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  1. Bookish

    wooooo | MlLFRP

  2. Bookish

    wooooo | MlLFRP

    USERNAME: MlLFRP APARTMENT COORDINATES (F3 TO VIEW): 1756,69, 1361 ISSUE: glitched trapdoors and signs ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: remove all ones with a mark in em please
  3. Bookish

    Lemme get 1# in most likes

    apollo said man
  4. Bookish

    Popular languages

    idk why but i see jsl and russian so much-
  5. Bookish

    Gvrner App.

    dn isnt the same without ryusei...
  6. Bookish

    Give Estate Owners access to creative mode.

    I'm considering using a voice-changer because I don't like how my voice sounds, how does that make me untrustworthy? well, can't argue with that- Trust with creative is pretty important, but it depends on how much you lie and what you lie about in my opinion. I'm disregarding the voice...
  7. Bookish

    Accepted Vegans model app ;^;

    for some reason i really like these- idk why
  8. Bookish


    Hello! Apologies- there's not really a section on the forums for this, but I am not able to change my name on the forums? Could someone change it to Mint please? Thank you!
  9. Bookish

    Accepted Vegans model app ;^;

  10. Bookish

    good luck! to-be this afternoon M1lfRP cheers you on

    good luck! to-be this afternoon M1lfRP cheers you on
  11. Bookish

    green tags combat

    +1 dont feel like being redundant. read the other responses.
  12. Bookish

    Give Estate Owners access to creative mode.

    I'm not going to give this a score, because I think the idea is a little off. First off, Totoro_Sam, as probably every person who has replied here has not had an estate at any point, applause for trying to explain it. However, I think people may try and get an estate just to be able to use...
  13. Bookish

    Feedback Regarding Adult Role

    UPDATED RATING: -1/+.25 I have read through other replies, and in the end, I agree with the majority of comments. I am very sorry for your friends, but that is a situation that isn't the majority, it's the minority. This is SchoolRP, and thus, it's not easy to get the Adult tag, because those...
  14. Bookish

    Feedback Regarding Adult Role

    +1/-1 I think this is a tricky scenario. On one hand, we don't want people wasting spots that others want just to get adult tag. On the other hand, for some people a month or more of roleplay would be scrapped just because they are being stressed. My solution might be to base the adult...
  15. Bookish

    SCHOOL NEWS REPORT | New Student Interviews

    I think as a greenie I thought I was in an anime.... Out with it, WHO WERE THE SUPERPOWER GREENIES? also cool report do the teachers next
  16. Bookish


    @solo I still remember the mean girls Rikiya Kozuka photo.... it's ingrained in my brain. and he has the most drip totally
  17. Bookish

    Language suggestion

    I'm gonna try and clean this up for you. IGN: Bearducky DATE: 7/21/2021 WHAT YOU WANT TO SUGGEST OR MENTION: A way to write in a language: possibly /langr [SELECT LANGUAGE] HOW WILL THIS BENEFIT THE SERVER/COMMUNITY?: This would benefit possibly mute and deaf people. They could use this as...
  18. Bookish

    Editable conversations.

    +1 Sure I guess, I mean, personally I just void a response if it's sent before another person would realistically have spoken. Here's what I mean (imagine it in chat): --- Maggie: I like chicken nuggets. Leo: I think burgers are better, but [assume character limit happens for leo and they...
  19. Bookish


    random question but kinda curious; what did you do to get banned