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Rules & Information

Before reading the rules, study the definitions commonly used in roleplay listed below. These may be mentioned by staff members or players. If you choose to not abide by the rules, you will face punishment either by a warn, kick, or ban.

Rules that are in the colour red are either important or can lead to severe punishment.




1.1 OOC (out-of-character): This is the name of the global chat used to communicate on the server outside of roleplay.​
1.2 IC (in-character): This references anything done as your roleplay character, including any actions, words, or movements.​
1.3 LOOC (local out-of-character): This is a chat also used to communicate on the server not as your character. It has a radius which can only be heard within 10 blocks.​
1.4 Metagaming: Exchanging and revealing in character information through any contact out of character in order to gain advantage in a roleplay situation.​
1.5 Powergaming: The act of forcing your actions upon another player without referring to the combat rules. This can also be applied to controlling another character's action without their permission.​
1.6 Godmodding: The act of your character having superhuman strength, dodging every single attack, or possessing supernatural powers that humans are not intended to have, is also not allowed on the server.​
1.7 FailRP: Anything unrealistic and unachievable can be classified as FailRP. This can also be considered when OOC certain principles are brought into roleplay.​
1.8 AvoidRP: The act of avoiding a roleplay situation by running without action, staying in a safe zone, or logging off to avoid the situation.​
1.9 FearRP: The act of roleplaying realistically to potential consequences or interactions your characters will have that may have a negative outcome (e.g. suspension, arrest).​
1.10 RDM (Random Deathmatch): The act of randomly attacking someone without proper permissions described in combat rules.​
1.11 ERP (Erotic Roleplay): Engaging in a roleplay that is considered explicit. This involves nudity or detailed unsettling actions with another player.​
1.12 Void: Forcing an IC situation to no longer exist. This can only be done if a rule is broken.​
1.13 F2B (Fade to Black): Fading to black is the action of skipping roleplay. This can be done in order to save time if nobody wishes to fully roleplay out the scenario. This can typically only be done with consent from all sides of the party.​
1.14 Gangs: A group of people who engage in criminal activity (this includes people who are related to each other).​
1.15 P2L (Play To Lose) / Honour: The servers most common form of participating in combat roleplay. During P2L all parties involved agree to fight without the need to use the roll system, towards either a predetermined ending or something all parties can agree upon. Fights are to remain realistic & enjoyable for both sides.​



2.1 All players within the community must be respectful to one another, both on the server and in third-party chats such as Discord servers or direct messages. Oppressive behaviour (racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, antisemitism, ablest, etc.) and harassment will not be tolerated.
2.2 Any decisions made by staff members of SchoolRP are to be respected and considered as final.​
2.2a You cannot avoid confrontation from staff members by logging off or any other means.​
2.2b Going to different staff members to try and earn a different response about certain situations is not allowed. If you are concerned a staff member dealt with a situation wrongly, contact a senior member of staff.​
2.3 Loop-holing our current rules is not allowed.​
2.4 Do not lie to staff members or other players through any out-of-character means, this includes creating false reports.​
2.5 Do not advertise any other servers, roleplay or not, within the server or community’s related servers.
2.6 Players must use English when communicating in chat.​
2.7 Do not participate in conversation regarding inappropriate topics such as sexual, racial, or extremist topics.
2.7a In addition to the rule above, do not engage in any extremist or oppressive behaviours in-character that may reflect you out-of-character.
2.8 Players are not to leak personal information or dox another player’s information.
2.8a If involved with a player who is threatening your information or harassing you over a third-party messaging service, block and report their account on that respective platform.
2.9 Players are required to report rule-breakers regardless of their circumstance. Failure to do so may result in punishment on your own terms, outside of the other offender’s actions.​
2.10 Spamming is not allowed in any of SchoolRP's chat channels, including, but not limited to: Sending a similar message repeatedly in chat, or flooding chat with characters/numbers.​
2.11 When appealing bans, you must follow all appeal rules found on the form linked here.​
2.11a You are not permitted to DM any appeals through DMs, unless you are physically unable to create a forums account. Appeals and their content are private.​
2.11b Staff are not obligated to provide any sort of image or video evidence to a ban, this is for the safety of those involved with a ban. A staff report is to be submitted if you believe the staff members decision was incorrect and a Senior Administrator or Owner will look into your case and re-review any evidence.​
2.12 Whilst using SchoolRP's Social Media platform it is important to remember that all Player Conduct rules apply. Failure to follow rules may result in in-game punishment and a blacklist from using ONRAIN.,​
2.12a All media uploaded to the website must be considered appropriate and cannot be NSFW (Not Safe For Work), offensive, or contain any type of gore.​
2.12b All messages posted must follow SchoolRP rules. As the platform is considered In-Character, you must follow both Player Conduct and Roleplaying Rules.​
2.12c Do not post real life images on ONRAIN, this is for your own safety and that of others ('face claims' are permitted in profile pictures only). Memes and other kinds of popular real world media is welcome so long as it complies with other rules.​



