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  1. Ocean Man

    ᴡʜᴏ ʜᴀꜱ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇꜱᴛ ꜱᴋɪɴ

    All skins are great in their own way, so no need to debate who has the best skin on SRP
  2. Ocean Man

    Favorite Professor?

    Joutarou Kuujou*
  3. Ocean Man

    Wedding Beach Idea

    +1 As a 2020 Player, I missed the wedding area at the beach. It's beautiful to take screenshots off, plus It's way better to set the wedding at something beautiful espicially at the beach, so why not re-add it back.
  4. Ocean Man

    Show us your signatures!

    heres mine, just simple with the gifs the chars that im playing as
  5. Ocean Man

    Add Dark-Mode on the forums.

    IGN: oceannam | adiekaiyo DATE: 3/23/21 WHAT YOU WANT TO SUGGEST OR MENTION: Add a feature to the forums which is dark-mode. HOW WILL THIS BENEFIT THE SERVER/COMMUNITY?: This will help out on the forums, espicially to those who are opening forums at night. Plus the name says itself on what the...
  6. Ocean Man

    Who is the main character of srp

    Everybody's character IS the main character, It's their character and their own story. SRP Character dies alot, yes but that's the characters action and decision making, like a main character would do in some stories. Main Character's do die, just because they're the main character of the show...
  7. Ocean Man

    Joutarou Kuujou | Character Biography

    ───────────────────────────── Biography Update #3. - Updated Relationships. - Updated Skins Section. - Updated the format of the biography. - Added more to the fun facts section. ─────────────────────────────
  8. Ocean Man

    Most annoying thing that's ever happened to your character?

    For my character Joutarou Kuujou, here's the following. - Jocks [Some] - Masked Students. - Students who don't listen to him. - Students who are bothering or annoying him for no reason. - Asking stupid questions, when it should be already known. as for my two characters. They haven't had any...
  9. Ocean Man

    Who is the main character of srp

    The main character of SchoolRP is you, your character. You're the one who's going to be making stories about your character. Everybody on the server has their own storyline and arcs that they will overcome.
  10. Ocean Man

    Larry Mckay needs a son/daughter!

    didn't knew that Colonel Harland David Sanders, needs a child.
  11. Ocean Man

    New city section!

    +1 More area to roleplay in and makes use of the train stations more now, instead of travelling into to beach or shopping district.
  12. Ocean Man


    ───────────────────── "Yare yare daze.." | "Good grief.." - Joutarou Kuujou. ───────────────────── "Gureto daze..koitsu wa." | "This is going to be great." - Jōsuke Hashimoto. ─────────────────────
  13. Ocean Man

    Rosarie Suggestion by Daniweknowmyign

    +1 This will be great for those who's characters are catholic and such.
  14. Ocean Man

    Joutarou Kuujou | Character Biography

    ───────────────────────────── Biography Update #2. - Added Playlist on the front page. - Updated The Icon on the front page. - Updated Profile picture on the biography. - Updated the outfits section. - Added more to the relationships section. - Updated The Voice Claim ─────────────────────────────
  15. Ocean Man

    What has changed about your character?

    My character "Joutarou Kuujou" was more of a lone person and well expressionless character. But when I applied for The High-School Department as a Teacher, He'd often yell and roast some of his students, Sometimes even cold towards to the other faculty members. A few months go by then I met the...
  16. Ocean Man

    Joutarou Kuujou | Character Biography

    thank you, have a dolphin
  17. Ocean Man

    Joutarou Kuujou | Character Biography

    ───────────────────────────── Biography Update #1. - Changed the format. - Updated Relationships. - Updated Radar Chart. ─────────────────────────────
  18. Ocean Man

    Fox Type Suggestion

    Ironically you can do this with the use of optifine's random textures. It's really simple to do as your just going to make a file for it and such. There's a whole video for it, though I'm not sure if they will be using that method to add more mobs in the game.
  19. Ocean Man

    Favorite SchoolRP Couple C:

    Joutarou Kuujou <3 Erina Lilium Y. Adelaide cute faculty couple.