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  1. Xhast420

    Denied Xhast IT-Teacher application (delete whenever i changed my mind)

    Out-Of-Character Information What is your Minecraft username?: Xhast420 Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?): mf leia#0609 Do you have a microphone?: yes How old are you? (Optional): 18 What is your time zone?: CEST Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you...
  2. Xhast420

    cant place block

    USERNAME: Xhast420 APARTMENT COORDINATES (F3 TO VIEW): X:1227 Y:18 Z: 716 ISSUE: I cannot place a block it just wont let me ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  3. Xhast420

    Abandoned apartment

    USERNAME:Xhast420 APARTMENT COORDINATES (F3 TO VIEW): x:1862 y:31 z:571 ISSUE:Abandoned apartment owner last seen over 1 month ago ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: discord: mf#0609 let me claim