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  1. Escuzme

    For the artists out there

    A simple small question ↓ Does your opinion about your art change the longer you look at it? Personally, most of the time when I draw and stare at the finished work, I always feel the need to make many changes even if it's completely unnecessary!
  2. Escuzme

    Moving tags

    IGN (Minecraft Username): Esusme WHAT YOU NEED (ROLE/RANK): Surgeon tag, Preferably 38 in age YOUR CURRENTLY ROLE/RANK (IF ANY): Grade 12, explanation below EVIDENCE: I am moving my EMS tag to my alt (Esusme) due to me not being able to log on my main EMS account (Escz) if you do /seen on that...
  3. Escuzme

    Surgeon Application

    Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section IGN (In-Game Name): Escvzme (My Alternative account's are): Escuzme Practicql Prqctical Previous bans: I haven't been banned myself however my main account "Escuzme" got banned due to me losing access to that account. It was a long time ago. I have full...
  4. Escuzme

    Why you should apply for the KPD

  5. Escuzme

    Item Request

    IGN: Escuzme VEHICLE OR ITEM NAME: Bobcat Gucci Glasses EVIDENCE: See screenshot ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The glasses glitched into earrings by accident
  6. Escuzme

    Police Application

    Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section IGN (In-Game Name): Hyperclicking Previous bans: I haven’t been banned myself, other than my other account with the IGN “Escuzme” receiving a ban after getting hacked. I have full charge of the account now, nothing to be worried about. Describe your...
  7. Escuzme

    Item Request

    IGN: Escuzme VEHICLE OR ITEM NAME: [6 items wanting to return..] Shiroi bracelet, Patek royal oak watch, Fake I.D. Toy black katana, the bobcat drink and heart lollipop EVIDENCE: see screenshot ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This happened after a rollback, i loaded in on the football field and lost my...
  8. Escuzme

    Item Request

    IGN: Escuzme VEHICLE OR ITEM NAME: Satanic rat mask EVIDENCE: [see screenshot] left corner the rat mask thing ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: i ate it.
  9. Escuzme

    Grade Request

    IGN: Tippea_Sports WHAT YOU NEED: Age 18 - Grade 12 YOUR CURRENTLY ROLE/RANK: Age 16 - Grade 10 EVIDENCE: [see screenshot]
  10. Escuzme

    Item Request

    IGN: Escuzme VEHICLE OR ITEM NAME: Kakyoin's sunglasses, Rozu glasses, Bat parasol, Dog mask, Fake I.D., Samsung user mask, [bobcat] Soft drink. Nezuko's bamboo, black phone, lighter, epipen, birth control, popcorn, Retoro glasses. EVIDENCE: [see screenshot] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Everything...
  11. Escuzme

    Missing item

    IGN: Escuzme VEHICLE OR ITEM NAME: pink Pheonix Umbrella? [not usre] EVIDENCE: [see ss] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It got glitched away because of the setting star. it appeared in the slot the umbrella was in and yea the umbrella is gone now lol. also the screenshot was from before i putted it in...
  12. Escuzme

    Escuzme's Doctor Application

    Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section: What is your Minecraft Username?: Escuzme How old are you?: I am currently 14 Do you have any previous or ongoing bans?: [Hacked account] What country are you from?: The Netherlands Do you have Discord?: Escuzme#2691 How long have you played the...
  13. Escuzme


  14. Escuzme


    Your In Game Name: Escuzme Admin Who Banned You (Tag them with @ before their name, it should be in your ban appeal.): @oph Server [Discord/SchoolRP]: SchoolRP What were you banned for?: Hacked account Why should you be unbanned?: As of currently, the dispute about the ban has been settled...
  15. Escuzme

    Missing Bear Mask

    IGN: Escuzme VEHICLE OR ITEM NAME: Bear Mask EVIDENCE: (None, since it was a just bought item and a unexpected glitch) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The bear mask glitched away cause of the melon gadget, i just bought the item so i have no evidence or what so ever. . .
  16. Escuzme

    Missing Banana

    IGN: Escuzme VEHICLE OR ITEM NAME: Banana EVIDENCE: (see screenshot and to the left) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: When the server lagged out and i joined back i lost my banana. . .
  17. Escuzme

    School Nurse

    [OOC section] In Game Name: Escuzme School Employee Role you are Applying For: I am applying to become a School Nurse. How often do you log onto the server?: I join the server for multiple hours each day. Do you have discord?: Yes I do: Escuzme#2691 Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I do...
  18. Escuzme

    Age Request

    IGN : Escuzme WHAT YOU NEED: Age to 18 instead of 17 YOUR CURRENTLY ROLE/RANK (IF ANY): - EVIDENCE: i-.. [see file atttached to this thread]
  19. Escuzme

    Missing Sunglasses

    IGN: Esczume VEHICLE OR ITEM NAME: Rozu Glasses EVIDENCE: [See screenshot] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I was filling my inventory with water bottle's and then my glasses glitched away somehow. . . I dont know what else to add besides that the location was on school gorunds. (Note that This...