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  1. Customable

    Modelling Streams/Lessons

    thank you!
  2. Customable

    Modelling Streams/Lessons

    of course you don't have to follow along, you can also just watch, you will still need to sign up to the VC though as I'm terrible associating forum names to discord names sometimes
  3. Customable

    Modelling Streams/Lessons

    it is indeed beginner-friendly and it is indeed free
  4. Customable
  5. Customable

    Modelling Streams/Lessons

    DIRECTORY Introduction Coverage Schedule Software How to Join 1 ━ Introduction Hello, SchoolRP community, today I will be introducing and starting something that has been anticipated by a lot for quite a while now, Modelling Lessons! I will be starting streams twice a week in...
  6. Customable

    SapouT | modeling suggestion

    ⇧ 2 ⇩
  7. Customable

    Jaibatsume Children » Mee-young Jaibatsume

    Updates: [+] Personality Explained section added, explaining each of Mee-young's split personalities. [+] Y̷͉͝ǒ̸̜ű̶̡ ̵͇̊d̷̖̄ȯ̵͓n̴̖̍'̴̺̋t̷̝͂ ̵̻̇n̶̨͘e̸̬͝e̶̦͑d̷̡͝ ̶̤̚t̷̻́ǫ̸͊ ̸̬́k̷̈ͅn̸̤͒o̴͖͊w̷̡̾ ̵̤̎ẇ̶͕ȟ̶͕y̶̞͊ ̵̞̍I̴̺̊ ̴̹͑w̷͎͘a̷̯͊s̴͔͒ ̶̠̚á̶̩d̶͕͝d̶̲͒e̶̡͘d̸̘̄,̸̗́ ̴̯̔m̶͍͑o̶̞̓v̸̞͑ë̶́ͅ...
  8. Customable

    SapouT | modeling suggestion

    -1 The reason this modelling style is pushed is because it’s smaller in size on the texture pack, we can’t afford to have 200kb swords in the texture pack. If we do bring back this style of modelling I can assure you a raise in price with custom items will follow it, which nobody wants. to...
  9. Customable

    Hiroto Domínguez | Biography

  10. Customable

    [IMG] "Mini Mee" - by yours truely

    "Mini Mee" - by yours truely
  11. Customable

    Hello SRP!!

  12. Customable

    You guys should totally read this...

    You guys should totally read this: please I put way too much time into it
  13. Customable

    Jaibatsume Children » Mee-young Jaibatsume

    Updates: [+] Added a chapter directory at the top of the page for you to easily navigate the page when needed. Do you know Mee-young in-character personally? Message me at Customable#1590 to claim your spot in the biography and earn a place on the character render sheet!
  14. Customable

    CLOSED commission for IC money LOL | 5/5 slots filled!

    I’m not here for any commissions, have a cat :3
  15. Customable


  16. Customable

    CLOSED commission for IC money LOL | 5/5 slots filled!

    Artist rules 101 You decide the worth of your art, not others and how you think they will react. Don't let other people's complaining stop you from selling things at their true value, if people complain, let them, it's none of their business! And if they do, we have our secret weapon...
  17. Customable

    your skeleton is wet

    your skeleton is wet
  18. Customable

    [IMG]I woke up and @pash chose L I K E

    I woke up and @pash chose L I K E
  19. Customable

    A retooling of /spawn

    Aww shit, here we go again.