3.1 Do not bypass or evade punishments/bans by using alternate accounts or VPNs.
3.1a Alternative accounts used on the server should not be utilized to give you an advantage (e.g. you may not roleplay with yourself to gain information that your character would otherwise not know).
3.1b Bans can be appealed using the appealing system.​
3.1c Unappealable bans are to be considered final and cannot be appealed.​
3.2 “FailRP,” the act of failing to roleplay both realistically or properly, is not allowed on the server.
3.2a Do not “powergame”.​
3.2b Do not engage in “godmodding”.​
3.3 You cannot use a Client, Mod, Exploit, or 'Hack' to give yourself an advantage over others.
3.3a You cannot use a third party tool (mod or otherwise) to your boost attributes, or prevent yourself from becoming 'AFK'.​
3.3b Any modification or third-party resource pack used whilst connected to SchoolRP is to be used at your own risk (See the spoiler below).​
What isn't allowed?
You should be able to tell when downloading a mod from any website if it will provide you an advantage over other players, or not. If you're ever in doubt as to whether you can use a mod, client, or resource pack, please consult a member of staff!
The below list includes, but isn't limited to:
- Any 'hacked client'.​
- Any kind of auto clicker.​
- X-Ray, including resource packs as well as mods.​
- Schematica, Litematica, or any mod that allows you to save builds from the server.​
- Freecam, NoClip, or any similar mod.​
- ESP, Tracers, or any similar mod.​
What is approved?
- Any aesthetic mod used to enhance the look and feel of Minecraft, e.g. shaders, aesthetic resource packs, etc.​
- Any mods with cosmetics for your player, e.g. Figura, Feather Cosmetics, More Player Models, etc.​
- Brightness and Gamma changes.​
- Keybinds/Macros when used for chat-purposes.​
- Performance enhancing mods, such as: OptiFine, Sodium, Lithium, or similar.​
- Replay Mod; you can use this for filming videos, screenshots, and providing evidence to staff.​
- Feather Client and its default mods. Please note that any additional mods you download from their client, or from a third-party website like Modrinth, or CurseForge is at your own risk.
3.4 You cannot attempt to sell in-game items through any out-of-character means.
3.5 Your skin must be appropriate and follow the Player Conduct rules.​
3.5a Stealing other players’ skins on the server is prohibited. This does not apply to minor details such as parts of an outfit (jackets, shoes, etc.), types of shading, or colors. For it to be considered stealing a skin, the majority of the skin must be copied.​
3.6 All commands must be used for their in-game purposes (OOC cannot be used for roleplay, and IC commands cannot be used for OOC purposes).​
3.6a Players may only hear past a wall if someone on the other side is yelling.​
3.7 Any property (house, apartment, tower, etc.) owned in-game must remain realistic to the server and roleplay. In addition to this, the builds should be appropriate and not include any content which violates the Player Conduct rules.
3.7a You cannot have a shop or CCTV/security equipment in your property.
3.7b Administrators will only disown a property if the person has been inactive for 30 days.
3.7c Blocking signs to prevent people from purchasing a property is unallowed.
3.7d You cannot have more than one property across your accounts (including alternate accounts).
3.7e You cannot hide chests in unreachable areas (floors, walls, etc.).
3.8 Purposely stalling situations is a punishable offense. If roleplay must be paused to resolve an OOC matter, only staff members are allowed to pause it.​
3.9 Any items held out must be taken in-roleplay and equally counts as a turn for your action (if in combat).​
3.10 Any & all relating Discords to SchoolRP / Roleplay Hub are to come under ownership of their respective owners, @KimiNoUso#9999 / @Ducks#9999.​
3.11 If you find a bug or glitch in-game, it's your responsibility to report it through our Bug Reports forum. Abusing said bug may result in severe punishment.



