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  1. Prosthettics

    Thank you

    Thank you
  2. Prosthettics


  3. Prosthettics


    Out of Character | Basic information What is your in-game name?: Prosthettics Do you have discord? (If so, what is your username): Pros#1337 Do you have a microphone? Yes, I do. List your timezone and country: Currently it is CEST, Denmark It will soon change to PST, Canada. How active...
  4. Prosthettics

    FedoraRP/6x66's Ban appeal

    TAG FIX: @Loooper
  5. Prosthettics


    WHAT IS ‘GANGRP’? GangRP has become the abbreviated term for ‘Gang Roleplay’ over time throughout SRP, it is a very prominent part of the server, having it’s own sub sectioned community & members relating to it; just as sports teams & government workers, this part of the community is full of...
  6. Prosthettics


    TAG FIX @KimiNoUso
  7. Prosthettics

    Important Suggestion For teachers

    Because of the faculty rules relating to combat it is borderline impossible to acquire permissions, as it should be. There is no such thing as KPS over a restraining order, the only possible way they could kill your character is if they had screenshots of you stood in front of an officer...
  8. Prosthettics

    Drunkness Reducer

    Could give KPD, EMS, & School nurses an exclusive stomach pump custom item that can be used to remove drunk effects with a right click; so long as it's done in a proper medical room within RP. +1
  9. Prosthettics

    [DEAD] Sebastian Martínez | Biography

    :pray: good character, had a good run
  10. Prosthettics

    New School Sport [Wrestling]

    The pre-existing underground fight club is not illegal; if you wish to bring this to the school, I advise applying to become a Club Leader in order to host a Martial-Arts club for students as this idea is much more viable as a club rather than an entire official sports team
  11. Prosthettics

    GangRP suggestion

    -1 I understand where you're coming from, however messing with the rolling amounts isn't really something we want to do as we've got a pretty solid set of current ones that players have been using forever, it would just be overcomplicating it for the average player to change them around solely...
  12. Prosthettics

    New Trailer Suggestion

    Editing to music is always something great to see, very well done overall; good job!
  13. Prosthettics

    My signature moves now

    My signature moves now
  14. Prosthettics

    cooliecut's Ban Appeal

    TAG FIX: @Loooper
  15. Prosthettics

    MIYU MASAYOSHI | みゆ まさよし

    Very cool format
  16. Prosthettics

    Ban Appeal 2nd Try

    TAG FIX: @Minobu
  17. Prosthettics

    The Great "Pair Of Scissor" Debate

    thats a fancy way of spelling WRONG
  18. Prosthettics

    The Great "Pair Of Scissor" Debate

    Do not fall for his lies
  19. Prosthettics

    The Great "Pair Of Scissor" Debate

    Yeah actually, they are.
  20. Prosthettics

    The Great "Pair Of Scissor" Debate

    Everything about this is invalid, a pair of scissors in itself is referred to as a PAIR of scissors because there are TWO blades, making it a PAIR. Anything can be a 'pair' of scissors so long as it functions properly with two blades in-tact. If you have TWO sets of scissors it is TWO pairs of...