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  1. Oliverium

    Small, Easy Map Edit

  2. Oliverium

    More Animal Languages

    +1 SRP animals are hyped for a new language that we can barely wait. It'll be a lot easier and fun to be able to communicate ICly instead of looc, discord, or /f msg
  3. Oliverium

    Language Toggle

    +1 Really useful, ESPECIALLY for animals too. Sometimes I see animals (dogs or cats) accidentally speak in regular chat, void it, and get warned for insta voiding. When animals get their universal lang it would make life so much easier. Plus if your human character just moved from an outside...
  4. Oliverium

    New Age

    -1 You want to familyRP? Join an SRP family! The older people (adult roles) can adopt you or you can ask them to be you bio parent. That way you can 1. have your childhood in your backstory and 2. participate in SCHOOL rp! Simple solution if you really wanted to familyRP! There's no need to RP...
  5. Oliverium

    Bearcave signal

    +1 Realism, less FailRP, I see this as a win.
  6. Oliverium


    -1 Gestures are automatic, you have plenty of time to write out /me actions while they play animations. That, or make some keybinds (with lunar, feather, etc.)
  7. Oliverium

    Adding Snowmobiles for the winter

    -1 Cool idea, but why not make it a short event? A simple [!] The snow mobiles clear off the roads just in time for school [!] whilst the build team clears off the roads.
  8. Oliverium


    Neutral Aquarium was nice at first but 1. no fish are there 2. no person is there 3. the npc fish I guess were too laggy. Animals in minecraft aren't really "zoo-worthy", maybe the panda or birds but the more npcs, the more lag. Also, animal whitelists could be a cool thing to put in zoos...
  9. Oliverium

    P.E. Teacher App!

    Out-Of-Character Information What is your Minecraft username?: Qidasaur Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?): Yes, Oliverium#5971 Do you have a microphone?: No, I do not. How old are you? (Optional): 18+ What is your time zone?: Eastern Standard Time (EST) Do you...
  10. Oliverium

    Bee hive suggestion

    +1 Put some in the forest, the bears want some honey!
  11. Oliverium

    New animal command (dog)

    IGN: Oliverium (Dog: Olixur) DATE: 5/4/23 WHAT YOU WANT TO SUGGEST OR MENTION: A new command for dog whitelists. /animal shake: plays the Minecraft wolf/dog shake animation and possibly dries off the user. Should have a cooldown, maybe a minute like /feed? HOW WILL THIS BENEFIT THE...
  12. Oliverium

    Simple Suggestion! (SRP camp ground)

    Oh by the way it's located at 1939 / 18 / 586!
  13. Oliverium

    Simple Suggestion! (SRP camp ground)

    IGN: Oliverium DATE: 4-22-23 WHAT YOU WANT TO SUGGEST OR MENTION: Add a lantern in tents, and the dim lantern can be a soul lantern! HOW WILL THIS BENEFIT THE SERVER/COMMUNITY?: Now that SRP uses newer version blocks, build team is able to make the signs come true! By using Minecraft lanterns...
  14. Oliverium

    Better beach suggestions

    Jet skis were added last year for ocean travel, they count as vehicles and are 1 million yen iirc
  15. Oliverium

    Better beach suggestions

    +1 I really want more than just sand and kelp. Adding rocks, moss, and such would be so cool. I do see the surfboards as a -1 though. Like skateboards it can remain fairly cheap and for aesthetic purposes along with /me'ing your surfing (there's no waves anyways). The turtle helmet would be a...
  16. Oliverium

    Animal Rules!

    For real, the limited perms and rules make whitelists feel risky. Realism vs SRP rules clash and it's hard to do anything really. At least with rules both players and whitelisted players can find common ground.
  17. Oliverium

    Animal Rules!

    I see what you mean. Bears (and other animals) shouldn't get advantages or anything. I just want clear rules in their own separate category in a place where everyone can access. However, if a human approaches a mama bear and her cubs and the mama uses body language and growls to clearly show...
  18. Oliverium

    Animal Rules!

    It's the players, not the bears (most of the time). Removing the bear whitelist will create problems because players bought the whitelist and there's certain refund policies and whatnot. The problem is failRPers so we must address the problem itself. Players failRP so with animal whitelist...
  19. Oliverium

    Try to get some new commands for the bears!

    I remember seeing a snail sit but just.. phasing through the floor a little bit. Is it possible to sink the bear model into the ground to not show feet and call it laying?