4.1 All characters must be human (homosapien) with two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears, and no extra limbs unless applied for through an authorization.​
4.1a Characters cannot be any shorter than 4’0” (122cm) or any taller than 6’5” (195cm) without a previous authorization approved for your character to have a different height.​
4.1b Characters must have an existing skin tone that exists within the human race.​
4.1c Characters may only be from a real, existing country in the current world (cannot be from a made-up country or different planet).​
4.1d Any unrealistic-seeming skins (such as nonhuman entities) are to be taken as costumes or cosplay in-roleplay.​
4.2 It is heavily encouraged that your character description only entails physical features of your character, however you are allowed to include as much information as you like.​
4.2a Descriptions must be at least 16 characters long.​
4.2b You may not include emoticons in your character description.​
4.3 Your RPName (/rpname) must have a first and last name (e.g. John Appleseed). It cannot solely be a nickname of any sorts and must include your character’s full name.​
4.3a Your character’s name cannot be the same name of a real or fictional person, unless the name is common or generally unknown.​
4.3b Your RPName and character name cannot be inappropriate.​
4.3c Your character cannot belong to more than two (2) families and their surnames must be written fully in the RPName.​
4.4 You cannot be older, or younger than your IC age.​
4.5 The age of majority (adult) on the server is 20 and above, in accordance with present-day Japan.
4.5a Any character above the age of 25 cannot be in a relationship with a character below 23 years of age.
4.5b Characters below the age of 22 cannot be in a relationship with any character if the age gap is greater than 3 years.
4.5c SchoolRP does not follow Japan’s age of consent laws and the age of consent is considered to be 18 on the server.
4.5d Characters below the age of 20 cannot adopt or have children of their own
4.6 Do not create throwaway characters. This is the act of creating a character with no real purpose to develop them.
4.6a Characters must have a unique skin, meaning you cannot reuse the same skin you previously used for another character.
4.7 Depending on the age or role of your character, different rolling amounts exist. Refer to the following spoiler for the amounts you are allowed to roll through combat turns and in rolling for initiative.​
Large (Bear, or Dolphin) - /roll 100
Medium (Cat, Dog, Duck, Bird, Fox, Raccoon) - /roll 75
Small (Fish, Rabbit, Snail, Bee) - /roll 50

(13-15 years old) - /roll 75
(16-17 years old) - /roll 100
(18+ years old) - /roll 150
(50+ years old) - /roll 100
(75+ years old) - /roll 50
(100+ years old) - /roll 5

