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  1. KayLoon

    School UPDATE

    I'm sure we have the high school and college intercom, but what about the whole school intercom, where instead of just intercom one faction you can intercom college and high school simultaneously, do we have that one? If so nobody uses it I think it's useful for the whole school faculty to have...
  2. KayLoon

    School Employee Improvements

    Normally I would agree with this, but as a procrastinator, even I know it'll start piling up to the point that it'll take multiple days to finish it off (Background check to see if a player is banned/has a bad reputation), at the moment there are 50 applications made (Not including the ones that...
  3. KayLoon

    5-6 Language slots

    I don't have any other accounts with languages, I wanted to show you that languages still go through slots (You can check my previous applications I did not apply on my bird account) It was to prove your point about the metagaming thing, maybe I didn't specify it like that Is this not saying...
  4. KayLoon

    5-6 Language slots

    I don't think people would want to reapply their language applications, and by everything, you might need to specify more of it Like is the money going to get bound to the slot, and the other slot doesn't get it? This also confuses me, since it's already going on As you can see I did not...
  5. KayLoon

    Add a bat whitelist

    Please delete, I dont ever want to see this ever again Also -1, buy fish whitelist instead
  6. KayLoon


    I'm confused, would the new map updates have something extremely distinct from other parts of Karakura that could need that many holograms? Better yet, could you just make it similar to how to chat focus is, you do the command, and all visible holograms from the area that you are in go poof...
  7. KayLoon

    KARAKURA NEWS | "Hello?" Hi?" "Anyone There?"

    That aint gonna stop me
  8. KayLoon


  9. KayLoon


    These flash events makes me so mad that I don't know when they happen
  10. KayLoon

    who is tippie

    Tappie this isn't what I was looking for
  11. KayLoon


    -1/+1, don't have much opinion on this, this could be a fun lil update for the people that don't have houses/apartments So, a possible thing that they could do is to follow a similar system to the auction house, where if your item isn't bought in time, it'll go to the postman, so if your rent...
  12. KayLoon

    SCHOOL NEWS REPORT | Inclusion In Karakura

    My mom didn't show up at my birth man, at least they got a week with their parents
  13. KayLoon

    KARAKURA NEWS | Kiyoko Akai Steps Down

    Hey guys! Kiyoko actually became a BMED! She used her power as mayor to slowly bring over weapons in Karakura so that she can use the BMed to sell stuff increasing the crime rate and further increasing trials!! Shocking right?
  14. KayLoon

    emerveiller suggestion #4 :3

    If this change does happen...Will I be called a furry for being in a team called Jaguars or Vixens...Oh no Oh right -1 for this suggestion, I don't exactly see why we should do this, I mean you guys can call each other Athenas in character or just ask the SLT IC to call you that
  15. KayLoon

    KARAKURA NEWS: Every job, Shop, Business & Spending Location

    What if I dont wanna work but still want money
  16. KayLoon

    Fix this shit (pls)

    -1, Plain up USELESS.