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  1. Bun

    https_bugz | Counselor Application

    Out-Of-Character Information ━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━ What is your Minecraft username?: https_bugz Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?): cheezeballs#0643 How old are you? (Optional): 20 years old What is your time zone?: EST (Canada) Describe...
  2. Bun

    KARAKURA NEWS: The Christmas kidnapping

    im famous
  3. Bun

    Cheer Tryout Music Link :)

  4. Bun

  5. Bun

    Denied BunBunRP [College Student Council Application]

    JUST A QUICK THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE WHO READ THROUGH THIS APPLICATION <3 Much love xo GENERAL INFORMATION ⟷☁️⟷☁️⟷☁️⟷☁️⟷☁️⟷☁️⟷☁️⟷☁️⟷ What is your Minecraft Username?: BunBunRP Past warns/kicks/bans?: I do not have any warns, bans, or kicks! What is your timezone?: Eastern Standard...
  6. Bun

    i thought of somthing...

    +1 I like this idea
  7. Bun

    Allow Event Team to use /event

    + 1
  8. Bun

    I love you more 0-0

    I love you more 0-0
  9. Bun


  10. Bun

    Accepted BugzBunniez | Event Team Application (UPDATED)

    •───────•°•❀•°•───────• IGN: Main - BugzBunniez [Lawyer] Alt - A3unn1e [College][Baseball] Describe your activity and potential punishment history as a player of the server: [Activity] I've been around School RolePlay and the RolePlay Hub community for approximately 3 years now (woot woot)...
  11. Bun

    Apartment glitches

    USERNAME: BugzBunniez APARTMENT COORDINATES (F3 TO VIEW): 1285.134 | 44 |1260.796 ISSUE: Glitched spaces on the ceiling along with other blocks around the apt. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I have outlined the glitched areas on the ceiling with the green block.
  12. Bun

    What is/was your favorite gang on SRP?

    TOO FUNNY! I loved those times
  13. Bun

    glitched car

    IGN: IPhonesMaiden VEHICLE OR ITEM NAME: Nissan GT-R EVIDENCE: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I've been trying to place it down for quite sometimes- Just havent been able to. I've tried everything
  14. Bun

    Apt Glitch | IPhonesMaiden

    USERNAME: IPhonesMaiden APARTMENT COORDINATES (F3 TO VIEW): 1287.357, 44, 1253.037 ISSUE: The wall in my apt was removed, however I cannot build where the wall used to be. I made an outline filling in where I could place block and where I cannot ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  15. Bun

    Accepted Lawyer Application | IPhonesMaiden

    PLAYER INFORMATION In-game Name: IPhonesMaiden Previous bans (include appeal links): N/A (I Have had a few warnings) Discord Tag: Bunniez#0643 Do you have a working microphone?: I do indeed have a working microphone and am able to join calls freely. Timezone & Country: EST, Canada [I...
  16. Bun

    Wall problem (just need to have it removed!)

    USERNAME: BugzBunniez APARTMENT COORDINATES (F3 TO VIEW): Apartment block A (206) ISSUE: I had made a suggestion for a wall in my apt to be removed and I have approval for a staff member to have it removed for me! (I was told to make a post here for it to be removed) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION...
  17. Bun

    KPD Application (BugzBunniez)

    Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section IGN (In-Game Name): BugzBunniez Previous bans: Bans [1] - Toxicity OOCLY. (NON-PERM- 3 days) Describe your activity on the server: My activity on School Role-Play is said to be quite active. I usually get on School Role Play at least once a day, and this...
  18. Bun

    Apartments with inbuilt walls

    +1 I agree with thisss. Not all the apartments alongside the beach have that wall, and it’s quite annoying to have to work around. It’s quite pointless, and limits our building. We all pay the same amount of rent as well, so I find that making the apartments the same size for everyone would be...
  19. Bun

    Accepted BugzBunniez Tutor Application

    Out-Of-Character Information What is your Minecraft username?: BugzBunniez Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?): bugzbunniez #0643 How old are you? (Optional): 18 Years Old What is your time zone?: EST (Canada) Describe your activity on the server: I would...
  20. Bun

    Grade fix

    IGN: BunBunRP I recently got a new alt. I am applying for a journalist, which requires me to be a higher grade. It would be very appreciated if i could be changed to a a Grade 12! Thanks