(25-55 years old) - /roll 200



5.1 Do not metagame. This is the act of using out-of-character information to your in-character advantage, regardless of your character not knowing said details. Questions such as “can you meet me at spawn?” are not deemed as metagame​
5.1a You cannot use In-Character items to communicate Out-Of-Character. This includes book and quills, or any type of phone.​
5.2 Do not use emoticons in-character — the only exception is through the in-game texting feature (/text).​
5.3 You cannot perform erotic roleplay. Actions that are NSFW or describe inherently erotic actions are against the rules and can result in severe punishment.
5.3a Erotic roleplay includes “erotic literature,” meaning you cannot enter anything that details something NSFW in the in-game Book and Quills.
5.3b Do not reference/mention/act on any sensitive content through your character; this includes necrophilia, paedophilia, bestiality, cannibalism, sexual assault/harassment/****, or extensive gore (heavily detailed violence that is discomforting).
5.3c In relation to sensitive content, do not detail any roleplay related to overdosing, suicide, or self-harm.
5.4 Phones cannot record calls; the only way this is possible is if a third-party device was recording said interaction on the phone, e.g. another phone.​
5.4a If your character is recording something, video or audio, the phone must remain out at all times. You must do an action that starts the recording and take screenshots throughout the duration of the recording.​
5.5 You may not avoid roleplay interactions, commonly referred to as AvoidRP on the server (also FailRP). Logging off to avoid detention, suspension, an arrest, or refusing to log on if another person has permissions on your character, or using a different character to avoid permissions are all examples of avoiding roleplay.
5.5a If someone has permissions on your character, you must log on for at least one OOC hour for the allotted time that the permissions are granted for (seven days). The only exception to this is consented kill permissions, in which the person consenting can decide the length of the permissions.​
5.5b Expulsion, suspension, detention, arrests, detaining, and manhunt are all examples of interactions you cannot log off during. More information on the length you must stay online for after committing a crime is in the Criminal Roleplay section.​
5.6 You must roleplay realistically to the potential consequences or interactions your characters will have. This is commonly referred to as FearRP on the server (also FailRP). Your character must be fearful of certain detrimental outcomes in situations.
5.6a Examples of FearRP you may see in the school are obeying a teacher, an employee, a council member, or any of the Senior Leadership Team (Dean, Principal, etc.) when told to do something, not wanting detentions/suspensions/expulsions, and properly roleplaying as an actual student in the school environment.​
5.6b Examples of FearRP you may see related to crime are being fearful of weapons (including police officers’ Glock-17 and tasers), roleplaying realistically in the face of several gang members (armed or not armed), and obeying KPD/EMS when they give directions, and behaving in government buildings.​
5.6c FearRP is a loose concept and may not apply to all roleplay situations, meaning it is generally dependent on the people roleplaying to do so realistically. Staff members are free to make any decisions related to FearRP as long as they are compliant with the rules above and are realistic.​
5.7 Voiding can only be done if a rule is broken. Staff members have the ability to void a situation regardless of a majority vote.​
5.7a In reference to a majority vote, if the majority of a group votes to void a situation for a valid reason such as an instance of staff-confirmed rule breaking or other OOC reasons, then the situation is voided.​
5.7b Regardless of if an action or situation is voided, it may still be eligible for punishment.​
5.7c You may fade to black (F2B) certain actions​
5.7d You cannot use your own rule-breaking as a reason to void a situation you are involved in.​
5.8 All students and faculty must be on school grounds during school hours.
5.9 Do not apply all real life principles to the roleplay universe. Karakura is a fictional island separate from Japan that has traditions and ideals that may differ from present-day, real-life Japan.​
5.10 Rank perks (gadgets, models, etc.) cannot be used in roleplay, this includes disrupting other player's roleplay.​
5.11 When roleplaying any kind of disorder or handicap, players must do so appropriately. Anything deemed inappropriate or offensive will result in punishment.​
5.12 When using a profile with an Animal Whitelist, you must follow the same rules as a human, alongside all rules under this sub-section. Failure to comply with any of the rules can lead to the whitelist being removed.
5.12a Animals cannot speak or communicate in Japanese (or any other human language).​
5.12b An Animal cannot join a Gang or participate in a Gang's Activity.​
5.12c Animals cannot enter combat unless they have IC motive and they must follow all existing combat rules and permission requirements that apply to them.​
5.12d Certain types of Animals cannot leave their designated locations (e.g. a fish/dolphin cannot leave water, and a bear must stay inside of the forest).​
5.12e Animals must use their designated rolling amounts seen under rule 4.7, these are based off of the general size of the Animal.​



