded colors. He also usually wears various small religious items, mostly sentimental and for prayer. For formal events, he wears a suit coat, loose fitting pants and a sweater underneath his coat. In colder months, he will switch his coat out with a greatcoat, and add a scarf to his neck.


    Date of Birth:
    August 26th

    Place of Birth:
    Havana, Illinois



    Sexual Orientation:

    Religious Beliefs:
    Christianity (Eastern Orthodox)

    Political Beliefs:
    Wyatt takes most of his political influence from Christianity, and as such, he can be very conservative on some issues, but he also leans far to the left on issues like economics and foreign policies, believing that his country has no right to influence others and should go back to being mostly isolationist, as was the United States in its infancy with "trade with all, but entangled with none" and in communal economics, as taught by the Church Fathers like Saint Basil the Great, St. John Chrysostom, and Gregory the Theologian. He is also very tolerant of beliefs that might contradict his, and will respect the other person regardless.

    General Appearance

    Wyatt usually wears long, loose fitting clothes that allow him significant mobility and to not show any more skin than is necessary. His clothes change from time to time, but he generally sticks to this formula. He takes personal hygiene very seriously, and as such, he usually smells fresh and clean. He has a few scars over his hands and a few faint ones over his face, their being faint as a result of his attempts to hide them with makeup and such. Unless someone is looking for them, or they are very close to him, they won't be seen.

    He wears various other things as well, such as a Byzantine cross necklace and sometimes a prayer rope wrapped around his hand. However, other than his necklace, he doesn't advertise his beliefs and tends to keep to himself unless asked about them.

    Generally speaking, he is very quiet and reserved, not seeking out conversation with new people and, at first, can seem very cold and uninterested in someone who first speaks to him. However, he is good at keeping a conversation going once it gets started, as he starts to lighten up to the other person and open himself up more. He can also be very friendly when he thinks he needs to be.


    Character Voice:
    Wyatt speaks softly at every chance he can get, unless he needs to make himself be heard either because of noise or any other reason. His voice is somewhat deep, and has a slight Midwestern accent, particularly when pronouncing certain words, like bag.

    Crucifix, prayer rope, pen, notebook, ICXC NIKA ring, sunglasses.

    The ones he currently has on, a set of formal clothes, a few other casual shirts and pants, and a big fur coat for winter.

    Hiking, most of all, along with swimming, poetry, and reading. He particularly enjoys science fiction and fantasy works, with a fair dose of horror.

    Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities:
    Wyatt has some trust issues, stemming from various experiences through his life, and sometimes gets very paranoid about things that happen, whether they are relevant to him or not. This contradicts with him being someone who wishes to help others to the best of his ability, and as such, creates deep rooted, subconscious anxiety about others. This can manifest physically as him tapping a table, wall, or any other object repeatedly and quietly, stuttering, or touching things like his arms or face as if he was itching something, or staring off into space/being exceptionally quiet.

    Wyatt is good at writing, and when he has time to compose, for example, a letter, his handwriting is very neat, clean, and he does his best to choose his words in a way that speaks to an individual person or group. He also enjoys talking about politics, science, and, if another person starts the conversation first, theology.

    He can be very clumsy at times, and often talks aloud to himself to fully process thoughts and expressions. This is mainly whispering to himself, but if he feels like he's alone, he will speak normally to himself.

    Alexander Webb - Father
    Danielle "Maria" Webb - Mother
    Anielka Webb - Younger sister

    Wyatt was born on August 26th, in Havana, Illinois, to a poor, newlywed couple struck by love and wanting to start their family. While from the start, his life was materially poor, he had a stable family to raise him, and with his mothers devotion to Orthodoxy from the beginning, he was baptized not soon after he was born, with St. Innocent of Alaska as his patron saint, and took his name as his Christian name, although he came to use his birthname voluntarily in virtually everything. His sister, Anielka, was born 2 years later, and they came to be close friends and siblings as they grew up, helping each other and getting each other out of trouble to the best of their ability. When he started to be older, he was a bit of a troublemaker, pulling jokes and pranks on his classmates and sometimes teachers. He had decent grades, but was always a nuisance for his school in Havana.

    By the time he was 13-14, his father had gotten various jobs throughout the state, and he rarely ever saw him as much as he had before. When his father got a well-paying job in the oil industry, Wyatt, along with his mother and sister, were brought along across the country. Through his early adolescent years, he could never really call any home "home". Furthermore, the love that once existed in his parents marriage was quickly fading, as his parents fought constantly. This gave him a massive push to became deeply enamored by the religion that he had not taken very seriously before, keeping his spirits up through this time of plenty of emotional and physical trauma. However, his education kept falling more and more from the situation at home and reallocating time for study to time for religious activity. As such, his mother, with her considerable savings, decided that the best thing to do for Wyatt would be to try and send him to a school completely different then what the American system provided, and as such, he was given a ticket to Japan, to attend school in Karakura, in order to have a chance to fulfill Marias desire to have her son be as educated as possible, and to get experience on his own. This decision was accepted by his father, who didn't particularly care for either of his children at this point, as a way to have something similar to the life he had before, without a family.

    Wyatt resented his parents deeply at this point, and more specifically, he believed he couldn't really trust anyone that he knew. Friendships lasted only brief periods, were shallow at best, and really didn't get to the point where they /meant/ anything terribly significant. The biggest thing that kept Wyatt calm was his faith, which had never left him.

    Once he arrived in Karakura, with only a bag of clothes and sentimental items like icons and pictures he enjoyed of his family or friends, he was ready to start his life on his own, and do his best to become the person he wants to be. He has gradually started to accept new people into his life, and hopes to find fulfillment in the relationships he creates.
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