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  1. Caxan

    Favourite songs?

    the song that goes bum bum bee bum bam bam bum bee
  2. Caxan

    How does your character see Karakura?

    the grass smells like crayons
  3. Caxan

    a museum

    -1 -takes up too much space for the map -let's be real here, nobody would really care about a museum if it existed, there really isn't much to do other than a robbery this would be better off as a field trip event
  4. Caxan

    Hospital Recovery

    +1 gangrpers have gone real quiet since this dropped
  5. Caxan

    What is y'alls favourite item?

  6. Caxan

    Remove drowning, add floating

    I mean that it would be toggable, meaning dolphins can just not use the float command
  7. Caxan

    another SRP video

    thank you the musical chairs carried it all
  8. Caxan

    Add Dorms! Suggestion

    +1, in general they need to find a reliable fix to housing
  9. Caxan

    another SRP video

    I've been getting back into editing so I decided to make another one on this server (also for the few who asked, no im not saying my main yt channel, and no its not called caxan lol)
  10. Caxan

    Remove drowning, add floating

    IGN: Caxan DATE: 3/12/2023 WHAT YOU WANT TO SUGGEST OR MENTION: The removal of drowning, and possible floating HOW WILL THIS BENEFIT THE SERVER/COMMUNITY?: Since this is a roleplay server, and people don't actually "drown" icly unless they want their character to, it isn't necessary to keep...
  11. Caxan

    Major perms suggestion

    We should just make it so it's only allowed if both the attacker AND the victim actually gangrps. This can be checked by seeing if they're both in a gang, or (since solo gangrpers exist) just having it in their description. This ensures sports players and people in general who like their...
  12. Caxan

    srp logic (VIDEO)

    probably yes
  13. Caxan

    srp logic (VIDEO)

    another video because i like editing and why not
  14. Caxan

    Making another video on srp, probably coming this weekend

    Making another video on srp, probably coming this weekend
  15. Caxan

    Basically every srp player PART 3

    there was a brief section about them in the adult part of part 2
  16. Caxan

    Basically every srp player PART 3

  17. Caxan

    Basically every srp player PART 3

    i got a lot more ideas but didn't feel like adding any more in this one
  18. Caxan

    Basically every srp player PART 3

    hey guys i'm Caxan, i like making yt videos but recently i haven't felt like posting on my main channel so here's another one
  19. Caxan

    Marching band

    I remember there being a lot of discussion about how we can't add more sports since there aren't enough players even for the current sports, same reason for why adding back dodgeball was denied. Honestly, if they're gonna introduce any new sports at all then they should add wrestling since it's...
  20. Caxan

    'Mizuki's' [Random Art Drop]

    why does this look so good