6.1 All combat on SchoolRP is turn-based. (The only exception is mentioned in 6.3b and 6.3c, and it is expected that these Combat Rules are followed under all circumstances).​
6.1a Refer to the seventh section, Combat Roleplay, for guidelines and other specific rules related to roleplaying combat situations.​
6.1b Note that later in this section, other information and details about turn-based combat will be stated.​
6.2 Currently, SchoolRP utilizes two types of combat that is roleplayed on the server: P2L (Play 2 Lose) and traditional rolling.​
6.2a P2L, all parties involved agree to fight without the need to roll, towards either a predetermined ending or something all parties can agree upon. Fights are to remain realistic & enjoyable for both sides.​
6.2b Rolling, or “/roll,” is the other ideal way of interaction roleplay, mostly in combat. Opposed to a mutually agreed scenario, players are to roll based on their role or age — the player with the highest roll is successful with their actions & attacks and the combat progresses from there.​
6.2c In addition to rolling in roleplay having the purpose noted above, /roll is a necessity for turn-based combat and determining whose turn it is and when it is (refer to 6.3 for more information).​
6.2d If both parties do not agree to P2L their interaction or combat situation, rolling is made as the default and both sides must comply with /roll.​
6.3 If P2L is not utilized in a combat situation, players of a party must /roll for initiative in the turn-based system to determine who goes when in combat.
6.3a Players must roll out of their designated amounts (listed in 4.6) before a combat situation begins to determine the order of turns. An example is listed below in the spoiler.
6.3b One of two exceptions to the rule above is if the fight is 1v1, meaning one player versus one other player, where the “element of surprise” still exists and no rolling prior to starting the fight is necessary.
6.3c The other exception to 5.3a is if the fight is 4v1, where all turn-based combat reverts to party-based and the lone member of the latter party is forced to P2L the opposing party’s actions.
6.3d In any other combat situation with rolling for initiative (e.g. 2v1, 3v1, 2v3, etc.), rounds will be determined by whoever rolls the highest goes first and so-on in a sequential order. Again, an example is listed below in the spoiler.
6.3a & 6.3d

Player A’s character is 18 years old, Player B’s character is 18 years old, and Player C’s character is 17 years old.

PLAYER A: /looc Player B and I are about to fight your character, let’s all roll before we do any action
PLAYER A: /roll 150
(RESULT: 138 out of 150)
PLAYER B: /roll 150
(RESULT: 51 out of 150)
PLAYER C: /roll 100
(RESULT: 89 out of 100)

6.4 A player cannot interfere with a combat situation unless a turn in combat has been completed. This does not apply to P2L combat situations.​
6.5 If you are assisting another player with an action, you must specify in a detailed and realistic manner what you are assisting them with. Failure to do so will result in the action being voided and a potential punishment.
6.5a If you are assisting and within a combat situation using the turn-based system, assisting counts as one of your turns.
6.6 Your character cannot recognize another character based off of mundane features such as attire, hair color, height, etc.
6.6a Because there are many means of figuring out another person’s identity, this is also a loose rule that a staff member may override a decision for depending on the situation.​
6.7 If you are in a defined public zone, you are forbidden to equip an illegal weapon, use Kill permissions, or use Major Assault permissions. You may still use Kidnap and/or Minor Assault permissions inside of a public zone. See the spoiler below for a list of defined public zones.
6.7a Intentionally staying inside of a public zone or walking into a public zone to avoid combat during roleplay is considered AvoidRP result in punishment.
Any open shop is considered a public zone.
2. Active event areas are considered public zones, unless announced otherwise
3. The public 'Jinsei Zen Garden' is considered a public zone.
4. Certain areas of Spawn is considered a public zone, see the image below:

6.8 Your character's face must be visible on your Minecraft skin before engaging in combat (If you wish to hide your face, you must use a mask item).


