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yeah um i'm an srp teacher and a writer for SRP stuff. DM me if you wanna order, I'll give you a server discord.

August 18


Minty#8421 | Discord
MintRP | Minecraft

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minty [R.K][31][QT] [Teacher] Stitch R. Cretu


"I always thought I might be bad, now, I'm sure that it's true...
'Cause I think you're so... good... and I'm nothing like you.."

"Look at you go! I just adore you, I wish that I knew... What makes... \you think I'm so, special..."
"If I could, begin to be.. half of what you think of me... I could do about anything... I could even learn how to love..."

- Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe

"Oh, and somewhere in your room, I left my virtue and my favorite shoes
You can walk a mile in 'em, tell me how they feel on you,
I'll be busy being so brand-
New~ New~ New~"

- Ben Platt, "New"