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  1. Ruin

    Kyōsuke Tachitsu | Biography

  2. Ruin

    Hey V! I couldn't find your discord anywhere, can you DM me Ruin#9580

    Hey V! I couldn't find your discord anywhere, can you DM me Ruin#9580
  3. Ruin

    birthday boy makes another appearance

    birthday boy makes another appearance
  4. Ruin

    Birthday boy makes another appearance.

    Birthday boy makes another appearance.
  5. Ruin

    Gangrp rivalty suggestion

    +1 rare sight of people agreeing with my boy sapout after his 384th gangrp suggestion
  6. Ruin

    Stonewall riots / LGBT as a whole

  7. Ruin

    ⟦Tokito 'NEO' M. Kurabu⟧ . . A Character Biography.

    mikey kurabu is tokito's family member too, they both should interact one day
  8. Ruin

    Allowance Suggestion

    Not only that, if you dont have a proper reputation, you arent gonna get accepted even if you have grade 12 or college.
  9. Ruin

    Allowance Suggestion

    can you guys add welfare checks so i can pay my rent
  10. Ruin

    GangRP Suggestion

    You cant solve this issue because most players are friends and they wouldnt tell on their gangrp buddies groupchats resulting in them getting punished, if staff were to tell the person to share their screen, person could just leave the groupchat. Heres what you can do, stop getting in...
  11. Ruin


    shut up gr**nie
  12. Ruin


    what if its not in their bank account and is in their hand ICly? Player A Could take a loan of 3 million yen and put them in a duffelbag and even though Player A signed alot of papers, somehow succesfully dissapears and Player B now lost 3 million
  13. Ruin


    1. Make them sign an official contract for loans + interest, saying that if they fail to give the money back within X time, they'll be sued 2. Wait the agreed time 3. If they don't pay you back, go to the town hall and sue them for the money they owe you 4. their character is dead. 5. you lost...
  14. Ruin

    Return Jetskis

    hey I got 2 jetskis
  15. Ruin

    New Whitelist

    bro what?
  16. Ruin

    Phone Battery

    -1 no im not gonna bother charging up phone just so I could spam /text yonio sewers beach entrance fast i grabbed them
  17. Ruin

    New Age

    this wont get accepted.
  18. Ruin

    New Surround Rule

    -1 Unless you have weapons they dont have to roll to approach & surround. You can't push 4 people at the same time to stop them from surrounding you. Best I could say is that only the person who's attempting to surround from behind could roll, since after all, they're approaching from behind.
  19. Ruin

    Subway tunnels connectin

    +1 lets roleplay ney work homeless roleplay
  20. Ruin

    What's the worst thing that has ever happened to your character?

    got abandoned inside of a tunnel while being blind the person who abandoned was his adoptive father