7.1 Criminal roleplay is designated as any kind of roleplay that violates the Karakura Law ordained by the city’s government and police force. In other words, criminal roleplay references anything illegal that your character can do.​
7.1a This does not include combat roleplay (mentioned in the section below) as although it violates law, it is also classified as fighting.​
7.1b Players who have a green tag (Grades 7 to 9) cannot participate in criminal roleplay by any means. Other players cannot interact with players of this role with the intention of causing crimes or interfering with police on either parties. This excludes fighting.​
7.1c The only limitation to players who have a green tag (Grades 7 to 9) fighting is that they may not knock out another player.​
7.1d Being involved in gangs in any way is also considered criminal roleplay.​
7.2 You may only have one character and one account in a gang (refer to terminology for what a gang is).
7.2a If you were a part of gang in any way and have died/been arrested and lost that character, you cannot re-join or be involved with fighting with the same gang for two OOC days.
7.2b Upon committing a crime or being man-hunted, you must remain online for at least 45 OOC minutes. If you wish to change outfits, you may use the /wardrobe.
7.2c Verified and unverified gangs are capped to having a maximum of 35 members inside their gang.
7.3 If you are in a safezone, you cannot engage in criminal roleplay.
7.3a The monastery, and school grounds are all considered safezones. You cannot gain major assault permissions or killing permissions in these areas; however, you can gain minor assault permissions and mugging permissions in these safezones.​
7.3b In correlation to the previous rule, scamming is allowed in these safe zones & you are allowed to act on any minor assault permissions or mugging permissions in these places.​
7.3c Weapons are also considered as criminal roleplay and may not be held inside safe zones.​
7.3d Whilst in combat, you cannot enter a safezone.​
7.4 Weapons used in criminal roleplay have certain limitations and statistics that players should take note of when using them. Failing to comply with the Weapon Profiles may result in punishment.​
7.5 CCTV are cameras around the map that police, shop owners, and gang turf managers have access to. The exterior parts of any buildings are accessible by police, whereas any of the cameras within the properties of shop owners and gang turf managers are accessible by those roles respectively.​
7.5a Shop owners and gang turf managers may also manipulate the footage on said CCTV.​
7.5b Police are able to check interior buildings’ CCTV upon requesting access from the property owner; however, they will not be able to see any manipulated footage.​
7.5c A police officer must be present at the CCTV desk in the police station when requesting CCTV on a character. The police officer must have a proper motive (such as a report) to use CCTV.​
7.6 One party may only mug/loot a total of 5,000 yen from an individual if they are choosing to mug/loot money.
7.6a You can only take weapons/masks used in the current combat situation from someone if you are choosing to loot/mug them. Any other items you wish to take must be consented upon OOCly.
7.6b In relation to the previous rule, you are allowed to take items that were scammed of you or the money you were scammed of in return.
7.6c Custom items/vehicles can't generally be mugged. The only exception to this are items that can be utilised for specifically for criminal roleplay (phones, weapons, masks, etc.).
7.7 You may only break into someone's property if you have major assault permissions.
7.8 Staff members have the ability to blacklist a person from engaging in criminal roleplay for a certain amount of time.​



8.1 Combat roleplay is designated as any kind of roleplay that includes fighting — not killing or lethal use of weaponry (e.g. carvings, fatal stab wounds).​
8.1a All players can engage in combat roleplay regardless of their role; however, there are limitations to criminal roleplay.​
8.2 Copying and pasting actions is permitted on the server; however, keybinds are discouraged. If you accidentally use a keybind, you cannot void the action as it would violate the rules related to voiding actions. Please reference Combat Rules for turn-based combat and how it should be properly roleplayed out.​
8.3 You may not spawn in vehicles or teleport away during pursuits/chases. This is considered FailRP.​
8.3a You may not use a vehicle to kill another person. This is Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) and is against the rules.​
8.4 Any actions must be an “attempt” and cannot control another character’s reactions. The only exception to this rule is P2L combat being agreed upon prior in OOC by both parties.​
8.5 You cannot bait (unfairly encourage & try to lure someone) another player into giving your character permissions of any kind. Examples of baiting are targeting new players, planning a certain attack OOC without any in-character preparation, behaving a certain way in-character based off of OOC motive to create an outcome of the “baiter” gaining permissions.​
8.5a You cannot bait police officers into leaving the station by purposely luring them out of the station by committing a crime (e.g. wearing a mask and using a weapon in front of the police station). This is a loose rule, however, a staff member is free to decide whether or not a certain action baits a police officer.​
8.6 You may only have kidnap/mug/assault/consented kill permissions on another player for one OOC week (7 days, starting from the time that the permissions are received).​
8.7 If you are knocked out, you must remain in this unconscious state for five OOC minutes (start a timer from the moment your character is knocked out).
8.8 You cannot create “DIY weapons” such as flamethrowers made from water guns or molotovs/sharp blades from beer bottles.
8.9 If a player is stabbed (and the weapon has been removed from where they are stabbed), they have ten OOC minutes (start a timer from the moment that the bleeding out process begins) to receive help from EMS before the character dies (if kill permissions have been consented).​
8.9a If a player is stabbed, Police Officers and Hospital Staff can add an additional five minutes on the "bleedout timer" if a med kit is administered and pressure is applied to the wound.​
8.10 You must have an in-character reason to pull out/hold a weapon in an outdoor public space (e.g. using permissions, threatening another character, etc.).



