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  1. Vexosphere

    Faculty not automatic p2k at first sighting.

    +1 litteraly this is so unrealistic rn they cannot remember names of thousands ppl xd
  2. Vexosphere

    Make Councillors more respectful

    constructive criticism is needed for everyone, if someone cannot accept feedback they will not improve themself
  3. Vexosphere

    Make Councillors more respectful

    thats what happens if someone accepts gangrpers into council xdd either way handle it icly, snitch them to SLT so their char is suspended from council
  4. Vexosphere

    Toggling Attribute Effects

    no because its gilbertman82, -1 hahauaauahahah
  5. Vexosphere

    hi im rios

  6. Vexosphere

    Map Extension.

    yes +!
  7. Vexosphere


    ★OOC SECTION★ GENERAL INFORMATION What is your Minecraft Username?: Vexosphere Past warns/kicks/bans?: Long time ago, i've got banned for 7 days. Reason: OOC Toxicity. I won't repeat it again. What is your timezone?: CEST, GMT+2 Please provide your Discord tag and Identifier...
  8. Vexosphere

    Farewell (I know this isn't an airport)

    I MEAN I WILL JOIN TO FINISH MY BUILD COMMISIONS, but after that bayo, idc
  9. Vexosphere

    Farewell (I know this isn't an airport)

    Hi! It's been a year since i joined SRP. To be honest, it was a great journey. I would quit before, if not council. Huge thanks to: Customable; great staff member and the best lead we could have. I appreciate your efforts, even if not everyone did. You did great! Mookie, LK, Lara; best...
  10. Vexosphere

    KPD & GangRP Situations

  11. Vexosphere

    Closing the school gates during school time

    I'm mixed about this idea, like greenies are not really annoying when they just leave school grounds, it doesn't affect anyone. They just risk themself, that's on them. I don't even like the rule of being all the time on grounds, permission to skip school should be granted in easier way. (for...
  12. Vexosphere

    Updating the rules

    That's actually fun that players have to remind about it. Massive +1
  13. Vexosphere

    i am philbertman42

    guys give him only angry reactions, he's not cool as he SEEMS he's ignoring my dms with purpose. RATIO HIM!!!
  14. Vexosphere

    Sr. Teresa Keating ️♱ Character Biography

    funfact this looks more interesting than 50% characters on srp, nice biography
  15. Vexosphere

    i am philbertman42

  16. Vexosphere

    Question: You have 1 last chance to speak in OOC. What is your message?

    "i will miss you, ooc chat (joking i hate so much ooc chat i always turn it off aAaaaAAaA)"
  17. Vexosphere

    Who’s THE most iconic SchoolRP character? (You can have multiple answers)

    no, tom brown is litteraly npc. max brown is the true legend of karakura
  18. Vexosphere

    Who’s THE most iconic SchoolRP character? (You can have multiple answers)

    Lets write the real iconic characters; - Max Brown - Sincriterio Rigo - Ricardo - nick smith - michael smith - Kenny Digger - Samus Baba - Granny - Asuka Deguchi - Eichi Blackburn - Emma Emerson. - Asami Jaibatsume