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    [IMG] @pashy back at it again

    @pashy back at it again
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    DrKatzz Another.. Faculty Suggestion .. haha..

    WE GET PAID????
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    [SUGGESTION] Train Station Update | wesnt

    +1 Even just having some subways come overground would be cool, I like this suggesting but only if we have a major map edit or change in the future
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    New RP tutorial?

    This is already in progress, we have a tutorial teacher at the back that is planned to speak to players directly
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    KA Dragging Permissions

    Very possibly actually, it would take me 10-15 seconds to set up the permissions right now, probably per role for VCs too
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    Super cool suggestion

    Whilst I agree with you for the most part about your ideas to boost activity in a faction, I’d like to mention that the shine doesn’t have permissions to advertise themselves like a shop, they are usually stuck to very basic advise, prayer, tasks, etc to provide to players, a shrine members...
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    Super cool suggestion

    +1 should just be a simple hierarchy number fix, why not
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    Freedom and realism is nice until players start abusing that freedom, they start to make the game unfun and uncomfortable, Erotic RP is not allowed flatline because we have children playing on the server, mixed with adults, and the reason admins and moderators have to involve them selves in your...
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    Let's talk about the two biggest gangs.. Bobcats vs Spartans

    Shhhhhh hh sh… sh… they’re not meant to know they are secretly school made gang factions
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    Lost inventory

    ACCEPTED Your items have been returned for ids and prescription you will have to go though the processes again as your mentioned, yes
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    Lost Item

    ACCEPTED The item has been returned, in the future, take items out of chests when editing around them
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    that bastard @Ordinqry stole it

    that bastard @Ordinqry stole it
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    Allow Event Team to use /event

    Advert has a format: [Advert] (username) RPname "Advert" The /event command is ANYTHING you put in. someone could go "[!] You suddenly feel like you're dying" or something, suddenly we have to explain to everyone that it was not a planned event and we get told to control our event team whole...
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    Allow Event Team to use /event

    the problem is, event allows you to completely change the entire format, you have complete creative freedom, advert is used for a single purpose