9.1 To act on any permissions, a valid in-character motive must be present.​
9.1a Common sense: Although “crazed” behavior is allowed, a character being “insane” is not a valid reason to act on gained permissions above minor assault permissions.​
9.1b Punishment: Fear of getting caught should also be present; your character should not attempt to kill someone or act on permission if they are likely to be caught.​
9.2 Your character will obtain any permissions that their fellow gang members have obtained if they witnessed the situation.​
9.2 When minorly assaulting someone, the full extent of your assault must either be knocking someone out or breaking one bones. You may only use weapons that can knock out for minor permissions. Below are examples of in-character motives for minor assault.​
9.2a Threats: When threatened by a group/individual, making claims that they will kill you or negatively impact a member of your gang/family, you are permitted to minorly assault them.​
9.2b Minor Assault: If someone physically attacks your character, you may retaliate with minor assault.​
9.2c Scamming/Theft: If someone attempts to scam/mug any sum of money or item from you, you may minorly assault them.​
9.2d Calling The Police: If someone reports your character to the police and you get fined, you may minorly assault the person who reported. You do not receive permissions if the character who called the police was simply doing their job (such as an EMS or school employee).​
9.2e Trespassing: In the event that an unwanted guest enters someone’s property, you may ask them to leave. If they fail to comply with being told to leave, you may minorly assault them.​
9.3 With major assault permissions, you are allowed to remove only a single limb, or a minor appendage, with each instance of permissions that you have on a character. At the same time you receive major assault permissions, you also receive kidnapping permissions.​
9.3a You can only remove a limb if the person is knocked out.​
9.3b If someone has acted on major assault permissions on your character and 10 minutes have passed, go to the hospital to undergo recovery. Failure to do so will result in in-game punishment.​
9.3ba If a character who had major assault permissions inflicted on them has since passed the 10-minute bleed-out timer, their character will be unconscious until treated.​
9.3c Unconsciousness: Upon being knocked out via fists, you may carry out major assault permissions on each character involved in putting you into an unconscious state.​
9.3d Fractured Bones: If your character receives a fractured bone during combat, you are then permitted to majorly assault the individuals that inflicted it upon you (note: use of profiled weapons against you to cause fractured bones would result in kill permissions).​
9.3e Calling The Police: If someone reports your character to the police and you get arrested, you may majorly assault the person who reported. You do not receive permissions if the character who called the police was simply doing their job (such as an EMS or school employee).​
9.3f Mugging Weapons: If someone has mugged your weapon (either a custom weapon or a weapon listed in the weapon profiles), you receive major assault permissions. The exception to this is that if someone mugs a weapon from you that you had previously mugged from them, Major permissions are not granted.​
9.3g Trapping: If you are being held within a confined space (must be a structure of some form, like a room) against your will, you must make a minimum of one attempt to escape. Once this attempt has been made, you receive major assault permissions.​
9.3h Hitman: Upon a player requesting an individual/group of people to majorly assault a character, you are viable to use major assault permissions in return to the individual/group attacking you and the person who set the hit.​
9.3i Major Assault: If someone has majorly assaulted your character, you may also majorly assault them.​
9.3j Stun Blaster: If a police officer has attempted to or has succeeded in stunning your character, you may majorly assault them.​
9.3k Arrested: If a police officer has arrested your character for a felony, you may majorly assault them.​
9.4 If you have been kidnapped (taken from one location to another forcefully), and have made at least one attempt to escape, you may execute major assault onto the kidnapper or people who assisted in kidnapping. Other rules relative to kidnapping are listed below.​
9.4a You may hold someone in an area against their will during school hours. You can hold them in a confined area for as long as the major assault permissions extend to.​
9.4b You are able to kidnap someone if acting on major assault permissions or kill permissions (if the person has consented).​
