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    [Art made by]

    [Art made by]
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    best childhood tv show

    Amazing world of gumball all the way, so happy it got renewed for a 7th season and a movie cant forget adventure time too
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    Dorms, Bookbags, Quests, and other suggestions!

    I love all these idea and the idea of custom fish textures could definitely be implemented into cooking with the plugin upcoming on the trello board which would make cooking more interesting and rewarding, book bags would also solve the spacing issues some players have which is sort of the main...
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    [IMG] I have become one with Minecraft Trailer

    I have become one with Minecraft Trailer
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    what's that one song that gets you into your headspace?

    My time by bo en…
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    Sir, this is a wendies and I’m just the janitor.

    Sir, this is a wendies and I’m just the janitor.
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    Twig is Lazy

    Now in animation form
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    Twig is Lazy

    not sure about carrots but i know feeding it cotton candy makes them more pink
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    Denied Application

    Please follow the format provided here If you have any questions, please contact Customable#1590 on discord
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    Twig is Lazy

    Twig is immortal
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    Twig is Lazy

    Meet Twig, Mee-young and the Jaibatsume children's faithful childhood pet, Read more about my fabled child here!
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    Child/Kid/Todler or just young Person Role Suggestion! | GayCereal_

    This has been denied in the past with good reason too, some of the people in the community are odd enough as it is and there is no place for child endangerment and children wandering the streets alone in this server
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    sounds like a skill issue

    sounds like a skill issue
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    What's the Weirdest Thing About Your Character(s)?

    Everything.... have some art
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    Council Elections | Phantwaun

    I have thoroughly read through your comments and discussed this with the council higherups; The concept you propose is great, on paper. The Council leadership has a certain delicate nature to it's balance, and to put the pick of who leads in the hands of the community would lead to too much...
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    Character Cards

    I actually like this idea, the only problem would be age and roles, if we added this character card system, you would be locked to your age and role, basically turning this into an over glorified name and description wardrobe. it removes functionality from what could be a really cool system...
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    I see your point however I do not agree with this. if we allowed certain players to skip or delay their entrance to school because of roleplay situations, people see it as unfair or will abuse the rule, the amount of players alone on the server at times would make this hard to manage and...
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    whats your darkest secret?-

  20. Customable

    whats your darkest secret?-

    have a great day