9.5 With mugging permissions, you are allowed to mug 5,000 yen and other goods depending on the interaction.​
9.5a Scamming: You are permitted to scam anyone out of anything at any time, so long as it’s all done through IC measures. If you are the victim of scamming however, you may mug back whatever money/item(s) were taken from you (note: scamming through OOC means is punishable).​
9.5b Weaponry: If a weapon is used against you in a threatening or physical manner, you are able to mug it so long as it meets the requirements of it’s weapon profile.​
9.5c Masks: When engaging in a combat situation with a mask, the opposing party has the ability to mug it, and vice versa. The weapon profile for each mask will determine whether or not you must knock out/kill your opposition before being able to mug the mask.​
9.5d Lights Out: Upon knocking out any opposition, you or ONE person from your group involved may mug up to 5,000 yen off of their unconscious body.​
9.5e Phones: If anyone pulls out a phone whilst in the proximity of you committing a crime in order to call for backup or call police, you may mug/destroy the phone.​
9.5f Blackmail/Evidence: When someone has taken a photo of you or is in possession of an item containing evidence of something incriminating to your character, you may mug the item(s) that the evidence is being stored in (phones, handheld cameras, books) and destroy them.​
9.6 With kill permissions, you are allowed to kill another character.​
9.6a Kill permissions can only be acted upon by members who have OOCly consented to it unless both parties are members of a verified or an unverified gang and have obtained kill permissions (Refer to 9.6c).​
9.6ab KPS obtained without OOC consent cannot be passed outside of your gang.​
9.6b Kill permissions require in-character motive to be acted upon. Someone agreeing to KPS OOCly is not a valid in-character reason to kill their characters.​
9.6c Members of verified and unverified gangs are allowed to act on kill permissions if the character they obtained KPS on is also in a verified or unverified gang.​
9.6d If you have consented to your character’s being killed, and the other party attempts it, you will obtain kill permissions on those involved in the attempt.​
9.6e Kill permissions can be obtained for the following reasons (this is only true for members of verified and unverified gangs, BMDS, and Criminal Associates, both parties must be members for the kill permissions to be valid):​
9.6ea Weaponry: If a deadly weapon is used against your character in a physical way (weapon threats, stabbing, etc.), your character obtains Kill Permissions.​
9.6eb Gang Leave: If a member leaves a verified gang, the current gang lead will obtain kill permissions on the leaving member. However, a valid in-character reason to act on those permissions is required (leaving the gang itself is not a valid reason).​
9.6ec Black Market: If you resell any of the black market exclusive items currently available in the Karakura Black Market, any dealers that witness it will obtain kill permissions on your character.​
9.6ed Lifetime arrest: If a police officer has arrested you for life with no bail in prison, you obtain kill permissions on the said officer.​
9.7 You cannot pass consented kill permissions to other players without the consent of the original player.​



10.1 By purchasing off of our store you agree to our Terms & Conditions. These terms and conditions include that you are not entitled to a refund. Furthermore, if you are under the age of 16, please do not purchase off our store without your parent/guardian's permission.​
10.2 Custom Items or Vehicles purchased & left completely un-used or are abandoned by the purchaser beyond the time frame of 6 months, are able to be used publicly (unless traded to another player in the meantime or designated to a store in-game).​
10.3 You may not make IC trades for custom item slots. A common example would be: a player buys 5 custom item slots from the store and starts selling each slot for in game money. You can only make these trades once the item has been implemented and configured in game.
10.4 You can't sell ownership of your custom item/vehicles to other players, though you can still purchase copies for in-game money. If you are planning to sell your item to an in-game shop however, please contact the Model Coordinator.​
10.5 Animal whitelists cannot also constantly be added/changed removed, when you purchase an animal whitelist you receive it with your chosen animal, this animal cannot later be changed. If after that you choose yourself to no longer have it then that is perfectly fine; however, it is a conclusive choice.​
10.6 Ranks cannot be transferred to another player, or account.​
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